Ever After by Kim Harrison (The Hollows series book 11)

Ever After by Kim Harrison

The world’s only day walking demon Rachel Mariana Morgan is back in the eleventh installment of Kim Harrison’s the Hollows series.  While Jenks plays a huge role in this book, Ivy is in Arizona most of the book trying to work things out with Glenn and Daryll.  In this book, Rachel realizes (or finally admits) that she has serious feelings for a certain elf.  She meets Quen for dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in town.  After some prodding, she finally finds out what he wants, to ask her to back up Trent.  She didn’t want to insult Trent, saying he didn’t need a babysitter.  However, just as they are about to get a table, Rachel sees that some babies were kidnapped from the hospital, babies with rosewood syndrome.  Trent Kalamack’s father cured Rachel of the same disease.  As she was dialing Trent’s number, he was calling Quen.  Quen just handed her the phone, they were to meet him at the hospital.  They find that five babies were missing, but Trent said there were a total of 13 babies missing from around the country.  They realize that Ku’Sox, the genetically engineered demon, was the one that took them.  They also find that Nick, Rachel’s human ex-boyfriend, is now Ku’Sox familiar.

Rachel goes to Trent’s to ride horses with the family.  She complains that he never gives her a fast horse.  Ceri pulls her aside to ask her why she refused to watch Trent’s back.  They argued back and forth until Rachel finally screamed, “I don’t know what I want.”  Ceri was like, “OMG, you like him!  When did this happen?”  Then she was trying to figure out a way to get them together.  Just as they decided Trent might not be able to survive a relationship with Rachel, Trent and Quen call to them saying someone was in the woods.  Trent tells Quen and Ceri to take Lucy and Ray back to the stables while he and Rachel take care of it.  They knew Ku’Sox wanted Trent to help with the Rosewood babies.  As he and Rachel rode to try and find presumably Nick, there was an explosion behind them.  Trent realized his mistake, Ku’Sox wanted to use Lucy to make Trent do what he wanted.  Ceri wouldn’t let them take the baby without her.  Quen was badly injured.  Rachel actually had to babysit for awhile until Trent came back from getting Quen to the hospital.

Rachel kept sneezing, she was far from her scrying mirror and needed to get home asap.  There was no time, she was summoned into the ever after.  She found herself in a court, Dali and Newt were at the front, Al was beside her.  She was being charged with tampering with the ley line to kill all the demons.  It was Ku’Sox or Cute Sox as Jenks called him.  He and Nick were at the front, Ceri and Lucy were nowhere in sight.  Newt actually helped her, she wanted to see if she could fix the line.  Ku’Sox had taken all the leaks from all the lines and put them in Rachel’s line.  This created a huge leak of ever after.

Later they find out Ceri and Pierce were dead, yes Pierce had already been dead.  This time he was gone.  Rachel and Trent went to rescue Lucy and ended up trading Trent for Lucy.  Bis was also kidnapped.  Trent had to do what Ku’Sox said because he was his familiar now.  The demons were too afraid of Ku’Sox to help Rachel.  She stole some elvish slave rings to try and double up power to defeat Ku’Sox.  She and Quen rescued Trent, but he was still his familiar.  Trent took the slave ring and forced Rachel to take the master.  They fought Ku’Sox in the ever after, and the demons showed up to watch.  Al had been imprisoned, but he had his wedding rings.  Yes he had a wife that he lost in the war.  Then he lost Ceri, he loved her too.  The rings combined power of the wearers.  So magically tied to both Trent and Al, they defeated Ku’Sox. Then had a hunt.  Newt took Nick as her familiar.  With Ceri gone Ellasbeth came back, to both Trent and Rachel’s dismay.

I love the Hollows series, I think it’s my favorite series.  This is a great book, and I recommend it.


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