“The Cave Creature” Mountain Monsters

The Cave Creature

Mountain Monsters

Greenbrier County, West Virginia

cave creature photo

Photo caught by the second eyewitness


The Cave Creature is a huge humanoid creature that is hunched over with red eyes, no hair, and pointy teeth.  That’s one handsome critter.  The earliest sighting was in the 1800’s, and there is a Native American legend about ghosts involving the creature.  They speak to their first eyewitness.  He decided to look in the caves by himself, because he had heard rumors about something living there.  He saw the creature which he described as “human like but not quite human.”  He said the arms were really long and the hands were really big.  They do their night investigation there. They hear a noise right where the eyewitness had seen the creature.  The cave gets narrow and Huck and Trapper go on while Buck and Jeff wait behind.  They hear a loud noise, but can’t tell where it’s coming from.  They find piles of bones.  Wow, they find scratch marks high up on the rocks.  It can climb.  They decide that he’s moved on, because all the bones are old.  Thus ends the first night investigation.

They discuss the trap with Willy and Bill.  Trapper thinks they need multiple traps.  It’s in a large cave system and will be difficult to find.  Oh my, in order to test the cable that is to loop around the creatures’ leg and trap him, Bill goes chasing cows with the cable.  After Bill ran himself out, they decided to use Bill to test the cable.  It was successful.

Meanwhile, the other boys talk to another eyewitness.  This guy got some pictures. He had put the camera out hoping to find deer, and ended up with pictures of the creature.  Wow it is really strange looking.  He also heard it make a noise, like a sighing sound coming from a nearby cave.  He shows the AIM team the cave. That’s where Willy and Bill set the traps.  Oh yuck, they use a handkerchief to mark where the traps end, and Willy blows his nose in it first.  Gag.

Meanwhile, the others talk to the next eyewitness.  He was checking his snares and heard the creature.  There is a cave nearby, which he shoes the men.  This guy recorded the sound it was making.  It was a growling roar type thing.


Willy and Bill set up 40 snare traps.  They make torches to carry through the caves to lead the creature toward the snare traps.  Buck stays at the north entrance, where the traps are set, in case the creature slips by the traps.  He is supposed to chase him back in the cave in that case.  The torches are going to drive the poor critter mad, it’s used to darkness.  The torches in the caves go out, probably not enough oxygen, good thing they brought flashlights.  Oh and Buck hears growling at the mouth of the North entrance of the cave.  Meanwhile inside the cave, the guys are hearing things too.  They find a wolf skull placed on a rock. One of the snares was messed with, but not set off.  Trapper thinks the thing is smart and leading them into a trap.  Jeff gets something on the Flir in front of them.  Willy goes behind a rock, lays down on the rock, and gets dragged away.  The creature had his leg, but let him go.  He went flying backwards.  He got away, but they are seeing that the creature is avoiding the snares.  “I’m nervous as a prostitute in church.”  That has to be the quote of the day, these guys crack me up.

Naturally the creature can see as well in the dark as we can in the daylight.  Its natural habitat is a pitch black cave where the sun never shines.  It can see the traps better than they can.  They are assuming there is only one of these things, which is unlikely.  They said they were seeing him everywhere.  They did get him on camera for a second.  Not one trap was set off.



Game of Thrones (book and tv show) *Spoiler Alert*

Game of Thrones



Well, well, this is interesting.  I’ve heard a lot about the theory that John Snow was not really Ned Stark’s son, but his sister Lyanna and Rheagar Targaryen.  Her dying in childbirth would make sense.  There have been a lot of hints, at least in the books, about a huge secret between Ned and his sister before she died.  We know he made her a promise, but not what it was.  Arya flipped when someone suggested Jon’s mother was a fisherman’s daughter, which was probably a cover story for both the fisherman’s daughter and Ned.  Here is what he said:

“I’ve definitely got some unfinished business that needs to be resolved there. I’m obviously not Jon Snow’s dad. And you need that to be revealed at some point, don’t you? So Bran would kind of be the one having the flashback, and he would see Ned praying, right? And revealing those things? You never know what those guys are going to do with that. It’s got to be something special. But I’m into that. I certainly would be into that.”

So the cat is out of the bag, Ned Stark is not John Snow’s father!

“The Snallygaster” on Mountain Monsters

The Snallygaster

Mountain Monsters

This episode was in Preston County, West Virginia.  They say it is like a dragon, but it looks more like a Pterodactyl (okay, they call them Pterosaurs now, but when I was a kid it was a Pteradactyl).  I have seen so many shows with various eye witnesses that have seen creatures like this but call it different things.  One called it the Jersey Devil, another the thunderbird.  They are seen in other countries as well, there was an episode of Destination Truth that featured one of these creatures in a village somewhere in Africa if I’m not mistaken.  I’ve seen a lot of Destination Truth episodes, so I can’t remember exactly, they went everywhere.  In the Destination Truth episode, the creature had plucked a 6 foot man off the ground and flew up to a tree to eat him.

According to the Mountain Monsters team, this one was first sighted in the mid-1700’s by in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania (where I live).  They called it Schneller Geist which meant “Quick Sprit” according to Jeff.  The first eyewitness they see traps coyotes.  He heard it and then saw it take off with a coyote and the trap, it had about a 20 foot wing span…that’s a big critter.  That is where they do their first night investigation, where that man saw the thing.  During their investigation, they hear two packs of coyote together howling, which was strange.  Buck finds the trap the Snallygaster took from the eyewitness.  Then they realize they are being hunted by the Snallygaser and jump in a ditch of some kind with trees over it.

Hahaha, they showed their graphic picture of a Snallygaster and my 8 year old daughter said “a Pterodactyl” immediately.  Willy and Wild Bill are going to build a box trap that is supposed to catch it out of mid air after it runs into a tripwire.  A second eyewitness had his dog attacked and killed by the Snallygaster, though he didn’t see it.  He did set up cameras and got two pictures.  It’s a huge creature with wings spread wide.

They go to interview a third eyewitness.  He’s a farmer, and Snallygasters have been to his farm.  Oh the Snallygaster was fighting a pack of coyotes on his farm.  He realized why when he found an egg, apparently the coyotes were eating the Snallygasters egg.  I’m not sure why they are surprised, there is probably a very small population.  There can’t be only one.  It’s a big egg.

Oh Wild Bill and Willy can’t get their box up, even with a truck.  They had to tie vehicles together to get the box off the ground.  Then the tree broke.  Lol, they decided to do the cartoon hold the box up with a stick and put bait in there kind of thing.  On their second night investigation they here a lot of commotion and see a couple sets of eyes.  Trapper finds a huge nest on the ground, with a deer leg in it.  Then it came home.  They had to run and get in their little vehicle.  They drive to a house to try and take cover.  They attack the little cabin and a small bird that was nesting in there starts going nuts.  Wow, it came through a window that Buck had barred with a big piece of furniture, it knocked down the big furniture and Buck.  They are ripping the roof apart, so the guys decide to make a run for it back to the vehicle.  The make it, and the Snallygasters are chasing them.  Once they got most of the way down the mountain, the Snallygasters stop chasing them.  They decide to abandon the hunt before they get killed.