The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere


I’m sure if you’re reading this, you saw the show on Sunday.  I’d rather discuss the episode instead of regurgitate it.  Tyreese has always had a hard time surviving in the world of the Walking Dead.  He has been trying to hard to be the good guy, which is not the way to survive.

Rick wasn’t my favorite character, until this season.  He’s really changed, and now he knows what needs done.  Tyreese keeps getting in the way.  It was really cool that he saved Judith, but he didn’t have what it took to survive.  Hopefully Rick realizes that he needs to take charge more.

Michonne seems to have nesting syndrome, which makes sense.  You can’t just keep going, but you do have to find the right place.  Rick is thinking things through.  Glenn is realizing that it doesn’t really matter who you kill.  There are these lovely grey areas of morality.  I think it’s great that the show is getting people to think.

It will be interesting to see how this affects Sasha.  She just lost Bob, and now her brother.  Not to mention everybody just lost Beth.  She seemed to just be getting the hang of things and finding her groove. She survived long enough to make me think she just might make it, I had been expecting her to die right up until the last episode or two before she died.

So it should be interesting to see how everybody is affected and whether they find a place to hang out for awhile.


The Fall and Rise of the Old Ones


There was a vast sea of Nothingness.  No existence at all, no consciousness.  Then a spark.  A single mind of consciousness, self-created One.  It drifted through the fast sea of Nothing, searching for something, anything.  Finally in despair and loneliness, it decided to divide itself, and the One became Two.  One male and one female, soulmates.  No longer alone, but with no other stimulation, they created a Universe, bodies, food, sex, etc.  Eventually they created others, two pair of soul mates…these six are the Old Ones.

The Old Ones decided to create their Opposites, because they were always seeking new interactions and experiences.  Diversity is beautiful, or so they thought.  These six are the Elder gods or Elder things.

Eventually the Old Ones began to see disturbing behavior in their creations.  They became delusional, believing that there was some omniscient ethereal god that was controlling everything.  They began to split themselves apart in an attempt at what they called “purification.” It was madness.  The Old Ones knew they would have to do something before the Elder Things became a problem.  Unfortunately they were too late.  In one great move, the Elder Things and their pieces struck.  The blow threw the Old Ones, and the Elder Things out of the Universe, creating other dimensions.  The Old Ones were split into six pieces across six dimensions.  The Elder Things were also split into six dimensions.  All outside of the Universe.

The last dimension of Order, belonging to the Elder Things, is what they considered to be their god.  It was a machine, a machine they had programmed to create.  So create it did.  Over and over, until the fabric of existence was spread so thin, it threatened to wipe out all of existence.  Still the Elder Things fought with the Old Ones, trying to hold on to their beliefs.

The Old Ones had no choice but to step in or be obliterated.  They broke into their Universe to take it back, and obliterate all that stood against them.

The Elder Thing vs. Nyarlathotep

Elder thing vs nyarlathotep

The Elder thing snapped feebly at Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, with his crustacean-like claws. It was terrified at the immense power, knowing that nothing it did would have any impact. It was going to lose, and Nyarlathotep would obliterate it. It tried to run, but one cannot run from the Crawling Chaos. It was surrounded, the Chaos crawled up it’s body with black tentacles, obliterating everything the Elder thing was. The head was saved for last, until the darkness extinguished it’s consciousness forever…

*Something I wrote.  I like writing short stories.  I think I’ll be adding some horror short stories on here too.