Bitten “Settling”

This show just comes on too early for me, I always miss it.  Honestly, like the book, Elena annoys me to no end.  IF (big if) they follow the books a little, it should be getting better soon.  When you have a guy that won’t even look at another woman and you take it for granted, then you really don’t deserve him.  Up until she yelled at him for biting her in the book, I thought he raped her the way she was acting.  She comes to her senses in the book and realizes what she has when Clay’s life is in danger a few times.  Hopefully the show follows at least that much of the book.   At least in the book when she finally broke it off with Philip, she wasn’t that upset because she realized what she had with Clay.

Bitten “Settling”


Clay tells Elena about all the information the pack gathered at the mutts hideout.  Elena says she needs to find Philip, Clay says they need to go home.  Then she throws crap at him as usual, all he did was bite her.  Logan calls Rachel freaking out, while on the phone he hears Karl Marsten talking to her.  Karl leaves and tells her to get the phone, Logan tells her to come home and he has a surprise for her.

Nick sent Joey away and Jeremy says he and Nick have to go to Toronto because of Elena.  Just as they’re about to leave, the annoying sheriff shows up saying the FBI is coming and they need him there.  The got a lead about the murder, and luckily it’s LeBlanc and not Clay.  She says it’s strange because he only kills women.  Jeremy says he’s deranged, he doesn’t know what he things.  Jeremy agrees to consent to search the property, saying he wants it all to end.

Elena is still yammering about Philip.  Clay says they wouldn’t bother with him, because he’s not important.  Clay says they need to leave and lead them back to Stonehaven.  He tells her about the pictures they found at the hideout.

Logan tries to get Rachel to go to Jamaica, now.  She says she can’t, she will get fired.  A very frustrated Logan is freaking out.

Philip goes to the gallery to talk to his sister.  Elena is freaking out because she thinks Philip and his family are in danger, meanwhile it’s Clay that is in real danger.  The mutts are in a very old green car.  Santos is trying to reign in the new mutts.  Marsten warns Santos that they could turn on him.  Clay says Santos is trying to ruin her life in Toronto and turn her against the pack so she has nowhere else to go.  Hmm, that James whatever is in charge, not Santos.  Weird.  He wants everyone dead except Elena.  He wants her, Santos is just following orders.

Philip asks to talk to Elena alone.  She knows if she tells Philip they have to kill him.  She says she wants to be with him, and makes excuses for lying.  He says he needs a minute.  Logan tells Rachel their lives are in danger and they need to leave.  He scares the crap out of her to try to get her to leave.  Meanwhile at Stonehaven the FBI is taking forever to search the property.  Nick doesn’t like the idea that Logan and Elena are attached to humans.  Jeremy asks what his father whispered into his ear, he says it was his mother’s name.  His human mother.

Clay tells Elena to get ready to say her goodbyes.  She goes back to see Philip and he asks her to marry him.  He says he wants to get to know her more, but he never can.  He says they can go away from Toronto.  She says she can’t give him an answer now.  Clay is out on the balcony, and she takes off without him knowing.  How stupid can you be?  Yep, she’s a blond.  A bunch of werewolves after her and she goes out alone.  Genius!

Meanwhile the sheriff is still hitting on Jeremy.  They are done searching, so Jeremy and Nick leave.  Elena went to Logan.  Elena is trying to convince Logan to stay with the pack.  Logan is running away with Rachel and trying to get Elena to convince Rachel.  She agrees to help, or try to.  Elena says she is going back to Stonehaven.  Elena is trying to convince Logan to give Jeremy a chance with Rachel.  He agrees to call her.

Philip is freaking out because Elena is gone.  Philip asks Clay if he’s still in love with her, Jeremy calls and says their on their way.  Philip says he’s coming too, Clay says no way.  Logan won’t even let Rachel call her sister.  A dog starts barking and Logan takes Rachel upstairs, he tells her to get in the shower and don’t make a sound.  Um, there is a glass door, you can see through it.  Logan goes down the stairs dripping perfume to cover the scent.

Elena gets back and the guy at the front says she just missed her friends.  Clay says Philip needs to stay with him, he will protect him because of Elena.  Santos and Olsen walk in.  Elena listens at the door and goes into the stairwell to change to wolf form.  Marsten and LeBlanc walk into Logan’s house.  Oh don’t tell me this is where he gets killed, seriously after he finds out Rachel is pregnant.  Logan was the first to die in the books.  Clay fights them, and Philip thinks he can fight.  Clay tries to protect Philip for Elena.  He does pretty good.  Logan gets Marsten and knocks him out.  Oh shit, LeBlanc goes upstairs to find Rachel.  He can hear her, unfortunately.  Just as he finds her, Logan grabs him.  Philip is on the floor, while Clay fights the other two.  LeBlanc is stabbing at Logan, while Logan is strangling him.

I hope he didn’t strangle Marsten, I like him (or I like the one in the books).  Olsen goes after Philip.   Oh good, Marsten got away, but Logan was badly injured.  He tells Rachel to take him to Stonehaven.  Philip has been stabbed and is bleeding everywhere.  Elena comes in wolf form to protect Philip and he closes the door on her.  She can’t open it.  Santos shoves a syringe into Clay, because drugging him is the only way they can get him even when he’s outnumbered.

Elena looks at Philip and then goes in the bathroom to change back to human form as Philip watches her shadow shift.  She puts a dress on and he looks at her like she’s an alien.  She gives him a pillow and goes to see if they are still there.  She finds the syringe and realizes they took Clay.  She calls an ambulance but is still freaking out over Philip.  OMFG, this is so stupid!  This is the point she is supposed to start to realize how much Clay means to her.  She barely remembers about Philip in the book because she is so worried about Clay.  “In a perfect world I would be married to you,” ugh I don’t know if I can keep watching this show unless she stops being an idiot!  Luckily he doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her anymore.  She says she will always love him.  UGH, she didn’t really love him in the book and she realized that at this point.  She lost her mind when Clay was taken, Jeremy had to lock her in the cell for awhile.  That was when I started to like her.  Granted it was nearly the end of the book.  So that was the end…and it was still annoying.

Hehehehe, on the website they have written beside the above picture: “The wolf goes into the other room – and out comes Elena. Philip’s shocked as he realizes his girlfriend’s a bitch (literally).”  Too funny!


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