The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison (book 11)

The Undead Pool is book 11 in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.  Unfortunately we just learned that it will only be a 12 book series, so this is the next to the last book in the series.  *cry*  Rachel Marianna Morgan finally admitted that she really likes Trent, the cookie maker.  After saving his butt again and the tiny butt of his toddler, she was expecting him to marry his daughter’s mother.  However, Trent had other ideas.  Yes, finally Trent and Rachael got together.  The billionaire elf and the demon that dresses more like a hooker.  The relationship costs them both.

Now for the plot.  All the master vampires in the city are put to sleep.  What does that mean?  The undead are unsupervised.  They have to shut down the roads, and there is a ton of chaos.  Rachel seems to be the center of it.  Some kind of energy keeps hitting people, and seems to be looking for her.  They find out that it’s coming from the ley line that she made.  However, when she looks at it, nothing is wrong with her line.

Then things get really crazy.  The dead walk, not vampires, just dead people.  There are tiny little specs of wild magick that is looking for her, and it turns out to be pieces of the elf goddess.  There are religious elves that are friends of Trent’s, they get mixed up in it.  One ends up on the roof of a building threatening to kill everyone.  Naturally it’s something only Trent and Rachel can deal with.  In the mean time, the vampires are going insane and killing everybody.

Hmm, I can’t give the rest away.  Let’s see, there are high speed chases.  The werewolves and vampires work together with Rachel to try to stop this.  Jinx kids are moving out, but the ones that remain seem to want to work with him and Rachel.  Some of the pieces of the goddess change to become part of Rachel.  Now not only does the goddess want her dead, but so do the demons.  She made an agreement with Newt (who also had done something similar with the goddess), to keep Al from killing her.  😦  I love Al, it was so sad.  He thinks she is insane, because he says there is no goddess.  Newt knows she’s real, which might be why she is crazy.  The demons are pissed about Rachel and Trent being together, obviously.  She is the only female demon capable of producing demon children.  So she dates an elf.  Poor Al.

If you’ve never read this series, go find the first book!  It’s an awesome series!  Dead Witch Walking is the first book in the series.


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