The Walking Dead Up to Mid Season Finale

The Walking Dead Up to Mid Season Finale

“Coda” and last couple of episodes

The Gang keeps growing (and shrinking)

It’s been a crazy mid season end.  Finally they are rescuing Beth, and now Carol. They lost Bob, got rid of last season’s threat, met a weird priest, and gained some kid named Noah (thanks to Beth).  The ones who left for D.C. came back, because Eugene lied.  He knows nothing.  Rick keeps getting talked into morality and it’s getting them in trouble.  His plan was perfect, and he listened to Tyreese. Tyreese is a good guy, but he’s not real good at this stuff.  I think if they had gone with Rick’s plan Beth would still be alive.  What do you think?

It’s weird that the writers waited to kill Beth now, her character had grown so much.  In the beginning, hell for a long time, I thought that Beth was going to die.  She didn’t seem to be strong enough to survive, but she became strong.  Now that she is this strong character, they kill her off.  It’s a little confusing.  I don’t get the tiny scissors in the shoulder, she should have gone for her throat.  So we’ve lost Bob and Beth this season, who else has a name starting with a “B”?  Look out, they could be next!

The ending was weird too.  That guy from the first season (Morgan) following strange engravings in trees.  Then he finds the map that Abraham left Rick.  I’m not sure if he’s looking for Rick or not, last time we saw him, he seemed rather suicidal.  That was when Michonne was new to the gang.  Speaking of Michonne, she seems to take care of Rick’s kids a lot.  Apparently Bob coming back from the woods with a leg missing didn’t convince the priest that the Terminites were actually eating his leg, he had to go see the burned leg.  Seriously?  The man is dying and missing a leg, and you think he dreamed up this crazy story about psychos eating his leg?  What, did he think he chewed it off himself?

Just as the doors of the church are about to fly open, Abraham drives a fire truck in front of the door to block the zombies from bursting out of the door.  After a whole season of Maggie not mentioning Beth, she hears that her sister is alive…and that’s when I knew for sure that they were going to kill Beth.  Daryl and Rick were ready to kill the rest of them.  It was quite a start difference between the two sides.  You had Rick’s side that was completely heart-broken that Beth was dead, and the other side who were thankful to Rick and Daryl for killing Dawn (one of their own).

I’ve read some interesting theories online about Morgan and what exactly his mission is, though it’s all just speculation.  It does seem that he is following signs that were tattooed on that guy that Rick and Daryl let out at Terminus.  It seems weird that he was at the church leaving offerings of some kind, Ho Ho’s.  I think my favorite rumor was that he was leading us to the spin off.  That could be.  It would make sense to use a character we already know to introduce us to a new group.  I guess we’ll see in February.


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