No Humans Involved (Women of the Otherworld book 7) by Kelley Armstrong



The seventh book in the Women of the Otherworld series, No Humans Involved, is from the perspective of Jaime Vegas.   I have to say, when Jaime first showed up I really didn’t like her.  However, she’s become a more complex and stronger character.  She is still insecure, but has grown quite a bit since her first appearance in Industrial Magic (though she was first mentioned by Savannah in Dime Store Magic).  Jaime is a real necromancer and also a show medium, the later is more of acting than supernatural.  As shown in all her previous appearances in this series, she has a wild mad crush on Pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers.  After four years, and a lot of alcohol, Jaime finally invites Jeremy to go away to L.A. with her.  She is going to do a show with other fake mediums about the death of Marylin Monroe.  Naturally the trip does not quite turn out as expected.

As soon as Jaime goes into the garden of the house she and her costars are staying at, she gets poked by tiny fingers trying to get her attention.  For awhile she was afraid she was losing her mind, which sometimes happens to necromancers.  Eventually she realizes that these ghosts are indeed real, and the ghosts of children.  However, something is very wrong with them.  They can’t communicate with Jaime, so it’s up to Jaime and Jeremy to find out what happened to these kids and find out how to set them free.

They realize the kids were sacrificed for magic, but no supernaturals sacrifice kids.  They figured it had to be human magic, which shouldn’t exist.  They enlist the help of a half demon named Hope, and also Eve Levine.  Hope is a tabloid journalist and a member of the Interracial Council.  She tries to keep the supernatural stories out of the press, or at least make them unbelievable.  She introduces them to an anti-scam paranormal society to help them find out about human magic.

It turns out that Hope is good friends with Karl Marsten, I like him.  I think he has a big crush on her.  Elena told him to stay near Jeremy, so he was supposed to be in Arizona.  However, when he found out what Hope was investigating, he came to watch over her.  How sweet, at the same time he figured he’d be near Jeremy in case he needed help.  He didn’t realize the case was for Jeremy and Jaime, so he got to help.  Oh and he joined the pack.

(I’m trying to shorten my book reviews, I tend to get carried away when it comes to books.)

So in between Jaime’s narration, you get to see these humans trying to get magic to work by using human sacrifice.  The book actually begins with two people from this group that approach a homeless teenage boy.  He believes they just want him for sex, so he goes with them.  While he’s sleeping others show up, and eventually they burn him alive and harvest his organs.  It’s the leader of the group that has the ability to make the magic work.  The supernaturals speculate that she has some supernatural blood in her.

The next book in the series is from the perspective of Hope, who is the daughter of Lucifer.  One demon did help them, at the request of Kris Nast (Savannah’s father) when Eve couldn’t make it at first.  Aratron, I always like the demons best.  He was pretty cool.  It’s a good book, I recommend it.  It’s not Shakespaeare, but it’s a lot of fun.  

*Appearances from other characters: Savannah, Paige, Elena (on the phone), Lucas, Kris Nast,  Clay (accidently on the phone), Katherine Danvers (screaming in the background on the phone)

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