Being Human “House Haunting”

Being Human “House Haunting” Second to last episode of the series

Aidan is still trying to convince Kenny to leave, not knowing Kenny knows the truth.  Kenny is saying he wants revenge.  He’s borrowing a van from Kenny to move out of the house.  When he gets home, the other three are standing with Ramona.  She doesn’t want them to leave.  Sally wants to help her.  Josh doesn’t trust her, says something is wrong with her.  Aidan promises to help Ramona and refuses to leave Sally behind.  When Sally goes to tell Ramona, she’s gone.

Josh is moving to Nora’s apartment.  Aidan still isn’t sure where he’s going.  He’s thinking of going to the trailer.  Aida is asking Sally to move in with him, or haunt him.  Ramona is officially insane, she just keeps repeating “What about me?”

They are fighting over who gets what.  The doorbell rings and Ramona’s sister shows up.  She says she needs to warn them.  She says her parents weren’t good people, they were in a cult.  They worshiped a demon.  He would reveal all the mysteries of the earth with a sacrifice.  They wouldn’t accept Ramona, kept her locked up and her sister gave her a name.  One day she went upstairs and she was gone, they said they gave her a way, but they really sacrificed her.  Bea can see her.  Ramona said “you let me die.”  Ramona killed her sister, nice.

They tried to run out of the house and end up locked in a room of the house.  Henry shows up with Aidan, but he’s a ghost.  Sally ends up with Kat?  Josh ends up with ex-fiance Julia.  Nora ends up with Emily?  Clearly it’s all Ramona, Emily isn’t dead.  Emily is trying to get Nora to leave Josh, Henry is trying to convince Aidan to kill himself, Kat is trying to get Sally away from Aidan, and Julia is trying to convince Josh to kill himself.  Ramona is a talented little shit, a psychopath, but a talented psychopath.

Ramona planted stuff in Josh’s diary to upset Nora.  Kat is saying Aidan doesn’t love her and she needs to leave, and Sally says “Why are you doing this Ramona?   Ramona says she isn’t a ghost.  Ramona says she’s not just in the house, she is the house.  Aidan is crying, and seems to be thinking about killing himself.  Henry/Ramona gave him a stake.  Julia/Ramona says Josh destroys everything he touches and gives him a silver knife.  Josh says Nora is his destiny and it breaks apart.  Nora decides to stand by Josh, oh she’s pregnant.  Ramona feeds of the dead somehow and says if they won’t stay she will “take blood where she can get it.”

Henry tells Aidan the only way he can be with Sally is to kill himself.  He picks up the stake, points it at his heard.  Then Sally shows up to help Nora, she tells her Emily is not here.  Sally goes to find Aidan and Nora goes to find Josh.  Sally tries to talk Aidan out of killing himself, and he drops the stake.  Josh is on the floor of the kitchen, when he wakes up he sees Nora with her throat slit and the knife that Julia gave him.  He picks up the knife to kill himself and then hears Nora.  He thought she was a ghost at first.  They run out holding on to one another and end up in Ramona’s room.  “Ramona is not a ghost, she is the evil of this house personified.”  She lets Kenny in, and let Aidan out to talk to him, but walled up Josh.

Kenny tells him he knows.  Kenny is going to try and kill him.  Aidan is getting his ass kicked by a 17 year old vampire, seriously?  Oh the stake accidently went into Kenny.  He said “Sally’s gone,” then “This is all Josh’s fault.”  Now she’s letting the rest of them out.  He can’t see Sally, this is the future she saw when she went forward too far.  Aidan is trying to break Josh’s neck.

There are no pictures yet, so I’ll add them tomorrow.


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