Devil Monkey Cryptid


This is one I hadn’t heard of before.  The Appalachian area is filled with cryptids in the less populated areas apparently.  This one is called the “Devil Monkey.”  It is a 5 to 7 foot tall baboon-like creature.  Baboons are notoriously aggressive and apparently so is this American version.  I saw on Monsters and Mysteries in America the story of a man who’s parents encountered one on a night drive.  It attacked the car and tried to come in through the passenger side window.  Another story was told by a woman and her husband.  They smelled something fowl, so she went to the window and one of these things attacked the window.  She thought it was coming through and grabbed her children and ran into the bathroom where her husband was taking a bath.  She was so scared she forgot about her youngest child left out in the living room.  She was fine though.  The husband worked with a man who said he saw a monkey drinking by a stream, apparently it was the baby version of this thing.


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