The Walking Dead “Us”

The Walking Dead “Us”

Glenn and his strange crew he’s acquired start things off.  Tara was on watch, but Red would let her watch over Mullet.  He’s trying to figure out why Tara is helping Glenn, at first he thought she was in love with him, but she was staring too closely at his girlfriends ass.  Eugene doesn’t stop talking, but they come across Maggie’s message and Glenn is off running after her…literally.  Not a good idea when surrounded by zombies, but hey he’s excited.

Daryl’s new buddies get a wake-up call from a zombie.  Michonne and Carl are playing on their way to Terminus with Rick, she lost a bet with him.  Rick is loving their interaction, seeing his son happy again.  Daryl is shooting a rabbit, and one of his new friends tries to claim it. He starts talking about a girl, and gets Daryl thinking about Beth.  He nearly tries to kill him before the old guy, the leader stops him.  And he cut Daryl’s rabbit in half to get them both to shut up, he must be a dad, or was.

Glenn is wearing everybody out.  Red says their going to rest and then they get attacked, Tara gets hurt.  Rosilita tells Glenn he’s an ass for making Tara go when she’s hurt because she feels like she owes him.  Glenn says he’ll give Eugene (Mullet) his riot gear and they’ll part ways.  Red agrees.  Daryl gets a talking to from his new group dad.  Daryl says there’s no us, but he doesn’t leave either.  The guy basically tells him he belongs with their kind, even though he thinks he doesn’t.

Mullet (Eugene) looks silly in his gear.  Glenn finds another message from Maggie, but the message (still wet) is on a dark tunnel and there are snarling zombies inside.  The other three leave, an Glenn offers to go alone, but Tara won’t let him.  Red gives them some gear and Rosalita gives them both a hug.  Eugene is about as socially capable as I am, but he tells Tara she’s hot.  What a dipshit.  Tara limps into the tunnel with Glenn.  They got a nice flashlight.  Tara says that nothing was worse than seeing what the governor did to Maggie’s father.

Daryl’s new buddies find a garage with a bunch of cars.  They are all real assholes, and make sure they take all the cars so Daryl can’t have one.  I don’t expect him to be with them too long.  There is a collapse in the tunnel Glenn and Tara went in, Glenn is frantically looking for Maggie.  The tunnel collapsed on a bunch of zombies tat are all clawing for Glenn, he’s looking into all the faces of the women and killing them.  Beyond the collapse is full of zombies, no sign of Maggie, Sasha, or Bob…yet.  Tara has to try to convince Glenn to get out of there.

Meanwhile Red and the crew are looking for a ride.  He finds one that works and kills the zombie inside.  Glenn and Tara try to distract the zombies with a flashlight and go past them, but Tara gets her foot stuck in debris.  This chick is determined to die.  Glenn is trying to help her get out.

Eugene got Rosilita lost and he yells at her to stop.  He’s trying to find Glenn and Tara and says he’s not leaving them behind.  He backs up into a sleeping Red, who decides to yell at Rosilita for stopping.  Eugene then yells at them because he sees…something.  One of Daryl’s new buddies sets him up with the stupid half rabid.  Dad takes Daryl’s side, and says he saw the other guy plant the rabbit.  They beat the crap out of the other dude.

Tara tells Glenn to go and he refuses.  The zombies start coming and she yells at him to go, he says no and starts shooting.  He runs out of bullets and they are surrounded, but they get rescued by someone with a car and a bunch of people with guns, including Maggie!  Oh that’s who Eugene saw!  Aw they’re back together!  And Tara didn’t die…yet.  Tara says he’s a big fan of yours.  Glenn tells her he met her on the road and he wouldn’t have made it without her, Maggie gives her a big hug.  Red wants to go straight to Washington, Mullet says no way.  They couldn’t make it in an armored vehicle, they need to go to Terminus first.  Red agrees.  Maggie vows to never be separated from Glenn and she burns the picture he kept of her.  She made the roof collapse because they were surrounded by zombies.

Daryl wakes up to blood on the floor, they must have killed that guy…yep there he is.  An arrow in his face.  Daryl thinks about covering his body and then doesn’t.  Daryl’s new dad says the apocalypse feels more like things are falling together for them.  Daryl sees the sign for Terminus, but dad says they won’t welcome guys like them.  He tells him about Rick, calls him a piece of fecal matter.  Daryl is getting a feel for the rules, oh shit they past Carl’s candy wrapper.  Glenn, Maggie, and their crew make it to Terminus, guns in hand.  The gates aren’t locked, but there is a sign to lower their weapons.  They start to see people and plants.  Okay one woman, and she’s going to feed them.  Apparently Michonne, Carl, and Rick haven’t made it yet; clearly they are about to have a run in with Daryl’s crew.  That’s unfortunate because they’re really pissed at Rick.  No mention of Beth yet, maybe next week.  Either that or they’ll wait until October, wouldn’t surprise me.  Nothing about Carl, Tyreese, and Judith either.  Well at least some of them appear to be safe, I’m not sure a trust a town in the zombie apocalypse that doesn’t lock their gates.

Pictures are sparse right now, but I’ll try to get more.


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