Bitten “Vengeance”

Bitten “Vengeance”

Antonio had to kill to get back into the pack.  He had left when he fell in love with Nick’s mother.  When he changed the first time, it scared him.  He brought Nick back to the pack.  Later he learned that his father did not order him to kill the man, Koenig  did.

Koenig plans to meet the entire pack on his own and kill them, talk about cocky.  Santos is freaking out a little because he can’t be sure how much Cain told them before they killed him.  Amber is still trying to get the mutts to turn her.  She is trying to get the serial killer to go after Elena.

Logan found out he’s having a son, and he looks a bit freaked out about it.  Philip believes Elena is having an affair with Logan, seriously why is he still in this show?  He didn’t get this much time in the book, not that they use the book much.  It’s annoying.

Koenig meets Jeremy at some factory.  He seems to think killing all of them will be very easy.  Jeremy and Koenig were fighting, Nick came from behind him, he threw him into Clay and Elena.  Then he disappeared.

Logan’s girlfriend gave him a framed picture of the pack, reminding him that he isn’t helping them.  Logan had a really short life in the book, but I have a hard time believing any in the pack would fail to come help when Jeremy needed them.

Mr. serial killer caught Elena, she kicked him and got away.  Meanwhile Nick and Clay are inside looking for Koenig.  Elena got shot.  Okay, he’s shooting into the building and the idiot blond follows the bullets.  Go the other direction, seriously, he was making enough noise.  Clay hears the shots and sees a girl that looks just like Elena get shot in the back.  Jeremy find Koenig, now they actually fight one on one.  Koenig attacks him with a pipe.  Jeremy knocks it out of his hands and does not pick it up.  *Shakes head*  Nick comes from behind and kills Koenig very quickly.  Clay looks for Elena.  Elena is under a car or something shifting from fear.  Clay finds them and gets shot at.  Elena takes the opportunity to get out from under the car and run, Clay finds her.

Philip asks about the video, and Logan makes up a story that they went for a swim after their run.  Logan gets a mysterious package.  You’d think he’d be more concerned about someone video taping him and Elena in wolf form.

Santos threw serial killer guy in a cage.  That idiot Amber is still trying to get bit by serial killer guy.  She didn’t exist in the book.  Somebody sent Logan a baby rattle with a note saying, “it’s a boy.”  LaBlanc bit Amber, like she wanted.  Nick and Jeremy go to the Sorrentino estate to spread Antonio’s ashes.  Clay and Elena finally had sex.

Oh weird, Amber is caught mid-change, LaBlanc thinks it’s hilarious.  Elena has to go back to Toronto for a gallery opening of her’s, but Jeremy insists she take Clay with her, because it’s too dangerous to be alone.  Something like that did actually happen in the book, imagine that!



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