Being Human “Ramona the Pest”

Being Human “Ramona the Pest”

I’m finally watching this, better late than never.  Sally is in the little girl’s room, talking to herself.  Nora stayed at the house while Josh slept.  Then she says she’s going back to her place.  Josh tells her she is the only thing keeping him human (the werewolf is winning) and she says she can’t handle that responsibility.  That’s nice, after everything they’ve been through she can’t handle being the one thing he loves that keeps him human.  It seems to me if she really loved him, she’d do whatever it took.  She was with him all that time while he was in wolf form for all but one night, the night she turned into a wolf.  It just makes no sense.  Sally hears them from the little room and stuck her head out to find it was their closet.

Then she goes to wake Aidan up and shakes him.  I thought she couldn’t touch him?  What is that about?  Hmm, for some reason she can all the sudden touch people.  Oh, she went to have sex with Aidan because she realized she could touch him and wanted to hurry up before she lost it.  Oh it was just a dream, okay that makes sense.  Nora dropped something and woke him up.  He was uh…standing at attention.  Apparently he sleeps naked, and he was very happy about that dream.  She said “it lunged out.”



Nora was looking for a sledgehammer to get into the room Sally was in.  Hehehe, Aidan breaks through the wall and says “Oh Yeah”  like the kool aid guy.  Sally tells them the room is where she saw the little girl die.

Then Aidan smells blood and moves the bed to find a huge blood stain.  There are marks on the floor, somebody is counting something.

Then Sally’s dad comes to the door, the house has been sold.  They have until the end of the week to get out.  Aidan is cleaning his junk out and throwing stuff away.  Aidan and Sally talk about when they were together in the past alternate reality thingy.  They say they just want to be friends, like they can be anything else, she’s a ghost.  Kenny and Astrid are fighting.  Kenny wants to disappear.  He says he’s only 17 and wants a life with Astrid.  Aidan suggest faking his own death.  They plan out his death.  He asks Aidan to get Josh and Nora to convince Astrid to leave.

Aidan talks to Josh.  Josh says he understand why the pack did what they did.  And Josh and Aidan are fighting.  Sally gets them to stop.  They tried to talk about breaking their “experiment” and Sally said it’s a friendship not an experiment and it’s saved them all many times over.  Then that little girl, Ramona appears and says they can’t leave.  Beatrice is her twin.  She’s been listening to them.  Sally offers to find her sister for her, yeah easy for her to say she’s a ghost and can’t do anything.  And they are sitting at the DMV (I think) waiting to talk to Beatrice.  Aidan looks like a lunatic because he’s talking to Sally.  Aidan’s talking about exploring their feelings and Sally calls him an ass.  I can think of some words for her too.  The guy beside him freaked and moved over.  Josh is packing and Ramona is with him.  She says he needs to stay with her.  Nora comes over, Josh introduces Ramona.

Nora came to talk with Astrid.  Now Nora and Josh are fighting about the pack.  Josh goes upstairs to pack more when Astrid comes.  He says he can’t deal.  Astrid asks for him, but Nora says he’s upstairs, then she pulls a gun on Nora.  Most of the pack comes in, Nora calls for Josh.  Ramona held the door shut until Josh turned.  He was freaking out because Nora was in danger, then he got really pissed.

The pack went upstairs to get Josh, and when they opened the door a very pissed off werewolf jumped out and killed the lot of them.  Wow, these werewolves are really dumb.

Aidan finally gets to Beatrice.  Aidan tries to talk about Ramona, but of course she thinks he’s insane.  She pushed the panic button and the cops show up or security.  As he is being pushed out, he’s still yelling about Ramona.

When they walk in the house there is nothing but blood and bodies everywhere.  Josh is sitting in a chair with Nora beside him.  “He did this to protect me,” she said.  Aidan sees Astrid, dead.  The full moon is coming, so they go to the place where they lived when Josh was the wolf most of the time, the RV.  Sally is going to try and help Josh with his problem.  She tells him to do the meditation to get in touch with his wolf, and then she possesses him.  Josh is running in the snowy woods and Sally is with him.  He’s running from his wolf.

Sally tells Josh this is just a part of him and he needs to take over instead of letting the wolf take over.  He sees this gorgeous wolf and he runs.  Meanwhile Aidan calls Kenny to clean up.  He asks for Astrid, but Aidan says she isn’t there.  Aidan tells him that the pack killed her because she told them she was leaving with Kenny.  He hid her body.  Aidan tells him he should still leave and experience things.  He says that’s what Astrid would have wanted, he hid her body in Ramona’s room.

Josh is still running and Sally and the wolf are chasing them.  She tells him to confront it, he says he can’t.  She says think of a safe place and he sees their house, minus the blood and bodies.  Then the wolf walks in, snarling and growling.  Sally says you can’t fight him, it is you.  Josh tells it to stop (showing it’s teeth).  He says “I am the wolf.  And you are me.  But this is my life until the moon is full.”  Then he pets the wolf, and he’s okay now.  The wolf leaves.  “You’re you,” Nora says.  Sally seems to have finally done something right.

Aidan is in Ramona’s room putting Astrid in some trash bags.  Aidan feels guilty for lying to Kenny.  After Aidan carries Astrid’s body out, they focus on the stick counting in the blood, 30.  It seems to signify how many have died in the house.  Josh and Nora are impressed with the clean up, and Aidan tells them he lied for Josh.  Josh thanks him and they hug, aw.  Sally tells him he’s going to have to keep confronting the wolf so it doesn’t take over again.

Kenny is grieving and Astrid’s ghost shows up.  She says she messed up everything for them.  Astrid tells Kenny exactly what happened.  There goes the vampire/werewolf truce.  Aidan is going to be stuck in the middle of this one.  This can’t end well, there is only one or two episodes left.  I wonder if they’ll go all Shakespearean tragedy and just kill everyone.  I guess we’ll find out soon.


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