Bitten “Descent”

Bitten “Descent”

Ugh, okay so Elena backpedals with Clay, as usual, saying it was a mistake to sleep with him.  She tells him the truth about Philip and that she lives with him.  He actually says he is done hurting her, which is just ass backwards.  He hasn’t done a damn thing to hurt her, she’s done nothing but hurt him and make him pay (in her own mind) for biting her and giving her the gift of being something more than human.  Anyway, he basically says he’ll be a good boy.  I hated how she treated him in the first two books, it gets much better after that.  We’ll see if the tv show at least follows that much of the story line.  He put his wedding ring on the other hand.  I hate Philip, not because he’s a bad guy, just because he’s in the way.

Joey escapes and calls Nick, who says he’s coming to get him.  Interesting.  Clay and Elena go to visit Logan, and he tells them about Rachel being pregnant.  He says he’s trying to avoid pack law of stealing his newborn from his mother and disappearing.  They try to get Logan to come home, knowing Santos sent the rattle.  Pedo guy is outside Logan’s house with a rabbit foot, watching for Elena.  Logan tells them about the video Philip has, and his assumption that they were having an affair.  Logan is to talk to Jeremy while they go to Elena’s show.

Nick gets Joey to Stonehaven.  Nick tells Joey he buried his dad, and that they got his dad too.  Elena tries to go to a hotel, but Philip catches them before they leave.  Happened in the book too.  She tries to make Clay go to a hotel, but he’d never go against Jeremy’s orders, and he just plops on the couch.

Santos is having mutt issues.  He tries getting pedophile guy in line, so not going to happen.  Cain made him, not Santos.  He couldn’t care less about any of them.  That was their mistake, the mutts don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Clay finds that there is barely anything edible Elena and Philip’s fridge.  Philip tries to have sex with Elena, but she can’t while Clay is there…because she’s cheating on him.  Philip is pissed and feels threatened, he should.  Clay goes through Philip’s ad stuff, and his iPad.  He finds the video footage of Elena and Logan, and the name of the client.  I wonder if it has to do with the mutts, no this wasn’t in the book.  It wouldn’t make much sense exposing themselves along with the pack.  Clay makes a huge breakfast, Philip says she doesn’t like breakfast.  Clay says it must be the turkey bacon, because she loves breakfast at home.

Joey can’t seem to give any information about where he was held captive, Jeremy seems distrustful, but you can never really tell what he’s thinking (at least in the book).

Philip’s sister nearly drools on Clay, and Elena pulls her away.  The sister tries to get Elena too hook them up, fat chance.  Clay helps Logan get started for Stonehaven.  Clay promises they won’t let anything happen to Rachel while he’s gone.  Clay tells him if he has to make a choice to make sure it’s one he can live with, speaking of the baby and Rachel versus the pack.

I was right about Jeremy, he doesn’t trust what Joey said.  Ugh, they are giving pedophile guy too much air time, he’s making me sick.

Philip’s sister is hitting on Clay at her photo show.  Clay covers for her about the car accident story.  Joey wasn’t in the book and I think he’s with the mutts, even though they killed his dad.  Jeremy questions him more, and he looks like a deer caught in headlights.  Logan shows up and gives Nick a hug.  Nick forgives him for not coming sooner.   Logan tells Nick about Rachel and the baby.  Nick’s all excited.  Logan tells Nick about the rattle, and how he doesn’t want to steal his son from Rachel which was the real reason he was avoiding the pack.

Clay asks about Williams, the guy with the video and also funding Elena’s show.  Philip’s sister keeps high jacking Clay.  Olson the pedophile guy shows up at Elena’s show.  I think she’s looking for Clay, Philip would only be a liability.  He said she never put up a fight when she was a little girl, she was used to abuse.  Clay sees the car outside and takes off after Santos, smashing his face into the steering wheel.  Philip attacks Olson, punching him.  He just said she never told me no…ugh pig, and then he left.  Philip’s sister sees Clay attack Santos and interrupts, these people suck.  He sees Olsen get in Santos car.

Nick tries to convince Logan that the right thing to do is bring the baby to the pack and away from his mother, as his father did.  Logan was raised by his mother and had a much harder time breaking with her, but he had to.  Nick convinces Jeremy that he’s telling the truth because of vanilla from whiskey.

Clay and Elena talk about Santos and Olson, and about James Williams the man who insisted on the location of the show (whoever he is).  Elena has to tell Philip that there was no cousin Danielle and no car accident.  He figures out that Logan and Clay are not her cousins.  Meanwhile Clay calls Jeremy.  Jeremy and the remainder of the pack find where Joey was held captive, the mutts old hideout.  He says he was kept in the cage and gives a sad look, however when they showed the mutts, it was the serial killer that was in that cage not Joey.  I still don’t believe him.

Philip is pulling away from Elena.  He knows Clay loves her.  He asks point blank if she’s done with Clay, and she can’t answer.  Meanwhile the others search the old hideout.  Jeremy finds a box of stuff, Joey’s dad’s watch, and a bunch of dead people’s stuff including Malcolm’s ring (Jeremy’s father).  Nick finds pictures of Rachel and Elena.  Logan starts to freak and he tells Jeremy about the baby.  Jeremy tells him to go to her, he’s excited too.

Philip says he can’t trust her because he doesn’t even know her.  BYE PHILIP!  Nick finds pictures that look like their focusing on Elena, which is what Jeremy figured.



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