Bitten “Caged”

On Demand had an issue, but I finally got to see this episode.

After the mutts took Clay, Jeremy and Nick showed up just as she was about to drive off.  She was ordered not to go after the mutts.  They have to drug Clay just to keep him contained.  Everybody is terrified of Clay.  Santos calls Elena to make her meet them, as he’s torturing Clay with electrocution.  Karl Marsten does not like taking Clay, he knows it is a direct attack against the pack, and he’ll never get the land he wants that way.  He also doesn’t understand the sudden interest in Elena.

Logan shows up with Rachel, Logan is wounded.  Nick tries to reassure Rachel about everything, while Jeremy and Elena try to save his life.  Marsten and Santos fight about Clay.  Elena just promised Philip’s sister that she would come to the hospital as soon as she could.  She tries to sneak away, so Jeremy locks her up to keep her safe.  Logan wakes up  with Rachel by his side.  Logan told Rachel that when he’s better they’d go far away.

Marsten stops Santos from hitting Clay, telling  him he’s getting carried away.  Santos is under the illusion that he and Elena are going to breed perfect werewolves together.  Logan thanks Jeremy for saving his life and apologizes for not being there for him.  Jeremy gave him a speech on keeping his son safe in the pack.  Elena is trying to bust out of the cage, and Rachel hears her.  She follows the sound, oh this is bad.  Logan stopped her from going into the basement.   He just tells her it’s old pipes.  She disagrees, and he tells her some things you can’t un-see.

Logan lets    Elena out, Jeremy is going to sacrifice himself to get Clay back.  Elena warns Santos about Jeremy and has him meet her somewhere else.  She grabs him by the throat when he shows her a video of Clay being tortured.  Idiot is still worried about Philip.  Olsen went to finish him off, let’s hope he succeeds.  Must be low budget, that hospital room wall looks like their bedroom.

Marsten tries to help Clay a little, and Clay tells him he could switch sides.  Philip realizes that the dogs on the video are Elena, not sure if she realizes it’s Logan too, I’m sure it won’t take long.  Elena went to Toronto and grabbed Olson to find out where Clay is.  Why would Olson go to his apartment knowing that he’s in the hospital?  Makes no sense.  Jeremy has realized there is someone else in control other than Santos.

Someone comes into the apartment, it’s Philip.  He is afraid of her.  He notices the blood on her hands and he walks out.  He needs to die now, in the book he thought he was hallucinating.  Olson tells her what she wanted to know, and then she killed him.  He deserved that, and much worse.

Elena finds the barn where Clay is being kept and she whacks Santos in the head with a big stick, or maybe it’s a metal pole.  She knocks him out and I’m not sure what she did to Marsten, but he got knocked out too.  She runs in and finds Clay hanging from the rafters, and gets him down.  LeBlanc she distracted by planting her jacket somewhere.  She and Clay got away.

Jeremy tells her that they are sanitizing Philip’s apartment.  She is whining about not wanting to kill people.  Then Jeremy tells her that when she was first brought to Stonehaven she saw him change and so he was going to kill her.  She says she didn’t see anything, but he didn’t know that.  So Clay saved her life by biting her.  And now it’s hitting her that she’s an ass.  “Clay has been the most trustworthy person you’ve ever known,” Jeremy said.  She goes and crawls into bed with Clay and wraps her arms around him.


Marsten says the just opened up a hornets nest, and Santos gets a call from that James Williams dude saying they need to storm the castle.


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