The Walking Dead “A” Season 4 Finale

The Walking Dead “A” Season 4 Finale

I almost fell asleep, because it took forever to get my daughter to sleep.  She does this every season.  This is the first Walking Dead season finale I think I’ve ever gotten to see, and only because they are playing it again at 11pm.  I missed the first showing.  So I’m very excited to see this!

We are having some sort of flashback, or somebody is dreaming.  Glenn, Maggie, and Rick drove back to the prison and everybody was alive and together.  Oh now Rick is covered in blood sitting beside a truck with at least one dead body.  Where is Carl and Michonne?   That was the future.  They are back in the woods now at a make shift camp.  They are trying to get to Terminus.  Carl is worried about the things they’ve done and having to tell the people at Terminus.  Then they find that rabbit from last episode where he’s showing Carl how to make a trap for the animals.  Then they hear the man scream and Carl takes off.  It’s one man surrounded by zombies, Carl was going to try to help, but he was already dead.  Some of the zombies started to follow them.  Oh and there’s more of them.

We’re back to Hershel at the prison.  They killed the small pack of zombies and kept going to lose the bigger horde of them.  They find a truck, which I think is the same truck that Rick was leaning against.  They use the truck to sleep in, I don’t know if it actually works.  Michonne and Rick are talking about Terminus and she says “I wonder if the whole thing is legit?”  AND a gun shows up beside his head.  It’s Daryl’s new crew, but where is Daryl?  We knew this was coming.

Daryl just showed up, this should be interesting.  He’s trying to stop them and figure out how to get everyone out alive.  He told Joe to let them go.  Aw, he says take it out on him instead.  He got jumped, and they ripped Carl out of the car.  EWWWW, that guy is trying to kiss Carl!  This is very bad!  Oh shit, that man is trying to rape Carl!  Rick is about to lose his shit, good for him!  He head butted Joe.  Carl is fighting, Joe knocked Rick down, Michonne got hit trying to go after the guy watching her.  Rick bit Joe’s throat, ffs go help Carl!  Michonne killed one, Daryl killed one.  Rick killed the guy who tried to rape is son, GO RICK!  Michonne is holding Carl, poor kid.

Flashback to the prison, Hershel is telling him he has to show Carl the way to live.  Hershel was the one who wanted to plant sees and have a farm.  He’s back in front of the truck and it’s morning, Michonne and Carl are in the car.  Carl is sleeping and Michonne is holding his head.  Daryl went to get some water so Rick could wash the blood off his face.  Daryl tells Rick he was with Beth and how he met those idiots.  He’s kind of apologizing for being with those assholes.  Rick says it’s not his fault and “You’re my brother.”  Daryl tries to tell him that he did what he had to do and that isn’t him, but Rick said it is him and that’s why they’re alive. He’s embraced it, good!  At least Daryl is back with Rick, Carl, and Michonne.  They’re smarter than the others, they went through the woods to look first.  Carl wouldn’t go with his dad.  Michonne tells Carl how Andre died.  Their refugee camp Michonne, her boyfriend, friend and son were in was overtaken while she was on a run.  Her boyfriend and his friend were high and didn’t stop it.  She said the zombies didn’t see her because she was a monster and Rick brought her back.  Carl thinks he’s a monster.  Rick is burying his bag “just in case.”  They are being smart, came in through the side with weapons out.  They find desks and people doing paperwork?  Maps, I guess. “Welcome to Terminus.”  And there it is, they want their weapons.  I don’t trust this.  They put them down and get frisked.   Hmm, they gave their weapons back.  I wasn’t expecting that.


They get taken to the main area.  There is that weird lady that Michonne saw a picture of.  Rick pulls a gun on some guy, he recognizes a watch…oh Glenn’s watch!  Hershel gave him that, that’s a bad sign!  Rick has never been my favorite, but I’m starting to like him now.  Michonne, Daryl, and Carl pull their weapons as well.

Back at the prison, he wanted Carl not to have to carry his gun.  They’re finding all the stuff that Glenn brought.  There is a shoot out with those people, and they are getting locked in some place.  They found a way out and people are on the roof tops shooting at them, as they pass skeletons.  The others must be dead.  They walk into some kind of shrine.  The are surrounded…shit!  The others must be dead already, maybe some are still alive.  Wonder where Carl, Tyreese, and Judith are?  These are definitely the cannibals.

There are too many of them, Carl is about to lose it.  Oh train car A,  that’s why it’s called that.  They are lining them up to go in the train car.  Rick opens the door and they all go in, Carl last.  They get locked in.  There’s Glenn and Maggie!  They aren’t dead yet, well that’s kinda good.  The others are starting to give up, all but Rick.  More flashbacks to the prison.  “They’re screwing with the wrong people,” Rick said.  Okay I love this guy now!  Apparently Tyreese, Carol, and Judith haven’t made it there yet.

Rick’s transformation in this episode kicked ass!  He’s pretty awesome now.  Together they should be able to make it out, at least most of them.  Well goodbye Walking Dead, until October.





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