The Walking Dead “A” Season 4 Finale

The Walking Dead “A” Season 4 Finale

I almost fell asleep, because it took forever to get my daughter to sleep.  She does this every season.  This is the first Walking Dead season finale I think I’ve ever gotten to see, and only because they are playing it again at 11pm.  I missed the first showing.  So I’m very excited to see this!

We are having some sort of flashback, or somebody is dreaming.  Glenn, Maggie, and Rick drove back to the prison and everybody was alive and together.  Oh now Rick is covered in blood sitting beside a truck with at least one dead body.  Where is Carl and Michonne?   That was the future.  They are back in the woods now at a make shift camp.  They are trying to get to Terminus.  Carl is worried about the things they’ve done and having to tell the people at Terminus.  Then they find that rabbit from last episode where he’s showing Carl how to make a trap for the animals.  Then they hear the man scream and Carl takes off.  It’s one man surrounded by zombies, Carl was going to try to help, but he was already dead.  Some of the zombies started to follow them.  Oh and there’s more of them.

We’re back to Hershel at the prison.  They killed the small pack of zombies and kept going to lose the bigger horde of them.  They find a truck, which I think is the same truck that Rick was leaning against.  They use the truck to sleep in, I don’t know if it actually works.  Michonne and Rick are talking about Terminus and she says “I wonder if the whole thing is legit?”  AND a gun shows up beside his head.  It’s Daryl’s new crew, but where is Daryl?  We knew this was coming.

Daryl just showed up, this should be interesting.  He’s trying to stop them and figure out how to get everyone out alive.  He told Joe to let them go.  Aw, he says take it out on him instead.  He got jumped, and they ripped Carl out of the car.  EWWWW, that guy is trying to kiss Carl!  This is very bad!  Oh shit, that man is trying to rape Carl!  Rick is about to lose his shit, good for him!  He head butted Joe.  Carl is fighting, Joe knocked Rick down, Michonne got hit trying to go after the guy watching her.  Rick bit Joe’s throat, ffs go help Carl!  Michonne killed one, Daryl killed one.  Rick killed the guy who tried to rape is son, GO RICK!  Michonne is holding Carl, poor kid.

Flashback to the prison, Hershel is telling him he has to show Carl the way to live.  Hershel was the one who wanted to plant sees and have a farm.  He’s back in front of the truck and it’s morning, Michonne and Carl are in the car.  Carl is sleeping and Michonne is holding his head.  Daryl went to get some water so Rick could wash the blood off his face.  Daryl tells Rick he was with Beth and how he met those idiots.  He’s kind of apologizing for being with those assholes.  Rick says it’s not his fault and “You’re my brother.”  Daryl tries to tell him that he did what he had to do and that isn’t him, but Rick said it is him and that’s why they’re alive. He’s embraced it, good!  At least Daryl is back with Rick, Carl, and Michonne.  They’re smarter than the others, they went through the woods to look first.  Carl wouldn’t go with his dad.  Michonne tells Carl how Andre died.  Their refugee camp Michonne, her boyfriend, friend and son were in was overtaken while she was on a run.  Her boyfriend and his friend were high and didn’t stop it.  She said the zombies didn’t see her because she was a monster and Rick brought her back.  Carl thinks he’s a monster.  Rick is burying his bag “just in case.”  They are being smart, came in through the side with weapons out.  They find desks and people doing paperwork?  Maps, I guess. “Welcome to Terminus.”  And there it is, they want their weapons.  I don’t trust this.  They put them down and get frisked.   Hmm, they gave their weapons back.  I wasn’t expecting that.


They get taken to the main area.  There is that weird lady that Michonne saw a picture of.  Rick pulls a gun on some guy, he recognizes a watch…oh Glenn’s watch!  Hershel gave him that, that’s a bad sign!  Rick has never been my favorite, but I’m starting to like him now.  Michonne, Daryl, and Carl pull their weapons as well.

Back at the prison, he wanted Carl not to have to carry his gun.  They’re finding all the stuff that Glenn brought.  There is a shoot out with those people, and they are getting locked in some place.  They found a way out and people are on the roof tops shooting at them, as they pass skeletons.  The others must be dead.  They walk into some kind of shrine.  The are surrounded…shit!  The others must be dead already, maybe some are still alive.  Wonder where Carl, Tyreese, and Judith are?  These are definitely the cannibals.

There are too many of them, Carl is about to lose it.  Oh train car A,  that’s why it’s called that.  They are lining them up to go in the train car.  Rick opens the door and they all go in, Carl last.  They get locked in.  There’s Glenn and Maggie!  They aren’t dead yet, well that’s kinda good.  The others are starting to give up, all but Rick.  More flashbacks to the prison.  “They’re screwing with the wrong people,” Rick said.  Okay I love this guy now!  Apparently Tyreese, Carol, and Judith haven’t made it there yet.

Rick’s transformation in this episode kicked ass!  He’s pretty awesome now.  Together they should be able to make it out, at least most of them.  Well goodbye Walking Dead, until October.





Being Human “Ramona the Pest”

Being Human “Ramona the Pest”

I’m finally watching this, better late than never.  Sally is in the little girl’s room, talking to herself.  Nora stayed at the house while Josh slept.  Then she says she’s going back to her place.  Josh tells her she is the only thing keeping him human (the werewolf is winning) and she says she can’t handle that responsibility.  That’s nice, after everything they’ve been through she can’t handle being the one thing he loves that keeps him human.  It seems to me if she really loved him, she’d do whatever it took.  She was with him all that time while he was in wolf form for all but one night, the night she turned into a wolf.  It just makes no sense.  Sally hears them from the little room and stuck her head out to find it was their closet.

Then she goes to wake Aidan up and shakes him.  I thought she couldn’t touch him?  What is that about?  Hmm, for some reason she can all the sudden touch people.  Oh, she went to have sex with Aidan because she realized she could touch him and wanted to hurry up before she lost it.  Oh it was just a dream, okay that makes sense.  Nora dropped something and woke him up.  He was uh…standing at attention.  Apparently he sleeps naked, and he was very happy about that dream.  She said “it lunged out.”



Nora was looking for a sledgehammer to get into the room Sally was in.  Hehehe, Aidan breaks through the wall and says “Oh Yeah”  like the kool aid guy.  Sally tells them the room is where she saw the little girl die.

Then Aidan smells blood and moves the bed to find a huge blood stain.  There are marks on the floor, somebody is counting something.

Then Sally’s dad comes to the door, the house has been sold.  They have until the end of the week to get out.  Aidan is cleaning his junk out and throwing stuff away.  Aidan and Sally talk about when they were together in the past alternate reality thingy.  They say they just want to be friends, like they can be anything else, she’s a ghost.  Kenny and Astrid are fighting.  Kenny wants to disappear.  He says he’s only 17 and wants a life with Astrid.  Aidan suggest faking his own death.  They plan out his death.  He asks Aidan to get Josh and Nora to convince Astrid to leave.

Aidan talks to Josh.  Josh says he understand why the pack did what they did.  And Josh and Aidan are fighting.  Sally gets them to stop.  They tried to talk about breaking their “experiment” and Sally said it’s a friendship not an experiment and it’s saved them all many times over.  Then that little girl, Ramona appears and says they can’t leave.  Beatrice is her twin.  She’s been listening to them.  Sally offers to find her sister for her, yeah easy for her to say she’s a ghost and can’t do anything.  And they are sitting at the DMV (I think) waiting to talk to Beatrice.  Aidan looks like a lunatic because he’s talking to Sally.  Aidan’s talking about exploring their feelings and Sally calls him an ass.  I can think of some words for her too.  The guy beside him freaked and moved over.  Josh is packing and Ramona is with him.  She says he needs to stay with her.  Nora comes over, Josh introduces Ramona.

Nora came to talk with Astrid.  Now Nora and Josh are fighting about the pack.  Josh goes upstairs to pack more when Astrid comes.  He says he can’t deal.  Astrid asks for him, but Nora says he’s upstairs, then she pulls a gun on Nora.  Most of the pack comes in, Nora calls for Josh.  Ramona held the door shut until Josh turned.  He was freaking out because Nora was in danger, then he got really pissed.

The pack went upstairs to get Josh, and when they opened the door a very pissed off werewolf jumped out and killed the lot of them.  Wow, these werewolves are really dumb.

Aidan finally gets to Beatrice.  Aidan tries to talk about Ramona, but of course she thinks he’s insane.  She pushed the panic button and the cops show up or security.  As he is being pushed out, he’s still yelling about Ramona.

When they walk in the house there is nothing but blood and bodies everywhere.  Josh is sitting in a chair with Nora beside him.  “He did this to protect me,” she said.  Aidan sees Astrid, dead.  The full moon is coming, so they go to the place where they lived when Josh was the wolf most of the time, the RV.  Sally is going to try and help Josh with his problem.  She tells him to do the meditation to get in touch with his wolf, and then she possesses him.  Josh is running in the snowy woods and Sally is with him.  He’s running from his wolf.

Sally tells Josh this is just a part of him and he needs to take over instead of letting the wolf take over.  He sees this gorgeous wolf and he runs.  Meanwhile Aidan calls Kenny to clean up.  He asks for Astrid, but Aidan says she isn’t there.  Aidan tells him that the pack killed her because she told them she was leaving with Kenny.  He hid her body.  Aidan tells him he should still leave and experience things.  He says that’s what Astrid would have wanted, he hid her body in Ramona’s room.

Josh is still running and Sally and the wolf are chasing them.  She tells him to confront it, he says he can’t.  She says think of a safe place and he sees their house, minus the blood and bodies.  Then the wolf walks in, snarling and growling.  Sally says you can’t fight him, it is you.  Josh tells it to stop (showing it’s teeth).  He says “I am the wolf.  And you are me.  But this is my life until the moon is full.”  Then he pets the wolf, and he’s okay now.  The wolf leaves.  “You’re you,” Nora says.  Sally seems to have finally done something right.

Aidan is in Ramona’s room putting Astrid in some trash bags.  Aidan feels guilty for lying to Kenny.  After Aidan carries Astrid’s body out, they focus on the stick counting in the blood, 30.  It seems to signify how many have died in the house.  Josh and Nora are impressed with the clean up, and Aidan tells them he lied for Josh.  Josh thanks him and they hug, aw.  Sally tells him he’s going to have to keep confronting the wolf so it doesn’t take over again.

Kenny is grieving and Astrid’s ghost shows up.  She says she messed up everything for them.  Astrid tells Kenny exactly what happened.  There goes the vampire/werewolf truce.  Aidan is going to be stuck in the middle of this one.  This can’t end well, there is only one or two episodes left.  I wonder if they’ll go all Shakespearean tragedy and just kill everyone.  I guess we’ll find out soon.

Bitten “Settling”

This show just comes on too early for me, I always miss it.  Honestly, like the book, Elena annoys me to no end.  IF (big if) they follow the books a little, it should be getting better soon.  When you have a guy that won’t even look at another woman and you take it for granted, then you really don’t deserve him.  Up until she yelled at him for biting her in the book, I thought he raped her the way she was acting.  She comes to her senses in the book and realizes what she has when Clay’s life is in danger a few times.  Hopefully the show follows at least that much of the book.   At least in the book when she finally broke it off with Philip, she wasn’t that upset because she realized what she had with Clay.

Bitten “Settling”


Clay tells Elena about all the information the pack gathered at the mutts hideout.  Elena says she needs to find Philip, Clay says they need to go home.  Then she throws crap at him as usual, all he did was bite her.  Logan calls Rachel freaking out, while on the phone he hears Karl Marsten talking to her.  Karl leaves and tells her to get the phone, Logan tells her to come home and he has a surprise for her.

Nick sent Joey away and Jeremy says he and Nick have to go to Toronto because of Elena.  Just as they’re about to leave, the annoying sheriff shows up saying the FBI is coming and they need him there.  The got a lead about the murder, and luckily it’s LeBlanc and not Clay.  She says it’s strange because he only kills women.  Jeremy says he’s deranged, he doesn’t know what he things.  Jeremy agrees to consent to search the property, saying he wants it all to end.

Elena is still yammering about Philip.  Clay says they wouldn’t bother with him, because he’s not important.  Clay says they need to leave and lead them back to Stonehaven.  He tells her about the pictures they found at the hideout.

Logan tries to get Rachel to go to Jamaica, now.  She says she can’t, she will get fired.  A very frustrated Logan is freaking out.

Philip goes to the gallery to talk to his sister.  Elena is freaking out because she thinks Philip and his family are in danger, meanwhile it’s Clay that is in real danger.  The mutts are in a very old green car.  Santos is trying to reign in the new mutts.  Marsten warns Santos that they could turn on him.  Clay says Santos is trying to ruin her life in Toronto and turn her against the pack so she has nowhere else to go.  Hmm, that James whatever is in charge, not Santos.  Weird.  He wants everyone dead except Elena.  He wants her, Santos is just following orders.

Philip asks to talk to Elena alone.  She knows if she tells Philip they have to kill him.  She says she wants to be with him, and makes excuses for lying.  He says he needs a minute.  Logan tells Rachel their lives are in danger and they need to leave.  He scares the crap out of her to try to get her to leave.  Meanwhile at Stonehaven the FBI is taking forever to search the property.  Nick doesn’t like the idea that Logan and Elena are attached to humans.  Jeremy asks what his father whispered into his ear, he says it was his mother’s name.  His human mother.

Clay tells Elena to get ready to say her goodbyes.  She goes back to see Philip and he asks her to marry him.  He says he wants to get to know her more, but he never can.  He says they can go away from Toronto.  She says she can’t give him an answer now.  Clay is out on the balcony, and she takes off without him knowing.  How stupid can you be?  Yep, she’s a blond.  A bunch of werewolves after her and she goes out alone.  Genius!

Meanwhile the sheriff is still hitting on Jeremy.  They are done searching, so Jeremy and Nick leave.  Elena went to Logan.  Elena is trying to convince Logan to stay with the pack.  Logan is running away with Rachel and trying to get Elena to convince Rachel.  She agrees to help, or try to.  Elena says she is going back to Stonehaven.  Elena is trying to convince Logan to give Jeremy a chance with Rachel.  He agrees to call her.

Philip is freaking out because Elena is gone.  Philip asks Clay if he’s still in love with her, Jeremy calls and says their on their way.  Philip says he’s coming too, Clay says no way.  Logan won’t even let Rachel call her sister.  A dog starts barking and Logan takes Rachel upstairs, he tells her to get in the shower and don’t make a sound.  Um, there is a glass door, you can see through it.  Logan goes down the stairs dripping perfume to cover the scent.

Elena gets back and the guy at the front says she just missed her friends.  Clay says Philip needs to stay with him, he will protect him because of Elena.  Santos and Olsen walk in.  Elena listens at the door and goes into the stairwell to change to wolf form.  Marsten and LeBlanc walk into Logan’s house.  Oh don’t tell me this is where he gets killed, seriously after he finds out Rachel is pregnant.  Logan was the first to die in the books.  Clay fights them, and Philip thinks he can fight.  Clay tries to protect Philip for Elena.  He does pretty good.  Logan gets Marsten and knocks him out.  Oh shit, LeBlanc goes upstairs to find Rachel.  He can hear her, unfortunately.  Just as he finds her, Logan grabs him.  Philip is on the floor, while Clay fights the other two.  LeBlanc is stabbing at Logan, while Logan is strangling him.

I hope he didn’t strangle Marsten, I like him (or I like the one in the books).  Olsen goes after Philip.   Oh good, Marsten got away, but Logan was badly injured.  He tells Rachel to take him to Stonehaven.  Philip has been stabbed and is bleeding everywhere.  Elena comes in wolf form to protect Philip and he closes the door on her.  She can’t open it.  Santos shoves a syringe into Clay, because drugging him is the only way they can get him even when he’s outnumbered.

Elena looks at Philip and then goes in the bathroom to change back to human form as Philip watches her shadow shift.  She puts a dress on and he looks at her like she’s an alien.  She gives him a pillow and goes to see if they are still there.  She finds the syringe and realizes they took Clay.  She calls an ambulance but is still freaking out over Philip.  OMFG, this is so stupid!  This is the point she is supposed to start to realize how much Clay means to her.  She barely remembers about Philip in the book because she is so worried about Clay.  “In a perfect world I would be married to you,” ugh I don’t know if I can keep watching this show unless she stops being an idiot!  Luckily he doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her anymore.  She says she will always love him.  UGH, she didn’t really love him in the book and she realized that at this point.  She lost her mind when Clay was taken, Jeremy had to lock her in the cell for awhile.  That was when I started to like her.  Granted it was nearly the end of the book.  So that was the end…and it was still annoying.

Hehehehe, on the website they have written beside the above picture: “The wolf goes into the other room – and out comes Elena. Philip’s shocked as he realizes his girlfriend’s a bitch (literally).”  Too funny!

Ever After by Kim Harrison (The Hollows series book 11)

Ever After by Kim Harrison

The world’s only day walking demon Rachel Mariana Morgan is back in the eleventh installment of Kim Harrison’s the Hollows series.  While Jenks plays a huge role in this book, Ivy is in Arizona most of the book trying to work things out with Glenn and Daryll.  In this book, Rachel realizes (or finally admits) that she has serious feelings for a certain elf.  She meets Quen for dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in town.  After some prodding, she finally finds out what he wants, to ask her to back up Trent.  She didn’t want to insult Trent, saying he didn’t need a babysitter.  However, just as they are about to get a table, Rachel sees that some babies were kidnapped from the hospital, babies with rosewood syndrome.  Trent Kalamack’s father cured Rachel of the same disease.  As she was dialing Trent’s number, he was calling Quen.  Quen just handed her the phone, they were to meet him at the hospital.  They find that five babies were missing, but Trent said there were a total of 13 babies missing from around the country.  They realize that Ku’Sox, the genetically engineered demon, was the one that took them.  They also find that Nick, Rachel’s human ex-boyfriend, is now Ku’Sox familiar.

Rachel goes to Trent’s to ride horses with the family.  She complains that he never gives her a fast horse.  Ceri pulls her aside to ask her why she refused to watch Trent’s back.  They argued back and forth until Rachel finally screamed, “I don’t know what I want.”  Ceri was like, “OMG, you like him!  When did this happen?”  Then she was trying to figure out a way to get them together.  Just as they decided Trent might not be able to survive a relationship with Rachel, Trent and Quen call to them saying someone was in the woods.  Trent tells Quen and Ceri to take Lucy and Ray back to the stables while he and Rachel take care of it.  They knew Ku’Sox wanted Trent to help with the Rosewood babies.  As he and Rachel rode to try and find presumably Nick, there was an explosion behind them.  Trent realized his mistake, Ku’Sox wanted to use Lucy to make Trent do what he wanted.  Ceri wouldn’t let them take the baby without her.  Quen was badly injured.  Rachel actually had to babysit for awhile until Trent came back from getting Quen to the hospital.

Rachel kept sneezing, she was far from her scrying mirror and needed to get home asap.  There was no time, she was summoned into the ever after.  She found herself in a court, Dali and Newt were at the front, Al was beside her.  She was being charged with tampering with the ley line to kill all the demons.  It was Ku’Sox or Cute Sox as Jenks called him.  He and Nick were at the front, Ceri and Lucy were nowhere in sight.  Newt actually helped her, she wanted to see if she could fix the line.  Ku’Sox had taken all the leaks from all the lines and put them in Rachel’s line.  This created a huge leak of ever after.

Later they find out Ceri and Pierce were dead, yes Pierce had already been dead.  This time he was gone.  Rachel and Trent went to rescue Lucy and ended up trading Trent for Lucy.  Bis was also kidnapped.  Trent had to do what Ku’Sox said because he was his familiar now.  The demons were too afraid of Ku’Sox to help Rachel.  She stole some elvish slave rings to try and double up power to defeat Ku’Sox.  She and Quen rescued Trent, but he was still his familiar.  Trent took the slave ring and forced Rachel to take the master.  They fought Ku’Sox in the ever after, and the demons showed up to watch.  Al had been imprisoned, but he had his wedding rings.  Yes he had a wife that he lost in the war.  Then he lost Ceri, he loved her too.  The rings combined power of the wearers.  So magically tied to both Trent and Al, they defeated Ku’Sox. Then had a hunt.  Newt took Nick as her familiar.  With Ceri gone Ellasbeth came back, to both Trent and Rachel’s dismay.

I love the Hollows series, I think it’s my favorite series.  This is a great book, and I recommend it.

The Walking Dead “Us”

The Walking Dead “Us”

Glenn and his strange crew he’s acquired start things off.  Tara was on watch, but Red would let her watch over Mullet.  He’s trying to figure out why Tara is helping Glenn, at first he thought she was in love with him, but she was staring too closely at his girlfriends ass.  Eugene doesn’t stop talking, but they come across Maggie’s message and Glenn is off running after her…literally.  Not a good idea when surrounded by zombies, but hey he’s excited.

Daryl’s new buddies get a wake-up call from a zombie.  Michonne and Carl are playing on their way to Terminus with Rick, she lost a bet with him.  Rick is loving their interaction, seeing his son happy again.  Daryl is shooting a rabbit, and one of his new friends tries to claim it. He starts talking about a girl, and gets Daryl thinking about Beth.  He nearly tries to kill him before the old guy, the leader stops him.  And he cut Daryl’s rabbit in half to get them both to shut up, he must be a dad, or was.

Glenn is wearing everybody out.  Red says their going to rest and then they get attacked, Tara gets hurt.  Rosilita tells Glenn he’s an ass for making Tara go when she’s hurt because she feels like she owes him.  Glenn says he’ll give Eugene (Mullet) his riot gear and they’ll part ways.  Red agrees.  Daryl gets a talking to from his new group dad.  Daryl says there’s no us, but he doesn’t leave either.  The guy basically tells him he belongs with their kind, even though he thinks he doesn’t.

Mullet (Eugene) looks silly in his gear.  Glenn finds another message from Maggie, but the message (still wet) is on a dark tunnel and there are snarling zombies inside.  The other three leave, an Glenn offers to go alone, but Tara won’t let him.  Red gives them some gear and Rosalita gives them both a hug.  Eugene is about as socially capable as I am, but he tells Tara she’s hot.  What a dipshit.  Tara limps into the tunnel with Glenn.  They got a nice flashlight.  Tara says that nothing was worse than seeing what the governor did to Maggie’s father.

Daryl’s new buddies find a garage with a bunch of cars.  They are all real assholes, and make sure they take all the cars so Daryl can’t have one.  I don’t expect him to be with them too long.  There is a collapse in the tunnel Glenn and Tara went in, Glenn is frantically looking for Maggie.  The tunnel collapsed on a bunch of zombies tat are all clawing for Glenn, he’s looking into all the faces of the women and killing them.  Beyond the collapse is full of zombies, no sign of Maggie, Sasha, or Bob…yet.  Tara has to try to convince Glenn to get out of there.

Meanwhile Red and the crew are looking for a ride.  He finds one that works and kills the zombie inside.  Glenn and Tara try to distract the zombies with a flashlight and go past them, but Tara gets her foot stuck in debris.  This chick is determined to die.  Glenn is trying to help her get out.

Eugene got Rosilita lost and he yells at her to stop.  He’s trying to find Glenn and Tara and says he’s not leaving them behind.  He backs up into a sleeping Red, who decides to yell at Rosilita for stopping.  Eugene then yells at them because he sees…something.  One of Daryl’s new buddies sets him up with the stupid half rabid.  Dad takes Daryl’s side, and says he saw the other guy plant the rabbit.  They beat the crap out of the other dude.

Tara tells Glenn to go and he refuses.  The zombies start coming and she yells at him to go, he says no and starts shooting.  He runs out of bullets and they are surrounded, but they get rescued by someone with a car and a bunch of people with guns, including Maggie!  Oh that’s who Eugene saw!  Aw they’re back together!  And Tara didn’t die…yet.  Tara says he’s a big fan of yours.  Glenn tells her he met her on the road and he wouldn’t have made it without her, Maggie gives her a big hug.  Red wants to go straight to Washington, Mullet says no way.  They couldn’t make it in an armored vehicle, they need to go to Terminus first.  Red agrees.  Maggie vows to never be separated from Glenn and she burns the picture he kept of her.  She made the roof collapse because they were surrounded by zombies.

Daryl wakes up to blood on the floor, they must have killed that guy…yep there he is.  An arrow in his face.  Daryl thinks about covering his body and then doesn’t.  Daryl’s new dad says the apocalypse feels more like things are falling together for them.  Daryl sees the sign for Terminus, but dad says they won’t welcome guys like them.  He tells him about Rick, calls him a piece of fecal matter.  Daryl is getting a feel for the rules, oh shit they past Carl’s candy wrapper.  Glenn, Maggie, and their crew make it to Terminus, guns in hand.  The gates aren’t locked, but there is a sign to lower their weapons.  They start to see people and plants.  Okay one woman, and she’s going to feed them.  Apparently Michonne, Carl, and Rick haven’t made it yet; clearly they are about to have a run in with Daryl’s crew.  That’s unfortunate because they’re really pissed at Rick.  No mention of Beth yet, maybe next week.  Either that or they’ll wait until October, wouldn’t surprise me.  Nothing about Carl, Tyreese, and Judith either.  Well at least some of them appear to be safe, I’m not sure a trust a town in the zombie apocalypse that doesn’t lock their gates.

Pictures are sparse right now, but I’ll try to get more.

Bitten “Descent”

Bitten “Descent”

Ugh, okay so Elena backpedals with Clay, as usual, saying it was a mistake to sleep with him.  She tells him the truth about Philip and that she lives with him.  He actually says he is done hurting her, which is just ass backwards.  He hasn’t done a damn thing to hurt her, she’s done nothing but hurt him and make him pay (in her own mind) for biting her and giving her the gift of being something more than human.  Anyway, he basically says he’ll be a good boy.  I hated how she treated him in the first two books, it gets much better after that.  We’ll see if the tv show at least follows that much of the story line.  He put his wedding ring on the other hand.  I hate Philip, not because he’s a bad guy, just because he’s in the way.

Joey escapes and calls Nick, who says he’s coming to get him.  Interesting.  Clay and Elena go to visit Logan, and he tells them about Rachel being pregnant.  He says he’s trying to avoid pack law of stealing his newborn from his mother and disappearing.  They try to get Logan to come home, knowing Santos sent the rattle.  Pedo guy is outside Logan’s house with a rabbit foot, watching for Elena.  Logan tells them about the video Philip has, and his assumption that they were having an affair.  Logan is to talk to Jeremy while they go to Elena’s show.

Nick gets Joey to Stonehaven.  Nick tells Joey he buried his dad, and that they got his dad too.  Elena tries to go to a hotel, but Philip catches them before they leave.  Happened in the book too.  She tries to make Clay go to a hotel, but he’d never go against Jeremy’s orders, and he just plops on the couch.

Santos is having mutt issues.  He tries getting pedophile guy in line, so not going to happen.  Cain made him, not Santos.  He couldn’t care less about any of them.  That was their mistake, the mutts don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Clay finds that there is barely anything edible Elena and Philip’s fridge.  Philip tries to have sex with Elena, but she can’t while Clay is there…because she’s cheating on him.  Philip is pissed and feels threatened, he should.  Clay goes through Philip’s ad stuff, and his iPad.  He finds the video footage of Elena and Logan, and the name of the client.  I wonder if it has to do with the mutts, no this wasn’t in the book.  It wouldn’t make much sense exposing themselves along with the pack.  Clay makes a huge breakfast, Philip says she doesn’t like breakfast.  Clay says it must be the turkey bacon, because she loves breakfast at home.

Joey can’t seem to give any information about where he was held captive, Jeremy seems distrustful, but you can never really tell what he’s thinking (at least in the book).

Philip’s sister nearly drools on Clay, and Elena pulls her away.  The sister tries to get Elena too hook them up, fat chance.  Clay helps Logan get started for Stonehaven.  Clay promises they won’t let anything happen to Rachel while he’s gone.  Clay tells him if he has to make a choice to make sure it’s one he can live with, speaking of the baby and Rachel versus the pack.

I was right about Jeremy, he doesn’t trust what Joey said.  Ugh, they are giving pedophile guy too much air time, he’s making me sick.

Philip’s sister is hitting on Clay at her photo show.  Clay covers for her about the car accident story.  Joey wasn’t in the book and I think he’s with the mutts, even though they killed his dad.  Jeremy questions him more, and he looks like a deer caught in headlights.  Logan shows up and gives Nick a hug.  Nick forgives him for not coming sooner.   Logan tells Nick about Rachel and the baby.  Nick’s all excited.  Logan tells Nick about the rattle, and how he doesn’t want to steal his son from Rachel which was the real reason he was avoiding the pack.

Clay asks about Williams, the guy with the video and also funding Elena’s show.  Philip’s sister keeps high jacking Clay.  Olson the pedophile guy shows up at Elena’s show.  I think she’s looking for Clay, Philip would only be a liability.  He said she never put up a fight when she was a little girl, she was used to abuse.  Clay sees the car outside and takes off after Santos, smashing his face into the steering wheel.  Philip attacks Olson, punching him.  He just said she never told me no…ugh pig, and then he left.  Philip’s sister sees Clay attack Santos and interrupts, these people suck.  He sees Olsen get in Santos car.

Nick tries to convince Logan that the right thing to do is bring the baby to the pack and away from his mother, as his father did.  Logan was raised by his mother and had a much harder time breaking with her, but he had to.  Nick convinces Jeremy that he’s telling the truth because of vanilla from whiskey.

Clay and Elena talk about Santos and Olson, and about James Williams the man who insisted on the location of the show (whoever he is).  Elena has to tell Philip that there was no cousin Danielle and no car accident.  He figures out that Logan and Clay are not her cousins.  Meanwhile Clay calls Jeremy.  Jeremy and the remainder of the pack find where Joey was held captive, the mutts old hideout.  He says he was kept in the cage and gives a sad look, however when they showed the mutts, it was the serial killer that was in that cage not Joey.  I still don’t believe him.

Philip is pulling away from Elena.  He knows Clay loves her.  He asks point blank if she’s done with Clay, and she can’t answer.  Meanwhile the others search the old hideout.  Jeremy finds a box of stuff, Joey’s dad’s watch, and a bunch of dead people’s stuff including Malcolm’s ring (Jeremy’s father).  Nick finds pictures of Rachel and Elena.  Logan starts to freak and he tells Jeremy about the baby.  Jeremy tells him to go to her, he’s excited too.

Philip says he can’t trust her because he doesn’t even know her.  BYE PHILIP!  Nick finds pictures that look like their focusing on Elena, which is what Jeremy figured.


Being Human “Oh, Don’t You Die For Me”

Being Human “Oh, Don’t You Die For Me”

Just from the title, it sounds like Suzanna is going to die.  Wow, it starts off with Josh apologizing to the pack dude and then showing him and the guy who’s baby Nora helped deliver how he can turn into wolf form without a full moon.  I’m not sure why he did that.  Suzanna is apparently trying to get Aidan to kill Kenny because he killed some girl.

Josh is getting cozy with the pack.  They are having a party, oh wow Josh is pack leader.  That actually makes sense.  Then they are going to run together.  Sally is trying to get Nora and Josh back together and asked him to let him try and fix him.  Sally asked Nora over and she and Josh talked for two seconds, and it was super awkward.

Suzanna is still trying to get Aidan to kill Kenny (sounds like a South Park episode, “You killed Kenny, you bastard!”).  Josh is the werewolf superhero, the pack is nearly bowing down to him.  Oh wow, they brought a human to run with and apparently turn.  What are they thinking?  They are going to end up killing this girl.

Hmm, Aidan seems to be considering killing Kenny.  He’s doing well.  Just when Aidan was about to stake him, Astrid the werewolf girlfriend shows up, aw they’re so cute together.  It made him change his mind.

Hahaha, Sally’s afraid Nora’s about to become a junkie in this life too so she hid her aspirins.  Sally tells Nora bout her and Aidan in the other dimension back in time thingy.  Nora makes Sally spill all the details.

Josh is flipping out because he realizes the pack is trying to turn humans to increase their pack size.  After a heated argument, they tazer poor Josh because he won’t agree to scratch and infect people.  He realizes the only reason they invited him was so he could ifect people.  He is the only one with enough control because he can turn at will.  Meanwhile, he certainly didn’t have control when he had sex with that dudes wife last full moon.  Believe it or not, he has forgiven Josh for that.  Poor Josh got thrown in a cage, again.  This one is really small.  They seem to think there will be a war with the vampires.  Hmm, apparently they are going to torture the wolf out of Josh with electrocution…and it worked.  Then the pack surrounded him.

Aidan went to Suzanna, he tells her that Kenny is his son.  Suzanna agrees to give him two months to get Kenny under control.  She says she’s leaving.  Aidan is asking Sally for advice on Suzanna, she is telling him Suzanna is not right for him (and that nobody else is either).  Astrid comes to Aidan and tells him they’ve got Josh and asks him to stop them.

Suzanna is delivered to Kenny in a bodybag.  Meanwhile Aidan, Sally, and Nora go to rescue Josh.  Suzanna poisons Kenny.  Aidan, Nora, and Sally get caught by the pack.  Aidan decides to stay and fight the pack while Nora gets Josh out.  Aidan gets his ass kicked.  Sally possesses Andrew, and then some of the others to help Aidan . She possessed the big African American man and then kissed Aidan while in his body.  Well, at least she helped him get out of that situation…and now he’s confused.  Confusion is probably coming from the fact that he just french kissed a guy.

While they are trying to escape and Sally is trying to talk to Aidan about the kiss, Suzanna texts Aidan from Kenny’s cell phone.  Aidan tells Suzanna that she is mad because he forgave her for killing Isaac.  She said he was supposed to protect him, she drugged him.  She tried to force him to kill Kenny the way she killed Isaac, and instead he killed her.  He blamed Bishop, that was not Bishop’s fault.  Bishop did not want her to kill Isaac because he knew it would kill Aidan.  He tried to help Suzanna, it was her fault  and her’s alone.

Aidain goes home to check on Sally and Josh, Josh is sleeping, be asks Nora why she would do something stupid, Nora tells him she’s in love with him, and what happened (short version) while she was away.  Sally is back in Little Smokie’s time, only she’s lying on the girl’s bed, and their is a disturbing crayon drawing on the wallpaper.  It’s almost like she is the girl, it’s a leap, just a fleeting impression.  So Aidan realizes he loves her too, and it still feels icky because they still have a sibling thing going.  My opinion only.