Being Human “Cheater of the Pack”


Being Human: Cheater of the Pack; I knew this was going to happen, but I honestly thought it would be Nora and not Josh that cheated.  I was very surprised that it was Josh that woke up with another woman that he apparently had sex with.



Then Sally’s brother Robbie shows up and announces that they have  days to get out of the house because he is selling it, or pay him $300,000 to buy the house.  They were the ones that fixed up the house, it was a piece of shit when they moved in.   Oh well, Robbie didn’t get to sell the house, but we’ll get to that.



Nora says she eventually wants for them to have a house of their own, but she knows Josh isn’t ready for that.  Josh was so guilty he said they should move and start looking for houses right away.  Of course, he hadn’t told her he woke up that morning after having sex with another woman.  That woman was really stupid, she thought her husband would see that it was just their wolves’ instinct.  Josh begged her not to tell Mark, but she said their relationship was based in honesty, so she had to tell him.



Suzanna caught Aidan being very hungry and she said she would help him get past the hunger so he could drink as little as she does.  She decided to babysit him for the day.  She should have kept him for the night, but we’ll get to that later.



Robbie keeps showing the house to prospective buyers, and Sally is furious.  She performed a spell to make the house stink.  Then she was transported to the past where she saw Robbie and Danny right after they moved into the house.



Robbie hated Danny and the house.  He was the only person that saw Danny for what he was and didn’t trust him.  Sally felt very bad for the way she treated him, back then it felt like he was attacking her.  She realized he was just looking out for her.  On a side note, that guy has to be Meaghan Rath’s real brother, they look exactly alike.  Ah, yep, I looked it up…



In the bar that Suzanna works in, Aidan tells Josh who Suzanna really is.  “Sure that’s normal.”  Aidan told Josh that he should NOT tell Nora about his romp in the woods with the pack girl.  He said it would only hurt her, Suzanna was listening and thinking about her own secrets.



I’m sure she is tempted to tell Aidan the truth about what she did to their son, and yet she doesn’t want to hurt him.


So instead she has sex with him, she said he needed a distraction from his hunger.  He promised her he could handle not drinking much blood.  She said she would make him pay if he slipped up.  He agreed to the terms like an idiot.



Just when Josh was about to tell Nora what happened, Mark showed up…and he was pissed.  He attacked Josh and threw Nora across the room, well then Josh went all wolfie on him after he threw Nora.  Then they left, and Nora said she was moving out.



Weird stuff was going on with the house and it seemed to have to do with that Lil’ Smokie girl. One of the people who came to look at the house had a little boy.  The little boy ran upstairs to go pee and was called into somebody’s closet.  It was that little girl.  He had been knocked down and his head was hurt.  Then Robbie was downstairs fixing something and the water heater started leaking and when the water touched him, the power tools went off and a saw fell off a table electrocuting Robbie.  Sally came back and told him she would make it up to him, she had just came from the house.  Then she realized he could see her and hear her.  Then they both looked at his body.  Meanwhile nobody went downstairs to check on him when the lights flickered, Josh was kinda busy.



And that very night Aidan went off the wagon.  So Suzanna will be torturing the hell out of him on Monday.  Can’t wait to see what happens next, and I’ll try to post on Monday night instead of Thursday.



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