The Walking Dead “Four Walls and a Roof”

The Walking Dead “Four Walls and a Roof”

Bob's joke

Well that was interesting.  Poor Bob, talk about a bad day.  First he gets bit, then he has his leg eaten by psychos.  At least he got to die with his family.  In the end, Bob turned out to be a pretty cool guy.  Even as he was dying, thanking Rick for taking him in and everything.  I love when he started laughing at the Terminites.  I would have liked to have seen what would have happened to them after eating Bob.  They definitely needed to die though.  It left me a bit confused.   I thought Terminus had been taken over and they were imprisoned in the train car.  How did they escape?  Or was it really nothing more than a flashback?

Well we discovered the priests big secret.  Personally I was disappointed.  I thought, if he wasn’t in league with someone else, that his secret would have been bigger.  I suppose not bothering to open the door to those desperately seeking refuge is pretty bad, but still it’s more of a passive thing than directly doing something.  However, he’s completely worthless unless he can learn to fight and kill (at least the zombies).

I think splitting up was an insanely bad idea.  Meanwhile, they’re finally about to get Beth back (hopefully) and Maggie takes off with Abe.  I guess this is how Glenn dies.  No wonder, there really aren’t that many of them.  Abraham seems to be the only one in his group that can fight well.  I thought Rosita might be able to fight, but so far I see no evidence of this.  When the Terminites came into the church, there were as many of them left behind that they should have been able to take them.  Eugene can’t fight, the priest is useless, Rosita had a gun, Tyreese was there, but I think Carl was really the most capable.  Tyreese seems to be doing a lot better now, even if he feels his personality has died.  There is just no way you can survive without being willing to kill those who wan to kill you (and in this case, eat you).

So the big question is, what the hell happened to Carol that she was hiding in the bushes?  Did they find where Beth was being held?  That was a strange ending.  I can’t wait until Sunday to find out.  It looks like Beth is being held in a mental institution.  You have to wonder what those people are up to and why they are kidnapping people and putting them in some kind of institution.  This should be interesting.


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