The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison (book 11)

The Undead Pool is book 11 in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.  Unfortunately we just learned that it will only be a 12 book series, so this is the next to the last book in the series.  *cry*  Rachel Marianna Morgan finally admitted that she really likes Trent, the cookie maker.  After saving his butt again and the tiny butt of his toddler, she was expecting him to marry his daughter’s mother.  However, Trent had other ideas.  Yes, finally Trent and Rachael got together.  The billionaire elf and the demon that dresses more like a hooker.  The relationship costs them both.

Now for the plot.  All the master vampires in the city are put to sleep.  What does that mean?  The undead are unsupervised.  They have to shut down the roads, and there is a ton of chaos.  Rachel seems to be the center of it.  Some kind of energy keeps hitting people, and seems to be looking for her.  They find out that it’s coming from the ley line that she made.  However, when she looks at it, nothing is wrong with her line.

Then things get really crazy.  The dead walk, not vampires, just dead people.  There are tiny little specs of wild magick that is looking for her, and it turns out to be pieces of the elf goddess.  There are religious elves that are friends of Trent’s, they get mixed up in it.  One ends up on the roof of a building threatening to kill everyone.  Naturally it’s something only Trent and Rachel can deal with.  In the mean time, the vampires are going insane and killing everybody.

Hmm, I can’t give the rest away.  Let’s see, there are high speed chases.  The werewolves and vampires work together with Rachel to try to stop this.  Jinx kids are moving out, but the ones that remain seem to want to work with him and Rachel.  Some of the pieces of the goddess change to become part of Rachel.  Now not only does the goddess want her dead, but so do the demons.  She made an agreement with Newt (who also had done something similar with the goddess), to keep Al from killing her.  😦  I love Al, it was so sad.  He thinks she is insane, because he says there is no goddess.  Newt knows she’s real, which might be why she is crazy.  The demons are pissed about Rachel and Trent being together, obviously.  She is the only female demon capable of producing demon children.  So she dates an elf.  Poor Al.

If you’ve never read this series, go find the first book!  It’s an awesome series!  Dead Witch Walking is the first book in the series.

Kim Harrison announced

On Kim Harrison’s facebook page, she said the LAST book in the Hollows series is coming out soon.  Yes, that’s right, the last book in the series (cry).  The book will be titled The Witch with No Name.  It is set to be released on September 9, 2014.  This is the description of the book on

“Rachel Morgan’s come a long way from the clutzy runner of Dead Witch Walking. She’s faced vampires and werewolves, banshees, witches, and soul-eating demons. She’s crossed worlds, channeled gods, and accepted her place as a day-walking demon. She’s lost friends and lovers and family, and an old enemy has become something much more.

But power demands responsibility, and world-changers must always pay a price. That time is now.

To save Ivy’s soul and the rest of the living vampires, to keep the demonic ever after and our own world from destruction, Rachel Morgan will risk everything.”

Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll start a spin-off series about Al or Newt.  That would be fun.

A Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings (book 2)

George R. R. Martin’s second book in the A Game of Thrones series is called A Clash of Kings.  John Snow and Ghost went north of the wall with some of the Night’s Watch, including Sam Tarly,  to find his Uncle Benjen.  They haven’t found him yet, at least in this book, though they find a lot of other interesting things.  They meet a really disgusting man than marries every daughter he has (19 of them).  The son’s he sacrifices to the others.  Eventually John and Ghost leave the main troop with Halfhand to see what Mance Rayder is up to.  Mance Rayder is a born wilder, or free man, that abandoned the Night’s Watch.  Eventually Ghost finds his wildlings practicing their fighting techniques, and his giants riding wooly mammoths.  It seems he is not the king of the wildlings in the same sense that Robb or Joffrey are king.  The wildlings have a mind of their own and are more democratic.  They are marching to the wall when John yields to the wildlings.  He was commanded to yield by Halfhand, who he also had to kill to be accepted by the wildlings.  John has a dream where he can see through Ghost’s eyes, and John sees the mammoths, giants, and training wildlings.

Arya  is still at Harrenhal, but convinced Jaqen H’ghar (my favorite character) to help her free some of Robb’s north men from the dungeons.  They had been captured in battle.  With the help of the other two she had saved in the fire, they set the men free and give them weapons.  They take over Harrenhal, and Roose Bolton becomes the Lord of Harrenhal.  Arya doesn’t trust him though, or any of the others (except Gentry who she told in the first book) with her true identity.  It was a smart move.  She asks if he will take her with him when he leaves Harrenhal, and he says no.  She realizes she has to do something.  The gods spoke to her through the trees in the godswood, they told her to be brave and strong like she said she would.  They told her the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.  She decides to leave and take Gentry and Hot Pie with her.  Jaqen H’ghar changed his look into someone else, and gave Arya a magic coin.  He told her if she ever needed him to give that coin to a Braavosi and say two magic words, which she repeats along with her list of people to kill.  Nymeria did not show up in this book, but I imagine she will reappear soon

Sansa is still in King’s Landing, held hostage by the Queen and King Joffrey.  Stannis marches to King’s Landing after killing Renly, and also sends his fleet of ships.  Tyrion was ready for them though.  He set all kinds of traps and used magic wildfire, and that massive chain he had made.  Sansa waited in the palace with the queen while the fighting ensued.  Joffrey came out to battle with his uncle, but only with guards.  His mother was not happy, but I can’t blame her for that.  She eventually ordered some guards to bring him inside, and things started to fall apart.  Tyrion was awesome though, he actually led the battle against Stannis’ men.  Lord Tywin came to finish off Stanis’ men.  It seems Stannis survived.  Joffrey agreed to marry someone Lady Margaery Tyrell, sister of Ser Loras, and betrothed to King Renly.  The Hound fled the fighting because of all the fire, he was afraid, naturally.  However, he was deeply ashamed and vanished.  He appeared in Sansa’s room and tried to get her to come with him, he said he would protect her and nobody would ever hurt her again.  Being an idiot, she did not go with him.  Instead she is waiting for Ser Dontos to save her.  I have no idea why.  One of the knights tried to kill Tyrion, and he managed to get out of the way but he was severely injured.  They though the was dead, he took a sword to the face, and had other injuries.  Pod the squire saved him.  He thinks his sister gave the order to kill him.  His father took over position as the Hand, and they took Tyrion out of the Tower of the Hand.  So in a way he’s homeless.  He at least woke up, and started giving out commands.  It seems nobody took notice of his heroic battle scenes.

Daenerys was in that city and trying to get an army together.  Instead she found trouble, but her people were well fed and rested.  She met a bunch of people that tried to get her to give them her dragons.  She went to some “pureborns” who let her talk but didn’t really listen to her.  She bribed some of them, but it did no good.  Then she went to some sorcerers that were undying and asked them for help.  They just wanted to feed off of her, though they showed her some visions.  Drogon ended up killing them all.  So much for their immortality.  After that a lot of people in the city wanted her dead, so they tried to find some ships and decide where to go.  Finally they met two men that were sent by Ser Ilyrio.  He hired three ships to get her back to him, sending word about what was going on in Westeros.  He said the people of Westeros need her.

Theon Greyjoy decided to disobey his father’s commands and take over Winterfell since Robb was off warring.  He held everyone captive, and seemed to think they should be grateful to him for not allowing his men to beat them to death and rape all the girls (even though they did rape one girl so badly she could barely walk).  Bran, Rickon, Hodor, Osha, Meera, and Jorjen escaped their captors and set Shaggy and Summer free.  Bran can get into Summer’s head when he needs to.  Theon searched for them for a full day, and then said he knew where they were.  He killed two children and put their heads on spikes, thinking they were Bran and Rickon.  He also had two wolves’ heads.  Ser Rodrik came back to take over Winterfell, but they put a noose around his daughter’s neck to keep them back.  Just when Maester Luwin convinced him to take the black and yeild, Reek Bolton showed up and usurped Theon.  He killed everyone.  Bran, Rickon and the others were down in the crypt hiding.  They saw Maester Luwin just before he died.  Then they split up.  Osha took Rickon and Shaggydog one direction and Hodor with the other children and Summer went north.  Jorjen said that’s the path they had to take.  I imagine they are going to find John and Ghost.

The book is well over 600 pages, so this is just a cursory summation.  I can tell you I am hooked on the series, and really enjoy the books.  Each book seems to be better than the last, granted this is only the second book.  What I’m saying is, I highly recommend them.  Happy reading!

I need new shows

All of my shows have ended, The Walking Dead won’t return until October, Being Human is not coming back on, Bitten is up in the air, and I’m not sure when the Freak Show version of American Horror story is coming on (I’ll look it up).  Now what?  I guess I’ll just read and post about that.  I need to finish the A Game of Thrones series.  I need to finish the Women of the Underworld series too.  I have enough reading to keep me busy, but it feels weird with no shows to watch.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.

*American Horror Story Freak Show isn’t on until October too.

Bitten “Ready” Season Finale

Bitten Season Finale “Ready”

Elena told Clay that she knew everything, why he bit her and that he didn’t tell her because she needed to trust Jeremy to survive.  Then she put his wedding ring back on.  They don’t explain it much in the series, but Clay had spent so much time as a wolf that he became wolf-like in personality.  He never dated anyone and when he met Elena, she was his mate and that was it.  To Clay, a wedding is just a technicality, he feels they are already married and he would never be with anyone else.

That James Williams guy is telling Santos they strike now, and everything is almost in place.  Jeremy and Nick are getting things ready in case they need to torch Stonehaven.  He says there are too many secrets that he doesn’t want anyone getting a hold of, mutts or humans.

Elena told Jeremy that Clay protected everyone but himself and from now on she would protect him from everyone including Jeremy.  That’s good because the mutts are coming.  Logan left Rachel in a hotel room, he said he was going to get pizza, but he had a weird look like he was going to do something else.  Santos is taking his two remaining guys to storm Stonehaven.

Elena planted her phone in Santos car to track his movements, and they were heading to Stonehaven.  Jeremy say they will win at Stonehaven or they will die there, they are stronger together.  While they are waiting for the mutts, They rig the house.  Jeremy tells Nick about his mother.  He had sent someone to find out where she is, but Jeremy said he didn’t have to do that, he knew where she was.

Elena and Clay were coming down the stairs and he collapsed, then there was a knock at the door.  It was Logan, I knew he’d help.  Rachel left the hotel room to look for snacks, that can’t be good.  Logan said he can’t abide by pack rules, but he came back because this is his family and no one else is going to die.  Then the GPS says the car arrived.  Oh shit, they have Rachel tied and gagged, a werewolf chasing her.  Jeremy threw an ax at it and killed it.  Logan got Rachel inside and took her upstairs to hide her.  The others waited for the mutts.

Logan puts Rachel in a hiding spot in Elena’s room and tells Rachel he’s going to kill them.  Santos says the others should be inside, so he tries to send Marsten and LeBlanc to do his dirty work while he waits outside.  Marsten says,  “Don’t worry, you’re going to get everything that’s coming to you,” as he shakes Santos hand.  This is probably where he’ll turn on them.  Marsten switched sides in the book, and he better do so in this show too.  I like him.  The mutts threw a gas bomb into the house, and they ran in.  And another, they’re jumping through the windows, but they  have traps set.  That guy Boggs that tried to fight Jeremy joined he mutts.  Jeremy is fighting someone in a bath tub, that was interesting.  A good clean fight I guess.

Everybody was kung fu fighting.  Nick is fighting in Elena’s room and giving Rachel a show.  Finally Marsten and LeBlanc finally joined the party.

Aw, Nick checked on Rachel.  She said she’s so scared that her heart is going to explode.  He promised to come back for her if she promised to stay put.  James Williams shows up and asks why Santos isn’t in the house fighting.  He’s a complete coward, that’s why.  James says he’s going to show Santos some of the secrets of the house that’s about to be his.  Who is this guy?  While Elena is killing a guy, LeBlanc tries to kill her.  Marsten stops him.  He said he could because she’s some kind of prize.  Marsten said, “It’s not because she’s a prize, it’s because she’s a lady.”  He switched, yay!Jeremy and Nick leave to find Santos.  Logan went to find Rachel and she was gone.  Clay and Elena are running after the others.  Logan and Nick go to the woods to find Rachel, leaving the others to deal with Santos and this other dude.  Marsten is the only one left.  Santos is surprised Marsten is still alive.

Hmm, Santos is surrounded.  Meanwhile Jeremy decided he would keep Marsten alive.  Clay gave Santos to Elena to kill, and she did.

The other dude disappeared.  That can’t be a good thing.  I think the dude took Rachel, I’m doubting his name is really James Williams.  Oh there he is, Jeremy knows who he is.  It can’t be Malcolm, but it is.  Jeremy’s father.  Malcolm wants Elena.  Jeremy says Malcolm will have to go through him (wouldn’t be the first time).  Yep, he took Rachel.  I kept thinking it was Malcolm, but it didn’t make sense.  Malcolm’s an ass.  Jeremy’s grandfather left him Stonehaven instead of Malcolm, because Malcolm’s an ass.  That guy looks too small to be Malcolm.

And who is the goofball beside Rachel?

Elena realizes that everything happened because she stopped tracking the mutts.  She went inside and put her wedding ring on too, and somebody is in her bed.  Oh it’s a head, Philip’s head.

Being Human Series Finale “There Goes the Neighborhood part III”

Being Human Series Finale “There Goes the Neighborhood part III”

So Josh is about to get killed by Aidan.  Sally yelled “Stop!”  She yells at Ramona and Josh, Nora, and Sally end up in the basement with Aidan trying to break the door down.  Sally is cooking up a plan, she said “what if he wasn’t a vampire?  I don’t know, Sally threw him against the wall when he came down.  Then she started speaking Latin, they are glowing (Sally and Aidan).  She made him human, gave him her soul or something.  She said her goodbyes and disappeared.  Then Ramona started shaking the house.  She said, “She was mine.  She was my favorite!”  And she threw a tantrum.  They got to leave the house though.

They went to Nora’s apartment.  They are devastated.  Josh is still holding out hope that she’ll come back.  Aidan doesn’t know what to do.  So they decided to feed him, actual food.  He’s human and he’s happy about it.  I find it hard to believe anyone would be jumping up and down to be human after being a vampire.  Aidan went to the trailer and got drunk by a fire, then cried about Sally.  And threw a tantrum, I’m seeing a pattern.  He fell asleep in the snow, more like passed out.  Hmm, I think his 257 years are catching up with him.

Somebody is fixing up the house, and Ramona showed up.  Carpenter is annoyed, he has no clue.  he follows her upstairs to her room.  “This isn’t in the plans,” he says before he dies.  She threw broken glass and stabbed his neck.  She thinks she’s sending a message to them.

Nora does some tests on Aidan, and he’s dying.  His body is shutting down.  Josh is going to be a cook.  Aidan just told Josh he’s dying, and he wants to spend the last of it with them celebrating the new baby.  Josh didn’t know she was pregnant, and Aidan just thought they weren’t telling him (he could smell extra blood and hear the heartbeat).

Um, Sally is sitting next to Aidan in a bar, oh he imagined it.  He found a new vampire he tried to help.  He asks him to turn him back into a vampire, that’s exactly what I would have done.  Josh is starting to freak out that he might hurt people and his job won’t be good enough for the baby, and he just killed nine people last week.

Josh decides to go find Aidan.  He finds the vampire on him and attacks, but Aidan stops him.  Aidan tells him he’s afraid to die, because it will be the end and then there will be nothing.  He’s still dying, and they hugged…aw.

Josh brings Aidan the paper, and he sees the murder at the house.  Josh and Aidan go back to the house.  Aidan doesn’t want Josh to go with him, because he has too much to live for.  Josh says he won’t let him do this alone.  They decide they need to be prepared, and Aidan says to drop him off and let him get some stuff and meet him at the house in an hour.  He goes to the house without Josh carrying two bags.  Aidan can hardly walk, getting old is a bitch especially when over two hundred years catches up to you all at once.  Ramona said Sally brought her back but Aidan fed her.  She’s killing Aidan, but she looks sick too.  Oh he’s dying like Sally did, falling down the stairs, landing just like she did.  He then lit the house on fire, he had poured gasoline on the floor before going upstairs to Ramona.

Josh and Nora drive up to what used to be the house, and see Aidan’s body carried on a gurney.  They go inside, and it’s unrecognizable.  Aidan shows up, as a ghost.  He got a door, Josh saw it first.  He tells Josh the last years were the best of his life.  Josh says they will have a ridiculous life in his honor.  He opens his door and walks into white crap, and Sally’s there waiting  for him.

Fast forward to Josh and Nora, they dream about them.  They are in the grass napping, and they have two children named Sally and Aidan.  They’re happy.

A Game of Thrones Book 1

I can not comment on the HBO Series, because I do not have HBO unfortunately.  I used to have HBO, and I miss it.  Let’s not discuss it, it saddens me.  A Game of Thrones is an awesome series of books.  I am reading the second one now, but I was hooked pretty early on in the book.  There are some really great characters in this book.  In this first book of the series, there are Walkers/the Others which are walking dead.  Not just you’re typical Walking Dead style zombie, no, these guys are fast and carry weapons.  They can only be killed with fire.  There is talk of giants, though you don’t “see” them in this book.  There are dragons that you get to see a tiny bit of in this book.  I get the feeling there will be a lot more critters as the series goes on.  They have dire wolves, which are apparently extinct, but basically they are very very large wolves.  This world is like a combination of Lord of the Rings and a Shakespearean tragedy.  George R.R. Martin has become famous for killing everyone’s favorite characters.  So far, in the first book, he only got one of my favs.

I love the way he writes, instead of chapters there are character names.  You get to experience what is going on with a certain character.  The characters that get voices in this book are:

Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark

The beginning has Ned at home with his wife and children at Winterfell.  We learn that Ned is a man of honor and integrity (except for the one time he had sex with a woman other than his wife and produced his son John).  He beheads a man for leaving the Night’s Watch (men who protect the wall that keeps the wild things like walkers out of the seven kingdoms).  We learn that he and his childhood friend Robert Baratheon, lead a revolt against the old King Ageon Targaryen to avenge Ned’s sister Lyanna, who was betrothed to Robert.  The now King Robert comes to Winterfell to visit Ned and asks him to be the King’s Hand because the old one died (which we find out later was murder).  Ned doesn’t want to go, but Caitlin insists.  He brought a ton of people, including his wife Cersei and her two brothers Jaimie Lannister (who actually killed the former King), and Tyrion Lannister (a dwarf, but the finest Lannister there is).  Ned’s son Bran sees Cersei and Jaime having sex (they’re twins, I know gross), so Jaime tries to kill him.  He drops him from high off the castle.  The boy lives, but is crippled.  Ned takes his two daughters south to where the king lives, where he finally discovers why the former Hand was killed…

Lady Caitlin Stark

Ned’s wife Caitlin is kind of annoying at times, she is very cruel to Ned’s son John Snow because he reminds her of his infidelity.  We see the story from Caitlin’s point of view.  She insisted that John be sent away when Ned went south, because she would not have him staying with her.  Ned sent him to the Night’s Watch, who do not marry and have no children.  It is a harsh life, and in turn she also gets a harsh life.  Her daughter becomes a prisoner, her son fights a war, and another is crippled.  She then learns that her father is dying.

Robb Stark

Robb is Ned and Caitlin’s oldest son, he is fourteen when the book starts and goes through many changes.  His mother leaves and he is forced to be Lord of Winterfell in his parents’ absence.  He is aided by his dire wolf, Grey Wind, who rips out the throats of Robb’s enemies in war.  Robb and John are close, and Robb is also close to his father’s ward Theon Greyjoy.

John Snow 

Robb and John are only months apart, his father went away to war right after he married Caitlin, who was actually supposed to marry his brother Brandon (he was killed).  As I said, Caitlin was horrible to him and when Bran was hurt when he fell (nobody knows it was Jaime Lannister that dropped him) she told John it should have been him.  Meanwhile John is like his father, very honorable.  He even tried to make Caitlin feel better, right before she said that to him.  I believe he was the one that found their dire wolves, their mother was dead and there were what he thought were 5 pups around her.  He told his father they represented the Stark household, one for each of his children.  They have a younger brother Rickon, so he was not including himself.  Then he heard a noise and found Ghost, the albino that the others wouldn’t accept.  John becomes a member of the Night’s Watch at the age of 15, and even faces one of the walkers and kills it.  Burned his hand in the process.

Sansa Stark

Sansa is also annoying, like her mother.  She is every bit a proper lady, which is what she named her dire wolf…Lady.  Unfortunately Lady is killed at the insistence of Queen Cersei after Arya’s wolf attacked Prince Joffrey (whom Sansa is betrothed to) because he was going to hurt Arya.  For ages Sansa blindly followed Joffrey, it was disgusting.  That ended because he ordered her father killed.  Then he started having her beaten, the little shit.  Joffrey really has absolutely no redeeming qualities.  Granted Sansa is only 11/12  years old, but she is annoying unlike her sister Arya.  She betrayed her father by going to the queen and telling her that Ned was having her and her sister sent home, she didn’t want to leave Joffrey (she lived to regret that decision in a big way).

Arya Stark

Arya is the shit, she is a tiny little spitfire that wields a sword.  Before John left for the NIght’s Watch, he gave Arya a small sword she named Needle.  She and John are closer than the others, they also look more like their father and each other than the others.  Sansa’s friends called Arya Horseface, but her father said she looked and acted a lot like his sister Lyanna who was beautiful.  She is 9 years old and her father eventually allows her to take fighting lessons with a master.  He teaches her well.  When the Queen looks to take Arya prisoner, but nobody could catch her.  One of the Night’s Watch eventually gets her out of the city, with intentions on bringing her home to Winterfell.  Her dire wolf was named Nymaria, and she sends her away so the Queen won’t kill her.  Arya poses as a boy, at first unintentionally, then Yoren the Night’s Watch member that rescued her cuts her hair off and tells her to pretend to be a boy to protect her.

Bran Stark

Bran is only 7/8 in this book.  He sees the Queen screwing her twin brother while he was climbing the castle walls, literally.  Jaime saw him, grabbed him from the window and then dropped him so he wouldn’t tell anyone what he saw (they were also talking about getting rid of his father and King Robert).  Bran didn’t name his wolf until after he woke from his fall.  He has strange dreams about talking Ravens, and eventually he seems to get into the head of his wolf that he eventually named Summer.  The raven in his dreams helped him wake up, and told him winter is coming.  When they talk of winter, it isn’t winter as we know it.  Winter doesn’t just mean snow, they had a 9 year summer.  Now winter is coming and it’s supposed to be very bad.  That’s when the walkers and other things come.  Winter isn’t in this book just yet, it’s building up to it.  Eventually his brother leaves for war, and Bran is left to manage Winterfell (with loads of servants) and his little brother Rickon (3/4).

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is a dwarf, with a great big personality.  He’s really funny and mouthy.  He’s also got more honor and integrity than all of his family members combined.  He is the brother of the Queen, and it seems most of his family is ashamed of him except for Jaime who loves him.  He arrives at Winterfell with his family and the King, and then he goes with the Night’s Watch and John Snow.  He and John Snow become friends.  Later he gets kidnapped by Caitlin Stark (someone told her he tried to kill Bran), who takes him to her sister in this castle in the sky.  He was put in this cell that had a slant to it and then dropped off to the sky.  He was afraid to go to sleep, poor guy.  He made friends though, or bought friends.  Eventually his father has him go to prevent Joffrey from screwing up everything so horribly.  Tyrion has his own plans…justice he said.

Daenery’s Targaryen

Danny is an amazing character.  She starts off as this timid 13 year old girl.  Her father and most of her family were murdered by Robert and his allies.  Her mother was pregnant with her when it happened, and her brother Viserys is 21.  He is a royal asshole.  He beats her and pinches her nipples really hard, and treats her like shit.  eventually he sells her to a Kahl, the ruler of his tribe in a desert country.  She marries him, thinking he was a huge brute who would be cruel to her.  He wasn’t, Drogo was awesome, she eventually called him her “sun and stars.”  He called her “the moon of my life.”  Drogo killed Viserys because of the way he treated Danny, he was insisting Drogo give him his crown.  So Drogo melted gold and dumped it on his head.  Eventually Drogo dies from injuries sustained in a battle, it was sad.  Danny becomes a very strong female character and she’s only 14 by the end of the book.  You can’t help but love Danny.