The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

Glenn Lives!

So I’m sure everybody watch last night.  After reading a review on about the episode last night, I am a little confused.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  First off, Glenn survived the first episode!  There have been a ton of rumors that Glenn dies this season, while that remains to be seen, he survived last night.  I missed the first five minutes, but I started to watch about where that above picture is showing.  Let’s see, no Beth yet, but it’s only the first episode.

Last season, these memes were everywhere, and everybody survived.  How about Carol?  The one woman rescue team, she was awesome.  I’m still amazed at the turn her character took.  For the longest time, I couldn’t stand her character.  She started getting interesting during that virus, now she kicks ass!

Carol kicking butt.

If it wasn’t for Carol, they would not have been able to escape.  That was fantastic!  Then there was Tyreese, seriously get over it and move on.  There is no time for whining.  I think he finally realizes that when he had to kill to protect Judith.  It seems that was a turning point for him last night.  He is a tall strong guy, but the way he was going, he was not going to survive.  Now maybe he has a shot.  Rick was strong to begin with, but his character has become awesome, too.  He was not one of my favorites a few seasons ago, but by the end of last season he was.

Of course the best part was the huge reunion!

Naturally I couldn’t find a picture of it.  This was as close as I could find  So all we’re missing is Beth, and I’m sure she’ll turn up soon.

The part that confused me was the very end, at Terminus.  My take on what happened was that the people Rick and the gang let out of those cells  took over.  Mary was injured on and they said something about taking her, and she said “NO, NOT AGAIN!” Her son was holding her.  I read another review that thought that was a flashback.  What did you think?



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