The Walking Dead “Alone”

The Walking Dead “Alone”

Hmm, it seems that Bob is alone.  What happened to Maggie and Sasha?  Oh Bob’s off the wagon, and drinking something that looks like Nyquil.  Oh, maybe this is the past.  Daryl and Glenn just showed up.  This was how they first met Bob, his group had been killed and he was wondering the streets.  Daryl and Glenn found him and took him back to the prison.

Ah there we go, Bob, Maggie, and Sasha in a very dense fog huddled back to back to back fighting walkers.  Bob gob bit, he said on his bandage so it didn’t get through.  Daryl is teaching Beth how to track and use the bow.  She stepped on a trap or something right in front of a walker, but Daryl saved her…of course.  She hurt her ankle.  Hehehe, Daryl gives her a piggy back ride.  They stop at a grave that says “Beloved Father” and Daryl puts flowers on the headstone.  Beth takes his hand.

Meanwhile, Sasha, Maggie, and Bob find the sign for that town.  Sasha is skeptical, but the others talk her into it.  They are hoping Glenn goes there, and that the others from the prison are there.  Of course some of them are, and as I said last week “the band is getting back together.”

Beth and Daryl found a funeral home, with a dead guy in an open casket.  Oh more bodies in the basement.  Someone tried to bury some of the walkers.  Sasha thinks Glenn is dead and doesn’t want to go to the town.  Beth and Daryl find a stash of food in the funeral home.  They realize that somebody might still be alive, there was no dust on the food.  Hahaha, Daryl lays in a casket and says that it’s “the comfiest bed I’ve had in years.”

Maggie left Sasha and Bob.  Bob wants to follow her, but Sasha doesn’t.  Maggie finds another sign for the Terminus town.  Hmm, she is tearing apart a walker.  Bob is just happy that he’s not alone.  He and Sasha end up looking for Maggie and find that she left a note for Glenn in the walker’s blood “Glenn go to Terminus, Maggie.”  I think Bob hit on something, Sasha doesn’t want to go to Terminus and find out that Tyrese is dead.  Meanwhile, Bob is hitting on her.

Beth and Daryl think about staying at the house, they hear a dog that had visited before and when Daryl opens the door a whole shit load of walkers come in.  Oh no he’s stuck!  He made it out of the house.  Oh shit, Beth took off in a car without him?  No, she must have been kidnapped, her pack was on the ground.  Daryl is running to find the car, but running out of steam.  It seems like someone lead the walkers there to kidnap Beth.

Sasha is too afraid to go to Terminus, but Bob tries to convince her that it will be okay.  Then he kisses her.  I knew that was coming.  He keeps walking to look for Maggie.  Sasha doesn’t follow him, she checks out the building she found.  This is the first time she’s been alone, and she breaks down.  And she just rang the dinner bell for all the walkers by knocking a window to the ground.  She runs out of the building and is surrounded.  Maggie shows up and helps Sasha.  Maggie was waiting for them, she knew they’d come find her.  Sasha agrees to go with her and find Bob and the town.

Oh no, Daryl is surround by a bunch of guys with guns.  It’s the same guys that broke into the house Rick was in.  These are the kind of people Daryl is used to dealing with, he made friends and not the nice kind.  Hopefully he finds Beth, Daryl tends to be swayed by the company he keeps.

Sasha and Maggie catch up to Bob.  The three of them head for Terminus.  Glenn sees the sign for Terminus.

Oh next weeks episode looks interesting, looks like one of the kids die that are with Tyrese and Carol.  I guess we’ll find out next week.

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