Bitten “Committed”

Bitten “Committed”


Jeremy gets an uninvited guest at the door, challenging him.  Clay kicks his ass and throws him out.  I have a hard time with Jeremy in this show, because he looks nothing like Jeremy.  Jeremy was supposed to be half Asian from the mother he never met.  I keep forgetting who this guy is.  


Back in Toronto, Elena sees Daniel Santos and is starting to realize that she is a werewolf no matter where she lives.  You’d think that would be obvious, but maybe it’s just me.  Oh interesting, I guess in the tv show Victor Olsen was one of her foster family’s neighbors.  Now I understand what Zachary Cain was talking about, getting back at Elena.  It didn’t make any sense before, because that wasn’t in the book.  Elena had been sexually abused many times in her foster families, but the tv show is adding neighbors as well.  She said she thought it was Victor Olsen, but it was Daniel Santos.

Elena told Logan but no one else, then bought a lot of alcohol.  Then she agreed to move in with Philip. grrrr.  


Nick found out that some guy was killed that used to be in the pack.  Meanwhile Elena is throwing a party for Philip’s annoying family.

Clay is getting annoyed because Jeremy is being a push over, just as Jeremy was about to argue Boggs, the mutt Clay beat the shit out of earlier, came back saying he had a right to fight for alpha.  This time Jeremy kicked his ass.  Jeremy can fight, it’s just not his thing.  Jeremy orders Clay to take him downstairs and interrogate him.  Clay locks him in the cage and proceeds to “question” him.

Daniel Santos shows up at Philip’s sister’s wedding.  More lies about Clay, he’s trying to make him look bad.  Meanwhile Clay found out Marsten sent Boggs.  Daniel asked Elena to join him.


Logan finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant, and she doesn’t know that he’s a werewolf.  Impressive for someone who should be dead.  Jeremy called Elena and she lied to him,which makes no sense.  She lies to herself, not Jeremy.  Logan’s girlfriend, Rachel is freaking out because she’s pregnant.


Elena won over Philip’s mother and then Clay calls.  He’s pulling Boggs teeth out and claiming he doesn’t want to and asks her to come home. So not something Clay would do.  Killing to protect Jeremy is in his nature, he thinks nothing of it.  Ugh, anyway, Elena left for Stonehaven, leaving Philip nothing but a text message..  I can understand changing the storyline, sort of, but the characters should at least maintain their personality.


Nick came home, I guess he and Antonio miss the dead guys.  Santos left a package for Jeremy with Elena, it was that guy’s eyes.  She gave it to Jeremy telling him Santos came to her.  And that was the end.


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