Being Human Series Finale “There Goes the Neighborhood part III”

Being Human Series Finale “There Goes the Neighborhood part III”

So Josh is about to get killed by Aidan.  Sally yelled “Stop!”  She yells at Ramona and Josh, Nora, and Sally end up in the basement with Aidan trying to break the door down.  Sally is cooking up a plan, she said “what if he wasn’t a vampire?  I don’t know, Sally threw him against the wall when he came down.  Then she started speaking Latin, they are glowing (Sally and Aidan).  She made him human, gave him her soul or something.  She said her goodbyes and disappeared.  Then Ramona started shaking the house.  She said, “She was mine.  She was my favorite!”  And she threw a tantrum.  They got to leave the house though.

They went to Nora’s apartment.  They are devastated.  Josh is still holding out hope that she’ll come back.  Aidan doesn’t know what to do.  So they decided to feed him, actual food.  He’s human and he’s happy about it.  I find it hard to believe anyone would be jumping up and down to be human after being a vampire.  Aidan went to the trailer and got drunk by a fire, then cried about Sally.  And threw a tantrum, I’m seeing a pattern.  He fell asleep in the snow, more like passed out.  Hmm, I think his 257 years are catching up with him.

Somebody is fixing up the house, and Ramona showed up.  Carpenter is annoyed, he has no clue.  he follows her upstairs to her room.  “This isn’t in the plans,” he says before he dies.  She threw broken glass and stabbed his neck.  She thinks she’s sending a message to them.

Nora does some tests on Aidan, and he’s dying.  His body is shutting down.  Josh is going to be a cook.  Aidan just told Josh he’s dying, and he wants to spend the last of it with them celebrating the new baby.  Josh didn’t know she was pregnant, and Aidan just thought they weren’t telling him (he could smell extra blood and hear the heartbeat).

Um, Sally is sitting next to Aidan in a bar, oh he imagined it.  He found a new vampire he tried to help.  He asks him to turn him back into a vampire, that’s exactly what I would have done.  Josh is starting to freak out that he might hurt people and his job won’t be good enough for the baby, and he just killed nine people last week.

Josh decides to go find Aidan.  He finds the vampire on him and attacks, but Aidan stops him.  Aidan tells him he’s afraid to die, because it will be the end and then there will be nothing.  He’s still dying, and they hugged…aw.

Josh brings Aidan the paper, and he sees the murder at the house.  Josh and Aidan go back to the house.  Aidan doesn’t want Josh to go with him, because he has too much to live for.  Josh says he won’t let him do this alone.  They decide they need to be prepared, and Aidan says to drop him off and let him get some stuff and meet him at the house in an hour.  He goes to the house without Josh carrying two bags.  Aidan can hardly walk, getting old is a bitch especially when over two hundred years catches up to you all at once.  Ramona said Sally brought her back but Aidan fed her.  She’s killing Aidan, but she looks sick too.  Oh he’s dying like Sally did, falling down the stairs, landing just like she did.  He then lit the house on fire, he had poured gasoline on the floor before going upstairs to Ramona.

Josh and Nora drive up to what used to be the house, and see Aidan’s body carried on a gurney.  They go inside, and it’s unrecognizable.  Aidan shows up, as a ghost.  He got a door, Josh saw it first.  He tells Josh the last years were the best of his life.  Josh says they will have a ridiculous life in his honor.  He opens his door and walks into white crap, and Sally’s there waiting  for him.

Fast forward to Josh and Nora, they dream about them.  They are in the grass napping, and they have two children named Sally and Aidan.  They’re happy.


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