Being Human “Too Far, Fast Forward!”

Being Human “Too Far, Fast Forward!”  Yeah, my thoughts exactly.  That sucked, let’s get back to the original story line please!

Marcus called Bishop to clean up.  Aidan told Sally to go, she didn’t want to see this.  Bishop asked who killed his girlfriend, and a very pissed off Aidan said, “Wolves…wolves!”  Have I mentioned I really like Bishop, I’m sure I have more than once.

Josh is freaking out because he ran out on Aidan, and then Aidan and Bishop show up where Josh and Ray are.  Aidan is about to kill Josh and Sally pleads with him not to.  Instead he goes after Ray and kills him.  Sally has the audacity to call him a monster.  I really don’t like her, anyway, Aidan says killing Josh would be mercy because he hates himself.  Bishop really wants to kill him, but Aidan said “let him suffer.”  Bishop pulls Aidan back into the family.  Nora sees Aidan smuggling bagged blood out to Bishop.

A year later, Josh is working in a bakery.  Nora is a drug addict, and Aidan catches her taking drugs.  He knew she was watching.  They have an agreement to ignore each other’s theft.  Nora is helping him get blood.  She complains about him giving blood to Bishop and he grabs her and says, “Never threaten Bishop.”  It seems Nora got the shit end of the stick as much as Josh did.

Aidan tells Bishop that there was a mix up at the hospital and he gets pissed.

Josh tries to look for Donna by calling that psychic.  Ilana, the one that lead them to Donna in the first place.  she is very reluctant but agrees.  Then she pulls Josh over salt and Sally popped out.  Josh was pissed, understandably.

Aidan is dealing bagged blood like crystal meth.  Uh oh, Aidan stole Bishop’s stash of blood after Bishop told him he couldn’t have it.  Bishop kicked his ass and acted as if he was going to cut his hand off, but he wouldn’t.  Aidan didn’t fight back, then Bishop attacked Wallace (I think that was his name).

Josh saw one of Sally’s memories of him, Sally, and Nora.  Then a very starved narly looking vampire walked into the bakeshop and Josh staked her.  She had the virus, and Sally realizes she has to tell Aidan.  She brings Josh and tells Aidan that he needs Josh’s blood.

Josh visits Nora, she is divorced from the doctor.  Then Josh sees Sally’s memory of their wedding.  Poor Josh.

Aidan replaces the blood he stole from Bishop and they get drunk together, apparently with tainted blood, after Aidan immunized himself with Josh’s blood.  Bishop is dying.  “A father never kills his son, but always wants his son to surpass him.”  It’s what he said last time he died.  Bishop died and Aidan started to freak out a little.  He starts thinking about Josh and Sally.  Aidan finds Sally at the bakeshop and he takes the blame for everything.  Sally has the audacity to call him a “power-crazed tornado of self-destruction.”  The phrase “the pot calling the kettle black” comes to mind.  Then Donna summons her.

Sally asks Donna for help, as she tries to explain their relationship and where she came from.  Sally takes Donna back to Aidan and Josh to try and get back everything she so royally um…screwed up.  They both have to agree to it.  Josh agrees to it pretty quickly, once he finds out Satan isn’t involved…silly werewolf.  He wants his wedding back.  Aidan asks Sally to make him remember  and he loves her.  Sally says she thinks she loved him for a long time but just didn’t realize it.  Oh Donna grabs her hands and there are many Sally’s.  

WTH, she goes forward and Josh and Aidan are fighting, and Aidan snaps Josh’s neck.  Then She goes back a little and they’re taking Robbie’s body away.  She says to Aidan “please tell me you remember.”  He says, “is this about the shower head?”  Clearly he remembers nothing.  Josh asks were she was.  I certainly hope that’s not how they’re planning on ending the show.  That would suck!


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