American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 2 “Massacres and Matinees”

American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 2 “Massacres and Matinees”



So this guy was a real asshole.  Ethyl’s former….what boyfriend or husband…showed up looking for work with his wife.  He is Jimmy’s father, though Jimmy does not know that.  In a flashback we saw him try to kill an infant Jimmy, Ethyl caught him before he managed to do it.  He is trying to take over.  He really doesn’t like women, which brings me back to the wife.  She is actually not a woman, or a man, but both.  That’s right she’s a hermaphrodite.

Not only does she have…extra male bits…she also has extra female bits.  What is it with the three boobs?  There was that silly woman that got plastic surgery all over Facebook, now we have a carny with a third boob…and a penis.  I’m sure in that era, being a gay man was extremely difficult.  I think that might be the strong man’s problem.  First he dated a woman with a beard, but she didn’t have the right bits.

Meanwhile, we find out that while they are basically one body with two heads, Dot can sing and Bette can’t.  For whatever reason, Elsa is trying to turn Bette against Dot.  It doesn’t make much sense, it’s not like she can leave her sister.  Elsa seems to be jealous of Dot.  Dot seems to be completely enthralled with Jimmy, and Bette and Elsa just want to be a stars.  Jimmy wants to be normal and save his carni friends.

Jimmy’s father beats him up because he took the freak show to that diner where we first saw him in the premiere.  Then Del, the strong man, decides that they are doing matinees.  At first Elsa says no, but then she decides since there is a curfew, it’s not a bad idea. However, when he puts up fliers, he puts his name first and Elsa last way at the bottom.  That was enough for her to want rid of him, so Jimmy planted the badge of the cop they killed in his trailer.  However, when the cops came, the badge was in Meep’s trailer.  The threw Meep in with the other prisoners and that was the end of poor little Meep.  He dressed like a Fraggle.



The cops unceremoniously dumped the body on the ground in front of a tent and drove off.  Jimmy was going to confess to get him out, luckily he didn’t get to.

Now to the other half of the story.  We find out that Dandy is a psycho, which really isn’t that surprising.  In some ways, he is creepier than the damn clown.  He did something to some girl, I missed the details.  He tried to join the freak show, but Jimmy turned him down.  That might come back to bite him in the ass.  He should have sent him to Elsa.

Dandy was all pissed off because the Freak Show turned him away, so his mom went out to get him a friend.

What do you do what you see a dirty creepy clown walking the street?  Apparently if you’re rich, you hire him for your adult psychotic son.  Despite the fact that the clown hit him over the head with those thingies he should be juggling with (I think he’s only ever used them to bludgeon people), Dandy followed him to his hideout.  The girl and little boy he had kidnapped managed to escape just as Dandy showed up.  He grabbed the girl and told the clown that he would have to improve their enclosures if they were to have any fun.  Double the psycho.  Actually I think that girl is in even more trouble now that Dandy is there, something tells me he is more deranged than the clown.


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