I honestly have no idea where this comes from, it looks like an old painting based on the style. Other than that I really know nothing about it, other than it’s awesome.

*I’ll try to find out more about the above picture, and if you can buy it somewhere or download it.

The Exorcist Original 1974 Poster

THE EXORCIST 1974 Original U.S. Movie Poster William Friedkin

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Poster that I used on the movie page.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula 27×40 Movie Poster (1992)

Dog Soldiers Poster

Dog Soldiers Poster Movie B 11×17

Nosferatu Poster


Shadow of the Vampire poster

Shadow of the Vampire Poster Movie 11×17 John Malkovich Willem Dafoe Catherine McCormack Cary Elwes

Walking Dead poster

Wall art, I love it! It’s a poster, you can get it in a frame if you choose.

Original 1970 poster from the movie “The Wicker Man,” awesome movie!

THE WICKER MAN 1970 Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster


Sculpture by Erin DeBray

One thought on “Art

  1. […] Check out this awesome horror sculpture!  I love the eyeball tentacles.  This was done by an artist named Erin DeBray, I believe it was inspired by Lovecraft.  The artist called it “Shoggoth-ish.”  Lovecraft always inspires beautiful weirdness, which is why he is my favorite author.  I will add this to the Art page. […]

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