Weird Reaction to Watching Poltergeist Diaries

I posted last week about the Poltergeist Diaries, and after watching a few episodes I thought it was faked.  It sounded like they put music in and there was some weird stuff with the cameras that made me think it was staged, though damn well done.  I have changed my mind completely on that.  I’ve watched almost all of the episodes, and I seem to get very very sick each time I watch them (the later episodes especially).  I had stopped watching because I kept getting sick and feeling really weird every time I watched them.  Then yesterday I decided that was absolutely ridiculous and I can’t get sick from watching a video, that’s just silly.  Well yesterday when I was watching them, I got so sick I had to lay down.  Once I stopped watching the video, it subsided.  I got back up and decided to watch again, thinking it surely can’t be the damn video.  As soon as I started watching again it came on even stronger than before.  I was so sick and still somewhat feeling the effects today.  I always watch stuff like this and I’ve NEVER had anything like this happen before.  The camera’s are surprisingly not that shaky, or I’d say that was the problem.  I don’t know, it’s so weird.


2 thoughts on “Weird Reaction to Watching Poltergeist Diaries

  1. amanda matthews says:

    It’s probably motion sickness from the camera I get the same feelings and reaction when I watch them, always feel sick and weird after about 5-10 minutes, I get the same sickness feeling when I watch the Blair witch project.

    • nehehdawn says:

      Blair Witch had a shaky camera, they actually have pretty steady camera work for the most part in this series. He had stationary cameras set up around the house.

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