Being Human “Gallows Humor”

Being Human “Gallows Humor”


Kenny came to Aidan’s rescue, but Aidan would only let him take care of the body.  Nora and Josh finally found Robbie’s body.  Oh dear, Sally is talking about bringing Robbie back from the dead.  And they don’t know that Robbie’s death was an attack and not an accident.  Sally decides to summon Donna to help her resurrect Robbie because there is no spell for it in the book.


Oh Sally went back to Donna’s death spot and possessed a woman to move a ladder.  She grabbed Donna and brought her back.

Hmm, Aidan went to see Suzanna and asked for some blood.  She gave him a small bottle and it made him sick, he started vomiting and fell over onto the bed.

Josh thinks the magic did something to change his personality.  Damn Robbie already learned how to get from one room to another without walking, Sally had to be taught by another ghost 6 months after she died.


Donna shows how she was killed by pilgrams, hanged. She tells Sally she could be stuck in the past forever if she continues.  Donna was resurrected by a coven of witches.  Donna had bee falsely accused of witchcraft and hanged, and the witches brought her back to join them by sacrificing another woman.

Suzanna is actually punishing Aidan for killing a stranger, even though she killed their son.  Aidan says he’s done fighting what he is, good for him.  Suzanna is determined to make him punish himself for killing that girl.  She says it’s the only way to never kill again.  He says he’s tried and it doesn’t work, of course it doesn’t work.  It goes against their nature, vampires kill.  He named a bunch of people he killed.

“That’s the most sensible thing you’ve said since I ate you,” Donna said to Sally when she said she couldn’t sacrifice someone for Robbie.


Nora freaked out about doors when telling Robbie what happens, freaked him out too.

Sally tells Robbie about what she saw.  She says she and Donna found a way to bring him back.  Donna tells Robbie, “Your sister means for you to live, it’s up to you to decide if you’re worth it.”  That made him think.  I love how he doesn’t even question what they have to do to bring him back.  Not to mention, he’s still going to die some day.

Robbie left, he didn’t want to be resurrected.  He felt like a failure and said he screwed up everything.  Donna asks for help from Sally to prevent her from ever coming back to that dimension, so that she can never use magic again.  Sally wasn’t sure she wanted to do it, she gew on her.  Donna asked her to never use the magic again, she could only promise to use it on special occasions.

Aidan asks for Suzanna’s forgiveness for all the things he’s done, and says he hates himself and nobody could hate what they are more than him.  Suzanna told him she killed their son.  Aidan grabs the stake to kill her but he can’t do it.

Josh nearly raped Nora, she had to pull a knife on him.  He wolfed out on her, literally on her.  He was as mortified as she was.  Nora’s leaving Josh, can’t really blame her.

Sally is trapped in the past watching her old self live with Danny and realizes she is just about to die because she is wearing the clothes she was stuck in.  And that was it.

Wow, from the previews of next weeks episode, it looks like Sally is about alter history.  This promises to be interesting.

*I’ll try to get more pictures later, SyFy hasn’t posted them yet.*


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