Bitten “Ready” Season Finale

Bitten Season Finale “Ready”

Elena told Clay that she knew everything, why he bit her and that he didn’t tell her because she needed to trust Jeremy to survive.  Then she put his wedding ring back on.  They don’t explain it much in the series, but Clay had spent so much time as a wolf that he became wolf-like in personality.  He never dated anyone and when he met Elena, she was his mate and that was it.  To Clay, a wedding is just a technicality, he feels they are already married and he would never be with anyone else.

That James Williams guy is telling Santos they strike now, and everything is almost in place.  Jeremy and Nick are getting things ready in case they need to torch Stonehaven.  He says there are too many secrets that he doesn’t want anyone getting a hold of, mutts or humans.

Elena told Jeremy that Clay protected everyone but himself and from now on she would protect him from everyone including Jeremy.  That’s good because the mutts are coming.  Logan left Rachel in a hotel room, he said he was going to get pizza, but he had a weird look like he was going to do something else.  Santos is taking his two remaining guys to storm Stonehaven.

Elena planted her phone in Santos car to track his movements, and they were heading to Stonehaven.  Jeremy say they will win at Stonehaven or they will die there, they are stronger together.  While they are waiting for the mutts, They rig the house.  Jeremy tells Nick about his mother.  He had sent someone to find out where she is, but Jeremy said he didn’t have to do that, he knew where she was.

Elena and Clay were coming down the stairs and he collapsed, then there was a knock at the door.  It was Logan, I knew he’d help.  Rachel left the hotel room to look for snacks, that can’t be good.  Logan said he can’t abide by pack rules, but he came back because this is his family and no one else is going to die.  Then the GPS says the car arrived.  Oh shit, they have Rachel tied and gagged, a werewolf chasing her.  Jeremy threw an ax at it and killed it.  Logan got Rachel inside and took her upstairs to hide her.  The others waited for the mutts.

Logan puts Rachel in a hiding spot in Elena’s room and tells Rachel he’s going to kill them.  Santos says the others should be inside, so he tries to send Marsten and LeBlanc to do his dirty work while he waits outside.  Marsten says,  “Don’t worry, you’re going to get everything that’s coming to you,” as he shakes Santos hand.  This is probably where he’ll turn on them.  Marsten switched sides in the book, and he better do so in this show too.  I like him.  The mutts threw a gas bomb into the house, and they ran in.  And another, they’re jumping through the windows, but they  have traps set.  That guy Boggs that tried to fight Jeremy joined he mutts.  Jeremy is fighting someone in a bath tub, that was interesting.  A good clean fight I guess.

Everybody was kung fu fighting.  Nick is fighting in Elena’s room and giving Rachel a show.  Finally Marsten and LeBlanc finally joined the party.

Aw, Nick checked on Rachel.  She said she’s so scared that her heart is going to explode.  He promised to come back for her if she promised to stay put.  James Williams shows up and asks why Santos isn’t in the house fighting.  He’s a complete coward, that’s why.  James says he’s going to show Santos some of the secrets of the house that’s about to be his.  Who is this guy?  While Elena is killing a guy, LeBlanc tries to kill her.  Marsten stops him.  He said he could because she’s some kind of prize.  Marsten said, “It’s not because she’s a prize, it’s because she’s a lady.”  He switched, yay!Jeremy and Nick leave to find Santos.  Logan went to find Rachel and she was gone.  Clay and Elena are running after the others.  Logan and Nick go to the woods to find Rachel, leaving the others to deal with Santos and this other dude.  Marsten is the only one left.  Santos is surprised Marsten is still alive.

Hmm, Santos is surrounded.  Meanwhile Jeremy decided he would keep Marsten alive.  Clay gave Santos to Elena to kill, and she did.

The other dude disappeared.  That can’t be a good thing.  I think the dude took Rachel, I’m doubting his name is really James Williams.  Oh there he is, Jeremy knows who he is.  It can’t be Malcolm, but it is.  Jeremy’s father.  Malcolm wants Elena.  Jeremy says Malcolm will have to go through him (wouldn’t be the first time).  Yep, he took Rachel.  I kept thinking it was Malcolm, but it didn’t make sense.  Malcolm’s an ass.  Jeremy’s grandfather left him Stonehaven instead of Malcolm, because Malcolm’s an ass.  That guy looks too small to be Malcolm.

And who is the goofball beside Rachel?

Elena realizes that everything happened because she stopped tracking the mutts.  She went inside and put her wedding ring on too, and somebody is in her bed.  Oh it’s a head, Philip’s head.


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