The Walking Dead “The Grove”

The Walking Dead “The Grove”

I finally get to see the whole show.  Griselda, Lizzie named another zombie and is playing with her.  Lizzie tells Carol she can take Judith.  Yeah.  She tells her she saved Tyreese by killing those people.  Then she asks Carol if she had kids, and Carol tells her about Sophia.  Lizzie asks if Carol would miss her, foreshadowing.  Tyreese is injured.  She says Mica doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, exactly what she said about Sophia…more foreshadowing.

They smell a fire, probably that house Daryl and Beth torched.  While they stop, zombies come down the train tracks and Tyreese hands Judith to Lizzie.  Oh it’s just one, and the damn thing collapsed before he got there.  Lizzie asked him not to kill him.  Meanwhile Carol is trying to help Micah become tougher.  It doesn’t work.  She says killing people is wrong, no matter what.  Then they find a cabin.   In a way, Mica is what Carol used to be.  Does that mean Lizzie is her future?

While Tyreese and Carol are checking the house, a zombie comes out and Mica kills it.  Lizzie was very upset, and Mica said, “Just look at the flowers and count to three like you’re supposed to.”  Sounds like Lizzie may have been unstable before the apocalypse.  Mica finds a doll and names her Griselda.  Oh Lizzie playing with the zombie int he yard was a future thing, now she is playing with the zombie, and almost got bit.  The one she named Griselda, obviously after Mica’s doll.  Lizzie freaks out when Carol kills the zombie saying “What if I killed you?”  Carol is started to get that something is very wrong with Lizzie.  She cares more about the dead zombies than she does about the living people.  She said the zombie wanted to be her friend.

Mica has the gun and Carol is trying to get her to shoot a deer.  She can’t do it and the deer gets away.  They are thinking of staying in the house.  Tyreese wants to stay, and so does Mica.  Lizzie is feeding a mouse to the zombie that collapsed.  Lizzie says she can hear them and they just want to change her and make her like them.  Oh then a bunch of burned zombies come out of the woods where the girls are, and they have to run.  Mica gets caught in a fence and Lizzie tries to help her.  Carol and Tyreese come running and shoot them, Lizzie and Mica help shoot them.  However, Lizzie is very upset.

Carol talks to her and Lizzie says she knows what she has to do now.  Tyreese and Carol take a walk and leave Judith and Mica with Lizzie.  Carol tells him they could stay at the house and not go to Terminus.  Tyreese says he’s not ready to be around other people yet.  Then he tells her he dreams of Karen every night.  Carol feels all guilty.  She almost confesses, but chickens out.  Tyreese tells her she’s done right by everyone and comforts her, aw poor guy.  They come back to find Lizzie standing with a bloody knife and blood all over her hands, Mica is dead and Lizzie is smiling saying “Don’t worry, she’ll come back.”  Judith is playing on the ground.  Lizzie pulled a gun on Carol telling her she has to wait to kill Mica.  She wants her to come back as a zombie.  Carol says they need to take Judith inside, and she says “but Judith can change too.”  She finally agreed and made Carol promise not to kill her.  Tyreese took the two girls inside.  Carol broke down when they were out of sight.  This kid that played Lizzie is an absolutely amazing actress, and she’s only 11, the one that played Mica did pretty good too.

Tyreese and Carol talk about what they should do with Lizzie, Tyreese said he searched her room and took all the knives and weapons.  He said she was the one feeding the rats to the zombies and she nailed a rabbit to a board and tore it apart.  He says maybe she killed Karen and David.  Carol just said it wasn’t her.  They talk about possibilities, but there is only one thing they can do.  The girl is mental, she’s a psychopath.  Carol knows what she has to do, and they agonize over it.  She’s just a little girl, but she’s completely insane.  Carol takes her for a walk, and Lizzie wonders why she is upset.  She says “are you mad at me?”  She thinks it’s for pointing the gun at her.  “Just look at the flowers Lizzie.”  She shoots her.  Damn, she waited too long, the poor kid knew it was coming.  She should have just shot her while her back was turned really fast.  Then the deer shows up again.  Carol can barely walk back, but they bury the girls in the yard.  After burying the girls, Carol confesses that she killed Karen to stop the virus.  She tells him to do what he has to do, knowing the gun was sitting in front of him.  He grips the gun, but then he lets go and says he forgives her but he’ll never forget.  She says, “thank you.”  He doesn’t want to stay now, obviously.

The three walk on toward Terminus the next day, passing Lizzie’s pet zombie that they left on the track.

That was disturbing, but certainly there would be people that would lose their minds like this in the zombie apocalypse.  I don’t think Lizzie was ever really stable, and this just pushed her over the edge.  She could have been schizophrenic, considering she could hear the zombies talking to her and that’s why she “knew they weren’t bad, they were just different.”  It was definitely a rough episode, but a good one.  Judith is still safe.  It would be really hard to raise kids in this situation, and keep them sane.


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