American Horror Story: Freakshow Premiere

I thought I missed some of this show the night it aired, so I went back and watched it OnDemand.  It turned out I didn’t miss anything.  I was hoping it would be something like the old HBO series Carnivale, but it doesn’t seem to be (at least not yet).  Jessica Lange’s character is pretty much sad and pathetic.  Honestly, so far the insane clown is the most interesting character.  Granted, this is just the first episode, hopefully it gets better.  Sarah Paulson plays siamese twins and one of them killed their mother.  Lange’s character takes them in, hoping they will bring an audience for her to sing for.  Kathy Bates is the beareded lady, with her son Lobster boy played by Evan Peters.  Kathy Bates character seems completely loyal and devoted to Lange’s character, Elsa.  Lobster boy, on the other hand wants them to stop performing and just live as normal people.  He realizes that it’s probably not possible.  In his words, “They’re not going to give it to us, we have to take it.”

This one uses his hands to pleasure women, so basically, he’s a prostitute of sorts.  His mother seems to insist on it, great mom, huh?  So he wants to leave, and his mom wants them to stay.  Then Dot and Bette, the Siamese (conjoined) twins show up, and a detective comes to arrest them.  Lobster boy protects them by killing the detective, he called them all freaks, so he lost it.  Meanwhile, the conjoined twins are attracted to him, never mind that she’s more than ten years older than him.  I guess if you’ve never come in contact with anyone other than your mother, you don’t think of things like that.  He gets all the other performers to help him and rallies them together so they will never let the normals hurt them again.  So he was somewhat interesting.

The bearded lady seems to take care of everyone, she cooks and seems to try and keep everyone together.  Her son she sends out to pleasure women, but she feels this is the best life they can have.

Dot and Bette, besides being conjoined twins, aren’t that interesting.  Bette killed her mother because she wouldn’t let them go to a movie.  Then two days later, Dot tried to kill Bette.  Did I mention they are conjoined?   You’d think you’d realize if she dies, you die.  Whatever. That’s really all there is to her story so far…or their.  One is gloom and doom, the other is sunshine and rainbows.

The rest of the cast seems to be just supportive, at least for now.  The first picture above shows Lange holding the smallest woman in the world.  There is the guy with little arms, who seems like an interesting character.

The really tall woman, and then there’s these two.  I will not even try to guess gender:

They seem to be twins of some sort.  The guy with the binoculars we don’t know much about, other than he and his mother bought out the show.  His mother is played by Frances Conroy, who I loved in Six Feet Under.

So far, all we know is they are rich and bitchy.  They seem to think everyone is for sale, they tried to buy the conjoined twins.

It was this guy that was interesting:

A serial killer clown with dirty clothes who can’t even make an animal balloon.  He kills a woman’s boyfriend, then kidnaps her.  Kills two people and then kidnaps their son.  He seems to be collecting a family for himself, just my opinion.  He keeps watching the people in the freakshow.  We know very little about this guy so far.

That sums up an hour and a half premiere.  I don’t know what to think so far.  It wasn’t great, but we’ll see where it goes.

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