The Walking Dead “Still”

The Walking Dead “Still”

Beth and Daryl hide in the trunk of a car from some walkers, they spend the night in there.  They take what they can find from the car and move on.  Uh oh, Daryl’s arrows are starting to break down.  Oh so that’s what the hubcaps were for, an alarm system.  Rattle snake for dinner.  Beth is ready for a party to relax, but Daryl has closed up again and isn’t talking.  Beth goes off by herself and a bunch of walkers come along.  She tries to hide behind a tree, luckily she’s skinny enough to do that.  She throws a stone to throw them off her track, apparently they can’t smell.  Beth is determined to get drunk and she’s sick of Daryl practically becoming a zombie himself.  She takes off in search of an alcoholic beverage.  I would bet Daryl knows how to make moonshine.  Not the smartest idea in the middle of the woods in the zombie apocalypse, but why the hell not everybody dies eventually.

They find a golf course and some walkers show up, Daryl looks amused.  They find an unlocked door to the country club, where some people had been using as a safe haven.  Some hanged themselves, but at least they couldn’t go anywhere.  There were bodies all around and clothes strung up.  For some reason Daryl is grabbing tons of money.  Might make good fire starting material, not good for much else.  Beth finds a bottle in a storage closet above a body, then she gets grabbed by a walker and is forced to use the bottle and destroys the bottle in the process.  So much for her quest to get drunk.  They found a store and Beth got some new clothes.  There are a lot of clocks that make a lot of noise.  And the walkers come out from all over the place.  Daryl took his frustrations out on a walker and destroyed Beth’s new clothes.  I’m not sure why the don’t step on the heads of the walkers on the floor, but anyway they found the bar.  She found peach schnapps, it was all that was left.  She started crying and Daryl smashed the bottle.  “You ain’t going to have no peach schnapps for her first drink.”  I can’t argue that logic, it’s pretty gross.  It’s the south, alcohol is much easier to find in the south.  It shouldn’t be too hard to find something better.

Daryl remembered a house he and Michonne had found with moonshine.  I knew there would be moonshine in here somewhere.  Beth is all happy.  It’s not a very secure place to get drunk.  “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted,” she said.  Oh Daryl’s getting drunk too, these two are going to hook up.  Daryl is a violent drunk.  He grabbed Beth and tried to force her to shoot his bow, she finally just started yelling at him about pretending not to care about everyone.  Daryl blames himself for everything that happened with the governor and for Hershel’s death. 

Daryl’s life has actually improved since the zombie apocalypse.  Beth said Daryl is going to be the last man standing and he’s going to miss her when she’s gone.  Beth wanted to burn down the house, so they threw moonshine all over the walls, ceiling, and floor and lit it on fire.  That’ll attract some walkers.  Then they gave the house the finger.  Beth is trying to toughen up..and then the walkers show up.  I guess Beth will be dying soon after that conversation.  Foreshadowing and all.


3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead “Still”

  1. Yep, bye bye Beth. And she’s only right about Darryl making it because of all of the fans of him on the show. If he really was just another redneck asshole, then he would more than likely just be in the sort of group that Rick encountered last episode.

    • nehehdawn says:

      I think people in society are fake, we don’t know who anyone truly is, we don’t even know ourselves. Society gets in the way of that, especially now. The apocalypse would strip everything away, all the fakeness, until you would be pure self in a way. Daryl was a product of his environment, once that environment changed, he was free to be himself. It was the same with Mrle, in the end he was a decent guy and saved Michonne. I also think Daryl is good at surviving because it’s not so far from what his life was before, he never had anything. Now he has people who love and respect him, Merle loved him but never respected him. I think you have to be shown respect before you can give it to others.

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