Haven: The Old Switcheroo Part 1

Haven has switch to a new day and time, it is now on at 7pm on Fridays, good timing since tonight’s episode was called “The Old Switcheroo Part One.”.  I did get a chance to watch it tonight (I will have to watch the others OnDemand and get caught up).  Tonight’s episode was pretty interesting.  First we see Vince in North Carolina.  He was researching Dave’s adoption records to find out where he came from.  Apparently in the last episode, when Dave was hypnotized (I did see a bit of that) he said the word Croatoan.  If you don’t know what that means, it’s an old legend.  The first European settlers in this country settled in Roanoke, VA.  The leader left for a trip to Spain to get provisions.  When he came back, the entire settlement had disappeared without a trace (including his family).  The only thing left was the word “Croatoan” carved in a tree.  Vince was at a place called Croatoan Cafe (or something like that) on Hatteras Island in North Carolina, which used to be called Croatoan Island.  Vince asked the owner about the adoption, and she claimed she knew nothing.  He asked her for coffee, and then he and Dave switched bodies.



Vince and Dave


Poor Dave had a terrible time in Vince’s body, he kept hitting his head on things.  I’m sure it was quite disorienting, Dave is short.  Dave continues Vince’s investigation while Vince flies to meet him in Dave’s body.  Dave finds out that the house that is listed in his adoption record is currently owned and has been in the family of the woman who owned the Croatoan for generations.  She is still claiming she has no knowledge of any adoption in her family.  Her husband shows up, and Dave tells them he is from Haven, Maine.  The husband says, “Never heard of it.”  Then they find out that his brother is in the looney bin in Haven.  In the end of their investigation, Vince feels Dave’s body pulling him.  Dave pulls him away, telling him he is going into a “thinny,” which just happens to be on the property of the woman that is somehow connected to Dave.

The photo above is actually a promotional photo for the next episode.

Nathan convinced Duke and Dwight to treat Mara like Audrey to bring her back.  It works sporatically, Mara is trying to snuff Audrey out for good.  Nathan brings her on a case to help the troubles, hoping it will bring Audrey back for good.  At the nut house, a patient switched with a nurse.  The nurse (who was actually the patient) killed the patient (who was actually the nurse).  They both died of asphyxiation.  So if one person switches with another, and one of them dies, the other will die too.  Audrey came back for just a few minutes at the nut house.  They took her back to her apartment and chained her to the bed.  She went to sleep as Mara, and woke a bit later for a few minutes as Audrey (or as Mara pretending to be Audrey).  She told Nathan to go alone on the case and let Duke treat her like Audrey.  Duke meanwhile needed to let loose a trouble, and was in a lot of pain.



While Nathan went to investigate the Croatoan brother in-law, Duke stayed with Mara/Audrey.  He talked about their past, and Audrey came back…or so it seemed.  Duke brought up Colorado, he was testing her.  She asked him why he stopped kissing her in Colorado.  She tried to say she only stopped kissing him because he wanted to stop.  He knew then that she was Mara pretending to be Audrey.  Then all the sudden he was in  Nathan’s body.  Nathan was with Mara as she is trying to seduce Duke (so he will unchain her), as she is telling him about them kissing in Colorado.  Nathan freaked a bit, but Duke called him right away to tell him that it’s Mara and that the kiss meant nothing.  He said they both knew there was nothing there (because of Nathan) and they never spoke about it again.  He told Nathan “DO NOT UNCHAIN HER, IT’S NOT AUDREY.”  They realized that the people who were switching shared some kind of big secret.  So what is the big secret between Nathan and Duke?


Audrey told them that Mara had been lying to them, she was able to give someone a trouble but she couldn’t take it away.  Before Nathan and Duke switched, Nathan went to question the Croatoan guy…and kind of let him escape.  In his defense, he and Duke switch places immediately after the guy hit Nathan with the door and took off.

There were two other people who switched places tonight…

This was the best one, makes you wonder what secret these two share.  One of They both had to pee in each other’s body, that would be uncomfortable.  Gloria kept eating doughnuts and stuff, Dwight was ticked.  “I try to eat healthy Gloria.”  It was pretty funny.  They were working with Vince and Dave, and Nathan.  Gloria seemed to enjoy the switch a bit more than poor Dwight, though she had a bit of a hard time doing an autopsy with Dwight’s giant hands.  If you missed this episode, I recommend trying to see it OnDemand.  It was a good one.


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