The Bear Beast

The Bear Beast

Mountain Monsters


Wild Bill leads the search for a critter known as The Bear Beast.  Something is mutilating bears where Bill hunts, so they are tracking it down.   It has the body of a giant shaggy bear and the head of a canine.  First they meet with three eyewitnesses.  They say this creature has killed about 19 bears in the area.  Wild Bill claims they are going to stop this creature, meanwhile I don’t think they have ever caught one of these creatures they chase.  They see them, but can’t catch them.  During the night investigation Jeff sees something on his thermal.  Bill takes off alone to shoot it, Huckleberry went after him.  Trapper said he ruined the investigation.  He considered throwing him off the team, but decided to let him stay as long as he behaved himself.

One of the witnesses had a picture of it, and it had pointy ears.  It seems like it’s some kind of giant wolf with a very thick muscular body.  The body does indeed look like a bear, but bears don’t have pointy ears.

They see another eyewitness that had video footage,  as well as a foot print with his own foot inside the paw print for comparison.  As they said it looked like a “dinosaur print.”  On the video it doesn’t look like it has a long tail either, which is odd.  The paw print also looked like a bear print.  It looks like it has six claws on the print.  That is neither bear nor wolf.  Since Wild Bill was involved in the investigation, which left Willy to build the trap by himself.  I think this was the best trap yet.  It was a metal cylinder with a metal gate welded on to both sides with one side used as the trap.  However, I’m not certain it can fit into that cylinder based on the size of that paw print.  They used bear innards as bait.  Somehow I think if they did shoot it, it would just piss it off.

While hunting the creature, they find the claws of a bear cub and realize that the creature tore it apart.  Oh wow, Willy just fell through the ground.  This thing kills 500 pound bears, a human would be a light snack.  Oh Jeff followed Willy and fell into the hole.  It seems to be the creatures den.  The creature, meanwhile, is headed toward the trap.  Jeff gets him on thermal and they all rush after him.  He’s across a stream, but the water is too deep and Willy gets caught in the tide and carried away.  Willy is having a bad night, though he seems to get hurt a lot.

Bill rescues Willy from the stream and they end up on the other side of the stream, separated from the team.  So they drive one of their little vehicles through the stream.  They hear a metal clank which sounds like the trap went down, but it didn’t.  Jeff gets the creature on thermal walking back across the stream.  He circled around them and charged, and they shot at it.  They find blood and tracks.  They find bubbles indicating that they hit it in the lungs.  They think it went into the stream.  They never find it.


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