Bitten “Prisoner”

Bitten “Prisoner”

Jeremy realizes he’s been poisoned when his body is not fully healed the next day.  Clay and Elena go down to the basement to ask Zack what Jeremy was poisoned with, but he had turned into a wolf and couldn’t talk.  Elena decides to go after Zack’s girlfriend while Clay tries to get the information out of Zack.  He sedates him, once Zack is asleep he changes back into human form.  Then Clay ties him to the outside of the cage so he can’t shift again, at least not without breaking a lot of bones.

Nick meets with a distant relative to help get his father’s affairs in order in the human world, and basically erase his life.  Apparently Jorge is from another pack.

Philip realizes that the pile of clothes in the video are Elena’s clothes.

Elena breaks into Zack’s truck to find the girlfriend.  Elena breaks into their trailer.  She came in the trailer, grabbed some stuff, and left.  Elena didn’t stop her.  Zack is pretending she is just a “skank” he picked up and cares nothing for.  Elena follows her to the cafe, there seems to be only one.  Clay is trying to get Cain to join the pack in return for information on where to find the others.  Amber is the woman’s name.  She tells Elena that Zack won’t bite her because he’s too afraid of losing her.  It was a trap to get Elena, two of the mutts showed up.

The sheriff is back to ask Clay about Braxton.  He agrees to go to the station to answer her questions.  He can’t have her in the house with Cain locked in a cage in the basement.

Elena breaks psycho’s hand while talking to Karl, who was one of my favorite characters, but definitely not in this show.  She found out what they poisoned Jeremy with and went home to save him.  He needed a blood transfusion.

Yeah, you have to have the right blood type for that, but this is tv so whatever.

Philip went back to question the video guy but everything was gone and the landlord said there was no guy living there.

Elena starting whining about Cain really loving his girlfriend because he wouldn’t bite her, so Clay took his frustrations out on Cain.  Waaaahhh poor me, my boyfriend bit me.  It’s so annoying!  She forgot to mention that Amber begged him to bite her, but no she’ll only focus on what she can whine about.  Oh ouch, he took a metal thingy to Cain’s man bits.

Clay kills Cain, and they find out Koenig, the killing machine is coming after them.  Elena goes to talk to Clay, and he told her to decide if what they had was real.  TV Clay seems like he might just be sick of her shit.



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