The Walking Dead “Claimed”

Finally The Walking Dead “Claimed” came On Demand!  Oh smart, Tara is writing directions on her arm while in the back of the truck.  Red started killing walkers with a crowbar.  When the last one came up he said, “Oh, honey, look at you.  You’re a damn mess.”  Tara looks stunned.  Oh she was disturbed because he was enjoying himself.  Hey, you might as well have fun with it!

Aw poor Carl reminded himself that he thinks Judith is dead, before that he was laughing with Michonne.  Michonne is probably my favorite character on this show, she’s very strong.  She and Carl went out for supplies, and she noticed he was upset about Judith.  She told him about her son, which opened the door for a million questions from Carl.  Meanwhile, Rick is sleeping and has a home invasion.  He gave Carl his gun, so he’s unarmed.  He hides under the bed.  A man comes in with a big gun to raid the bedroom.

Michonne’s son’s name was Andre.  Oh, and Carl found a mutilated painting that appears to have been cut up by a maniac and then nicely wrapped.  Of course she finds the bedroom of a little boy after discussing her child with Carl.  Plus a very nice little girl’s bedroom with four very dead people, make that five.  Aw, Carl said “My dad let me name her.  Maybe her and Andre are together somewhere.”  Then they head back to the house where the home invaders are.  Rick has to kill these men before Carl and Michonne get back.  It is my theory that Michonne’s husband and his brother (or friend, whatever) killed their son and then themselves.  It would explain why she had them on a leash with their arms and jaws cut off.  She told Andrea they deserved it.

The home invaders fight over who is going to get the bed, right in front of Rick.  The one guy sees him, but it doesn’t matter because the other one kills him.  Oh, nope, just knocked out.  I believe there were three men though.

Glenn wakes up in the back of the truck and asks Tara about the bus.  She told him they were all dead and they passed it three hours ago.  He rams the window with the gun to get Red to stop the truck, he takes off.  Red tries to stop him.  They’re on a mission and the fate of the human race depends on it?  Sergeant Abraham Ford.  The guy with the mullet (Eugene: science up front, party in the back) is a scientist that they have to get to DC.  He said he knows what’s causing the dead to walk.  Abraham told Glenn his wife is dead, so Glenn punched him in the face.  Now Abraham is trying to choke him to death, which just rang the dinner bell for the walkers.  Eugene doesn’t seem to know how to work the gun.  Abraham tells Eugene to stop firing and then fires his own gun.  Pft, then he took the gun away, Eugene blew holes all threw the truck.  It was leaking gas bad, to which Abraham said, “Son of a dick.”

Meanwhile the third home invader was calling the other two, Rick got out from under the bed.  He can’t get any of the windows open.  They found Michonne’s shirt, now they are waiting for her to get back.  Rick runs into a bathroom and there’s a guy in there.  He strangles him with something and takes the gun.  Made a hell of a lot of noise.  He managed to get a window open in the bathroom, why is he opening the door?  He crawls out the window, which is naturally on the second floor.  He was unconscious the day before, so much for resting.

With the truck dead, Rosalita (the army chick) decides to go with Glenn and Tara claiming, “What the hell else are we going to do?”  So naturally, the other two follow.  Mullet (Eugene) seems pretty happy about it.  Apparently Rosalita is Abraham’s girlfriend.  

Michonne and Carl come back while one of the home invaders is sitting on the porch.  Some walkers distract them and Rick runs off with Carl and Michonne.  Michonne, Rick, and Carl find the sign for Terminus…the band is getting back together!  Well, you know what I mean.  I just hope this place isn’t like Woodbury, but it probably has the same kind of megalomaniac running it.  A new dude to fight, as if the walking dead wasn’t enough.  Well maybe we’ll get to see this place on Sunday.




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