“The Cherokee Death Cat” on Mountain Monsters

The Cherokee Death Cat

Mountain Monsters

This episode takes place in Cherokee County, North Carolina.  The first witness they visit has a huge cat print on his property.  The creature had ripped some of his cattle to shreds.  It didn’t eat the cattle, just shredded it.  Buck takes this one personally because his grandmother is Cherokee.  On the night of their first investigation Buck takes off after the creature and leaves the others behind.  He sees it, but didn’t get it.  It would be nice if he had taken a camera with him so he could film it.  They really don’t need to capture them physically, just on video or even a photo.

Buck helps Willy and Wild Bill build the trap.  Then they visit a guy that caught a picture of it on one of those hunting cameras.  His horse was killed by the creature.  It bit a horses snout off and it’s leg.  The picture is very strange.  It’s a huge shaggy cat.  I do not know if that trap is going to hold it.  Buck meets back with Trapper, Huck, and Jeff for the next eye witness interview.  It went into the man’s barn and killed his sheep.  He set up a camera and got a fuzzy picture of it.  Oh shit, that isn’t fuzzy, the cat is just that long.  It looks like the fur of a wolf to me, but it’s hard to tell in a picture.

Buck brought bait and made Trapper put it in this time, and Buck peed on the bait to give it a human scent as well.  And Trapper wiped it all over his face, ew.  He’s been known to get animal shit all over himself and it didn’t bother him.   On their way into an old barn, they find a giant cat print in the ground.  They find a goat leg inside the barn, freshly ripped off.  They find blood dripping from the loft of the barn.  They chase it to the roof of another barn, it jumps off and stays one step ahead of them.  It double backed to the first barn and snatched up the goat it killed and took off.  It went past the trap, but Buck set up a camera and got a really good picture of it.  It does look like an African lion, a female because it doesn’t have a mane.  It could be that this breed of cat doesn’t have a mane like it’s African cousin.  Buck got a better picture than any of the other witnesses.  They got prints, photos, and thermal images of it.  A good episode.



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