Transplant Recipients Getting More than Organs From Donors?

Besides the few horror shows that I write about on this website, my tendency is to watch reality stuff.  I really like the Science channel, it’s one of my favorites and if I didn’t get it, I would probably bug the crap out of my cable provider until they got it for me.  There is almost always something good on the science channel.  Today I’ve been watching Nasa’s Unexplained Files and now The Unexplained Files.  They had a really interesting topic, and you can watch at the link above, if you like.  They have found that organ transplant patients seem to get the traits and in some cases memories and feelings from their donors.  One woman was a teen when she received a liver transplant, and her mother said she became a different person.  She never liked building blocks or working with her hands, then after the transplant she found herself going to hardware stores and buying stuff to work on her house and things like that.  The most incredible story was that of a little girl that received a heart from a girl that was murdered.  She began to have dreams of a little girl being murdered, and she gave this information to the police (she gave a description of the killer) which led to his arrest.  She didn’t know anything about this girl, and I’m sure her parents wouldn’t tell her that the girl was murdered.  I certainly wouldn’t if my daughter was in that position.  I guess we have to rethink what memory is and where memories are stored.  It may be that memories are stored in all the cells of our bodies, which is pretty interesting.


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