Bitten “Stalking”

Bitten “Stalking”

I know I have issues with this show.  If they would keep the characters true to their character (that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean) then I wouldn’t have as much of an issue.  For example, Clay didn’t own a cell phone, he called it an electric leash.  Also the werewolves didn’t use weapons, it was considered weak (except for the newly turned serial killers).  Anyway, now that the next episode is almost here, I’ve finally watched last weeks episode.

Daniel Santos calls to set up a meeting with Jeremy, he says the mutts are sick of being ruled by tyrants and he was just giving them a taste of their own medicine.  Jeremy agrees to meet him at an abandoned campground.  They are holding Joey Stillwell hostage.  Elena and Clay are sent to stake out the campground and Zack is there watching them.

Logan’s girlfriend confesses that she was pregnant before and her boyfriend left her which caused a miscarriage.  Now she is afraid the same thing will happen.

Philip is asking about the video of the wolves (Logan and Elena), meanwhile Elena is avoiding him.  Apparently Philip’s internet contact is his ex-girlfriend who really doesn’t want to be ex.  She pushes her way into helping him speak to the owner of the video.  They make a deal with the guy to buy all the rights and get the original footage.

Somebody arrived with a package for Elena and Clay at the campground.  Jeremy and Antonio head to the campground and find a body on the road, which looks like a car accident.  It’s an ambush, psycho serial killer and Daniel Santos attack them.  Meanwhile Elena sees a Black werewolf which is Zack heading for Clay.  Daniel Santos attacks Antonio with a knife.

Elena changed into a wolf and attacks Zack before he can get to Clay.  Clay tells her Jeremy and Antoio have been ambushed and for her to go.  Clay pulls up in the car to get Antonio who was severely injured with a knife.  Jeremy was injured as well.  They try to save Antonio, but it becomes clear he’s not going to make  it.  Everyone looks at Nick.

Logan won’t answer his phone, meanwhile Antonio is dying.

Jeremy collapses, Clay and Elena try to take care of him.  Jeremy told everyone he can’t save Antonio.  Nick starts to freak, but Antonio tells him to fight.  He tells Elena to stay, and Clay to forgive her.  He tells Jeremy to get those mutts and whispers something to Nick, then he dies.  Elena, Clay, and Nick are ready to kick some mutt ass.  They realize the girl was a human that they used, but don’t realize she is Zack’s girlfriend yet.  They decide to get Zack and make him talk.  Elena and Clay go after him.  Nick sews up Jeremy’s wound but can’t finish because Jeremy talks about where his dad wanted his ashes spread.  Jeremy finishes his own stitches and the sheriff comes to the door looking for Clay.  They found Michael Braxton’s body, his throat was cut.

Elena and Clay find Zack at a gas station and wait for him to come out.  Clay hides while Elena waits at his truck.  She turns her finger into a wolf claw and scratches his truck.  He goes after her and they fight, then Clay comes out.  Elena pleads with Clay not to kill him, because they need to question him.  He knocks him out.  Meanwhile the sheriff seems to be hitting on Jeremy.  She leaves and his wound starts to bleed.  Jeremy calls Logan again, tells him Antonio is dead and what is going on.  He says he’ll come back as soon as he can, and then when he hangs up the phone he says he’s not going.

Jeremy calls Elena in to talk to her after they bring Santos back to Stonehaven.  She notices that something is wrong.  Jeremy tells her to call him back so he doesn’t show up on their doorstep, so she does.  Meanwhile Clay asks Zack some questions, and he refuses to talk.  Clay says he’ll talk when he’s through with him.  Elena is still telling Philip that she’ll be back.  I never felt sorry for the guy in the book, but I feel kind of bad for this one on the tv show.  Jeremy passes out completely and falls to the floor.  Elena realizes that it’s more than just blood loss.




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