Zombie plausability



I was watching “Z nation” this morning, and the idea of the plausability of a zombie came to mind (certainly not for the first time).  The first thing that I think of is my physiology lab.  Basically you scramble the frog’s brain with a metal stick.  Then you attach electrodes to the frog’s legs and make them hop with electricity.  The one kind of zombie apocalypse I can imagine as being possible is the result of technology and war.  What better way to infiltrate your enemy than by using their dead.  It would be a no risk strategy.  You’d be far away from your enemy, and all your troops are already dead.  You’d have to find a way to control them, some kind of remote control, as well as a wireless electricity system (something like a Tesla coil).

Tesla Coil (prop)

Any other kind of zombie apocalypse wouldn’t really hold up.  The dead decompose rather quickly, though I imagine those that have been treated with formaldehyde would last longer.  The newly dead would decompose within two – three weeks, which is why shows like” The Walking Dead” can never happen.  A dried up mummy wouldn’t be able to move with electricity, they’re too stiff and have no moisture.  Sorry, I just killed the theory of the old mummy movies too.  They move by magic I think, totally different rules.  Strictly science, the only way we could have a zombie apocalypse would either be what I stated in the first paragraph or something like the movie Quarantine.  The rabies virus is very similar, so someone could mess with the virus and it could potentially be very much like a zombie apocalypse.


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