Being Human “Rewind, Rewind…”

Being Human “Rewind, Rewind…”

Sally is totally breaking all the rules of time travel here.  So Sally’s alive and we start all over.  Sally stopped Danny from killing her, and kicked his ass out.  She saved Rebecca and brought Aidan and Josh to move in with her.  She is helping them avoid all the mistakes they made in the future.  Oh shit, here is Josh’s wolf dad.  Danny murdered her best friend instead of her, but she tried to warn her.  Bridget was an idiot.  She panicked and called the cops. Okay…Sally and Aidan are hooking up.  Then they invite Nora to dinner, naturally.  Then Aidan and Sally go out on a date and leave Josh and Nora together.  Marcus crashes their date.  “How long will it be before Bishop knows you’re balls deep with the Amish?” she says.

Josh is freaking out and Sally tells him he marry’s Nora.  She forgot to warn him not to impregnate her, but she managed to stop that too.  Unfortunately he starts changing, and instead of scratching Nora, he scratches Sally.  Oh that will fuck things up.  There will always be problems, she has traded the old ones for new ones.  At least she’s not dead anymore…yet.

Oh shit, Reed is going to propose to Nora.  Now there are problems between Aidan and Josh.  Oh wow, Aidan and Sally just said they love each other.  Something is wrong though, Josh isn’t answering his phone.  Oh no, Ray showed up and Sally freaked and told Josh who he was.  Josh dec.  ided to leave.  Aidan told Sally that it’s Josh’s problem.  Sally told Aidan that they could only be roommates until she fixes this.  She ruined their friendship.  Josh goes with Ray, and Aidan ends up at the live blood bar and gets blood drunk with Marcus of all people.  Which means that Josh and Aidan are going to fight.  Sally is waiting outside for Aidan when Josh shows up.  OH shit, and Ray killed Sally.  Now Aidan and Josh don’t have each other, well this sucks.


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