The Walking Dead “Strangers”


Okay, I’m really late with The Walking Dead.  My daughter has had issues sleeping, it took me awhile to get caught up.  I am starting a new way of writing these things, no doubt if you’re reading this, you’re a fan of the show and have seen the episode.  I don’t think regurgitating what happened on the show is productive.  So I’ll just share my thoughts, and hopefully you will share your thoughts.  Now that the gang is all back together, and it’s all lovey forgiving each other for stupid shit last season, this really worthless priest shows up.  He is a huge liability and there is definitely something wrong with him.  Either he is in league with the people from Terminus, the people that kidnapped Beth, or something like that.  How has this guy survived without having to take down any zombies?  Unless he was with some other people who have kept him alive.  Then there was this…

The car that kidnapped Beth

You have to wonder what is going on with this priest, he just looks guilty of something.  I wouldn’t leave him with my kid either.  Then Daryl recognizes the car that kidnapped Beth driving down the road.  Ironic that Daryl and Carol are the ones going after her.  I heard someone (producer or writer on the show) saying Daryl wasn’t too worried about finding her, but how could he possibly find her?  He did follow the car as far as he could, but a guy can’t run after a car.  I think he had done all he could do.  Now that he gets a lead on where she might be, he was chasing after it to try and find her.

Rick and Judith

Rick has just become this kick ass character!  I love how he is now.  It seems like Laurie was holding him back (and thank the writers that she is dead), and then Hershel was holding him back.  Now that they are both gone, he has reached his awesomeness and become one of my favorite characters.  I love that he’s teaching Carl to be a critical thinker.  After he had that little talk with him, Carl goes and investigates the priest (or at least the church) a little bit.  “You will burn for this” it said on the outside wall.  What exactly did that priest do to that woman that scared the crap out of him?


What was up with Bob?  I have seen a lot of theories about Bob on different sites.  Some speculate that Bob’s previous group was at Terminus.  Based on the ending, that is a definite possibility with that “cosmic justice” statement.  Poor Bob, eaten by the Terminites.  Then again, what was Bob crying about before he was barbecued?   My guess is that he was bitten by that aquazombie.  He and Sasha really just got together, and he was telling Rick he knew he would end up agreeing to go to D.C.  He had been pretty happy before they went to that food bank.

Abe’s big speech

It wasn’t surprising that Rick agreed to go, what else have they got to do?  Didn’t they notice that Daryl and Carol were missing?  Apparently not.  It’s a bit strange that nobody noticed.  I just hope they wait for them to get back before they run off to D.C.  What I don’t understand is why don’t they just take over the base where Eugene and Abraham must have worked.  Eugene could start working on the cure, and then they could worry about going to D.C.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens next.


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