“Shadow Creature of Braxton County” – Mountain Monsters

“Shadow Creature of Braxton County”

Mountain Monsters





A creature with an exoskeleton, stands 6 to 8 feet tall, and is nocturnal.  It moves very fast and quietly.  They think it can leap long distances.  They seem to think it’s an alien.  The team picks up something on the thermal on their first night, something very tall.  There is blood all over the place where they see the thing on the thermal. It seemed to have jumped off a 60 foot ledge and then roared at them.

The next day Wild Bill decided to come super early to wait for Willy because he’s always late.  He was cooking some “vittles” and set his pan on fire.  He’s always entertaining.  Then they start building a trap using rope and trees to snag the creature and whip it off the ground…sort of like a cartoon.  While looking for trees, Willy and Wild Bill find a hole in some rocks where they think it might be living.  As they’re in there something seems to throw a small tree right in front of them.  They jump out to see what it was, but couldn’t see anything.

They talk to a very reluctant eyewitness with a shotgun.  It took some coaxing to get the man to not shoot them.  He gives them a digital memory card with some pictures of the creature on it.  The pictures are blurry because it’s moving fast, but it kind of looks like that thing from Aliens.

This time they have cameras set up at the trap.  As Willy and Wild Bill repel down the side of the cliff, Willy falls.  They had been hearing sounds all around them, so not the best time to fall off a cliff…if there is such a thing.  He fell 10 – 15 feet.  He got back up and kept going though.  They find a cavern, as Willy is coming out of the cavern (he jumped in to see if it was in there) he sees it.  They chase it toward Trapper and the others, but it disappears.  He said the exoskeleton was like a scorpion.  Jeff finds him with the thermal near the trap.  They find a foot print err paw print I guess and track it.  When they get to the trap, the trap has not gone off but the deer they used as bait is gone.  It ripped through the little tent they had to hide the trap.  One of the cameras pics up an image of a tall dark figure going to the trap.


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