The Walking Dead “Four Walls and a Roof”

The Walking Dead “Four Walls and a Roof”

Bob's joke

Well that was interesting.  Poor Bob, talk about a bad day.  First he gets bit, then he has his leg eaten by psychos.  At least he got to die with his family.  In the end, Bob turned out to be a pretty cool guy.  Even as he was dying, thanking Rick for taking him in and everything.  I love when he started laughing at the Terminites.  I would have liked to have seen what would have happened to them after eating Bob.  They definitely needed to die though.  It left me a bit confused.   I thought Terminus had been taken over and they were imprisoned in the train car.  How did they escape?  Or was it really nothing more than a flashback?

Well we discovered the priests big secret.  Personally I was disappointed.  I thought, if he wasn’t in league with someone else, that his secret would have been bigger.  I suppose not bothering to open the door to those desperately seeking refuge is pretty bad, but still it’s more of a passive thing than directly doing something.  However, he’s completely worthless unless he can learn to fight and kill (at least the zombies).

I think splitting up was an insanely bad idea.  Meanwhile, they’re finally about to get Beth back (hopefully) and Maggie takes off with Abe.  I guess this is how Glenn dies.  No wonder, there really aren’t that many of them.  Abraham seems to be the only one in his group that can fight well.  I thought Rosita might be able to fight, but so far I see no evidence of this.  When the Terminites came into the church, there were as many of them left behind that they should have been able to take them.  Eugene can’t fight, the priest is useless, Rosita had a gun, Tyreese was there, but I think Carl was really the most capable.  Tyreese seems to be doing a lot better now, even if he feels his personality has died.  There is just no way you can survive without being willing to kill those who wan to kill you (and in this case, eat you).

So the big question is, what the hell happened to Carol that she was hiding in the bushes?  Did they find where Beth was being held?  That was a strange ending.  I can’t wait until Sunday to find out.  It looks like Beth is being held in a mental institution.  You have to wonder what those people are up to and why they are kidnapping people and putting them in some kind of institution.  This should be interesting.


The Walking Dead “Strangers”


Okay, I’m really late with The Walking Dead.  My daughter has had issues sleeping, it took me awhile to get caught up.  I am starting a new way of writing these things, no doubt if you’re reading this, you’re a fan of the show and have seen the episode.  I don’t think regurgitating what happened on the show is productive.  So I’ll just share my thoughts, and hopefully you will share your thoughts.  Now that the gang is all back together, and it’s all lovey forgiving each other for stupid shit last season, this really worthless priest shows up.  He is a huge liability and there is definitely something wrong with him.  Either he is in league with the people from Terminus, the people that kidnapped Beth, or something like that.  How has this guy survived without having to take down any zombies?  Unless he was with some other people who have kept him alive.  Then there was this…

The car that kidnapped Beth

You have to wonder what is going on with this priest, he just looks guilty of something.  I wouldn’t leave him with my kid either.  Then Daryl recognizes the car that kidnapped Beth driving down the road.  Ironic that Daryl and Carol are the ones going after her.  I heard someone (producer or writer on the show) saying Daryl wasn’t too worried about finding her, but how could he possibly find her?  He did follow the car as far as he could, but a guy can’t run after a car.  I think he had done all he could do.  Now that he gets a lead on where she might be, he was chasing after it to try and find her.

Rick and Judith

Rick has just become this kick ass character!  I love how he is now.  It seems like Laurie was holding him back (and thank the writers that she is dead), and then Hershel was holding him back.  Now that they are both gone, he has reached his awesomeness and become one of my favorite characters.  I love that he’s teaching Carl to be a critical thinker.  After he had that little talk with him, Carl goes and investigates the priest (or at least the church) a little bit.  “You will burn for this” it said on the outside wall.  What exactly did that priest do to that woman that scared the crap out of him?


What was up with Bob?  I have seen a lot of theories about Bob on different sites.  Some speculate that Bob’s previous group was at Terminus.  Based on the ending, that is a definite possibility with that “cosmic justice” statement.  Poor Bob, eaten by the Terminites.  Then again, what was Bob crying about before he was barbecued?   My guess is that he was bitten by that aquazombie.  He and Sasha really just got together, and he was telling Rick he knew he would end up agreeing to go to D.C.  He had been pretty happy before they went to that food bank.

Abe’s big speech

It wasn’t surprising that Rick agreed to go, what else have they got to do?  Didn’t they notice that Daryl and Carol were missing?  Apparently not.  It’s a bit strange that nobody noticed.  I just hope they wait for them to get back before they run off to D.C.  What I don’t understand is why don’t they just take over the base where Eugene and Abraham must have worked.  Eugene could start working on the cure, and then they could worry about going to D.C.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens next.

American Horror Story: Freak Show “Gods and Monsters” Episode 3

American Horror Story: Freak Show “Gods and Monsters” Episode 3

Dot and Bette

Well the show is definitely getting more interesting.  I still am not into the Siamese twins characters Dot and Bette.  They should be very interesting, considering they have two heads.  However, the character remains pretty boring.  Nothing against Sarah Paulston, I just don’t like those characters.  What do you think?  The other characters are becoming more interesting.  I love Ethyl Darling, she is an awesome character.   Her son Jimmy Darling is a good character too.  Dell is starting to become interesting as we learn more about him, and I can’t imagine all the secrets “triple tits” (as Ethyl calls her) is hiding.

Dell and Ethyl

I really hope they find some way to save Ethyl from liver sclerosis.  Though I suppose since they change the theme of the show each season, she’ll probably die at the end of the season.  Kathy Bates does an amazing job playing this character.   Dell seems to be a gay man, but doesn’t want to admit it.  First we see his wife (a hermaphrodite) having sex with a gay man to try and help him become straight.  He wanted to have a wife and children, but he wasn’t able to…finish the job.  Dell tells Elsa that he is very happy with his wife’s extra bits.  He is very aggressive, seemingly trying to prove that he is a man.  Then this week we find out that he can’t get it up even with a hermaphrodite.


Emma Roberts is scheming with some guy to get the bodies of the severely deformed, or freaks as they call them.  They can make a great deal of money off of them by selling them to a museum.  I’m sure if you’re reading this, you saw the show last night.  I can’t figure out who this guy is to her.  At first I thought maybe he was her father, until Thor showed up.  It’s not impossible for a gay man to have a child, but it seemed less likely that he was her father after that.  She didn’t seem all to excited about having anything to do with killing these people, but there she is, an accessory to murder (or going to be).


That brings us to the completely self absorbed Elsa.  Clearly Elsa really only cares about herself and becoming famous.  It makes it very easy for people like Esmeralda to con her.  She is really annoying, but I think she’s supposed to be annoying.


I thought he was going for that little girl.  I was really surprised when he took her older brother instead, and didn’t hurt the little girl at all.  I should say I was pleasantly surprised.  Not that taking any kid is a good thing, but she was pretty young and already terrified of clowns.  At least we found out that Dandy isn’t completely useless, he did make his own clown costume.  It’s interesting that after he and Dora professed their mutual hatred of one another, he still couldn’t kill her.  However, he has killed and tortured animals and at least one girl that we know of.  As much as I love Twisty the clown, I had a different favorite last night.



Edward Mordrake

Edward Mordrake was preceded by a green mist, you’ve gotta love any character that makes that kind of an entrance.  He was summoned by Elsa performing on Halloween.  Now he’s looking for someone to kill that apparently has done horrible things.  Luckily, we know it’s not Ethyl.  The question is, who will it be?  My first thoughts were either Dell or Elsa.  We know Dell has killed, and Elsa is so self centered that it wouldn’t be shocking if he was after her.  Then I remembered that Jimmy had killed that cop, I’m hoping it’s not him.  He is at least an interesting character.  Then I remembered why he killed the cop.  Bette and Dot killed their mother, and Dot wants to kill her sister.  He could be after them.  He could be after Esmeralda, since she is plotting to help some guy kill the freaks.  Whoever it is he is after, I get the feeling we are going to get to know all these characters deepest and darkest secrets before he’s done.

,  Wax creation of the real Edward Mordrake

Edward Mordrake was a real man, with a face on the back of his head.  As they said on the show, he was heir to a wealthy family and handsome if one only looked at him from the front.

“He claimed that “the other” would speak to him, especially at night, gibbering and laughing. The Other’s personality often seemed diametrically opposed to whatever Edward was doing. When Edward wept, the Other would laugh. When Edward was happy, it would mutter and sneer. Mordrake claimed it would whisper evil suggestions to him that no one could ever hear.
The challenge of living with such extreme deformity would be daunting to even the stoutest soul. But to share your skull with a malevolent “twin” would put one’s sanity to the ultimate test. Mordrake fought against not only the shocked reactions of normal persons but against the evil he felt inhabited his very body. It was a draining and ultimately unwinnable fight. The Mordrake story ends with “Poor Edward” committing suicide to escape The Other and its whispering. Most accounts put his age at 23 when he ended his own life.” 
Dr. Abner Mality (unknown). WORMWOOD FILES : “Poor Edward…the Curse of Mordrake”. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 10/23/2014].
So as far as we know, he was not in a freak show and didn’t kill anyone other than himself (and his second face that taunted him).  Whatever the real story, the character on American Horror Story: Freak Show promises to be interesting to say the least.  I’m very excited about this character, though it seems once he and his dead freak show troop figure out who they are taking, he will disappear again.


Weird Reaction to Watching Poltergeist Diaries

I posted last week about the Poltergeist Diaries, and after watching a few episodes I thought it was faked.  It sounded like they put music in and there was some weird stuff with the cameras that made me think it was staged, though damn well done.  I have changed my mind completely on that.  I’ve watched almost all of the episodes, and I seem to get very very sick each time I watch them (the later episodes especially).  I had stopped watching because I kept getting sick and feeling really weird every time I watched them.  Then yesterday I decided that was absolutely ridiculous and I can’t get sick from watching a video, that’s just silly.  Well yesterday when I was watching them, I got so sick I had to lay down.  Once I stopped watching the video, it subsided.  I got back up and decided to watch again, thinking it surely can’t be the damn video.  As soon as I started watching again it came on even stronger than before.  I was so sick and still somewhat feeling the effects today.  I always watch stuff like this and I’ve NEVER had anything like this happen before.  The camera’s are surprisingly not that shaky, or I’d say that was the problem.  I don’t know, it’s so weird.