The Fall and Rise of the Old Ones


There was a vast sea of Nothingness.  No existence at all, no consciousness.  Then a spark.  A single mind of consciousness, self-created One.  It drifted through the fast sea of Nothing, searching for something, anything.  Finally in despair and loneliness, it decided to divide itself, and the One became Two.  One male and one female, soulmates.  No longer alone, but with no other stimulation, they created a Universe, bodies, food, sex, etc.  Eventually they created others, two pair of soul mates…these six are the Old Ones.

The Old Ones decided to create their Opposites, because they were always seeking new interactions and experiences.  Diversity is beautiful, or so they thought.  These six are the Elder gods or Elder things.

Eventually the Old Ones began to see disturbing behavior in their creations.  They became delusional, believing that there was some omniscient ethereal god that was controlling everything.  They began to split themselves apart in an attempt at what they called “purification.” It was madness.  The Old Ones knew they would have to do something before the Elder Things became a problem.  Unfortunately they were too late.  In one great move, the Elder Things and their pieces struck.  The blow threw the Old Ones, and the Elder Things out of the Universe, creating other dimensions.  The Old Ones were split into six pieces across six dimensions.  The Elder Things were also split into six dimensions.  All outside of the Universe.

The last dimension of Order, belonging to the Elder Things, is what they considered to be their god.  It was a machine, a machine they had programmed to create.  So create it did.  Over and over, until the fabric of existence was spread so thin, it threatened to wipe out all of existence.  Still the Elder Things fought with the Old Ones, trying to hold on to their beliefs.

The Old Ones had no choice but to step in or be obliterated.  They broke into their Universe to take it back, and obliterate all that stood against them.


The Elder Thing vs. Nyarlathotep

Elder thing vs nyarlathotep

The Elder thing snapped feebly at Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, with his crustacean-like claws. It was terrified at the immense power, knowing that nothing it did would have any impact. It was going to lose, and Nyarlathotep would obliterate it. It tried to run, but one cannot run from the Crawling Chaos. It was surrounded, the Chaos crawled up it’s body with black tentacles, obliterating everything the Elder thing was. The head was saved for last, until the darkness extinguished it’s consciousness forever…

*Something I wrote.  I like writing short stories.  I think I’ll be adding some horror short stories on here too.

Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates

Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates

Premieres ont he Travel Channel Jan 8, 2015 at 9 pm Eastern

Josh Gates was the host of my favorite show, Destination Truth.  Now that he has a new show on the Travel channel, my hopes of Destination Truth ever returning to SyFy are crushed.  If you’ve never seen it, Josh Gates took a crew to various locations around the world to investigate things like cryptids, paranormal activity, UFO sightings, and even an alien mummy once.  They made some incredible discoveries and brought home some incredible evidence.  However, the show has clearly been murdered.

I suppose Expedition Unknown is like Destination Truth reincarnated.  It’s not exactly the same, but in the same spirit.  On the two hour premiere, Josh will investigate Amelia Earhart’s missing plane.  The show will be Josh Gates investigating mysteries around the world, which is similar to what Destination Truth was.  Maybe he’ll actually get a rental car that runs now that he’s on the Travel Channel.  I will certainly be watching, and probably writing posts about the show on here.  I could not find the commercial online, though I’ve seen it on the Travel Channel.  If you want to see pictures from the show, click the link below.

Winter Solstice Always Means Bad TV

Winter Solstice Always Means Bad TV

So I have a few shows I watch now: The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, The Curse of Oak Island, Haven, and America Unearthed.  Everything seems to be on break now.  Why?  What is it about the Winter Solstice that every station seems to feel they have to play crap instead of something good or at least somewhat interesting?  I tried to go on SyFy, you know what they were playing?  A CSI marathon!  Seriously!  WTF is CSI doing on SyFy?  Are there alien criminals?  Did the dead tell them who killed them?

SyFy doesn’t always play just science fiction, true.  However, it’s always in the SciFi/Horror/Fantasy/Paranormal genres.  CSI does not fit in any of those categories, it belongs on USA or something.  It’s going to take one show like this, and it will all be downhill from there.  It’s the same thing that happened to MTV, they don’t really play music anymore.  It’s a sad day.

The Walking Dead Up to Mid Season Finale

The Walking Dead Up to Mid Season Finale

“Coda” and last couple of episodes

The Gang keeps growing (and shrinking)

It’s been a crazy mid season end.  Finally they are rescuing Beth, and now Carol. They lost Bob, got rid of last season’s threat, met a weird priest, and gained some kid named Noah (thanks to Beth).  The ones who left for D.C. came back, because Eugene lied.  He knows nothing.  Rick keeps getting talked into morality and it’s getting them in trouble.  His plan was perfect, and he listened to Tyreese. Tyreese is a good guy, but he’s not real good at this stuff.  I think if they had gone with Rick’s plan Beth would still be alive.  What do you think?

It’s weird that the writers waited to kill Beth now, her character had grown so much.  In the beginning, hell for a long time, I thought that Beth was going to die.  She didn’t seem to be strong enough to survive, but she became strong.  Now that she is this strong character, they kill her off.  It’s a little confusing.  I don’t get the tiny scissors in the shoulder, she should have gone for her throat.  So we’ve lost Bob and Beth this season, who else has a name starting with a “B”?  Look out, they could be next!

The ending was weird too.  That guy from the first season (Morgan) following strange engravings in trees.  Then he finds the map that Abraham left Rick.  I’m not sure if he’s looking for Rick or not, last time we saw him, he seemed rather suicidal.  That was when Michonne was new to the gang.  Speaking of Michonne, she seems to take care of Rick’s kids a lot.  Apparently Bob coming back from the woods with a leg missing didn’t convince the priest that the Terminites were actually eating his leg, he had to go see the burned leg.  Seriously?  The man is dying and missing a leg, and you think he dreamed up this crazy story about psychos eating his leg?  What, did he think he chewed it off himself?

Just as the doors of the church are about to fly open, Abraham drives a fire truck in front of the door to block the zombies from bursting out of the door.  After a whole season of Maggie not mentioning Beth, she hears that her sister is alive…and that’s when I knew for sure that they were going to kill Beth.  Daryl and Rick were ready to kill the rest of them.  It was quite a start difference between the two sides.  You had Rick’s side that was completely heart-broken that Beth was dead, and the other side who were thankful to Rick and Daryl for killing Dawn (one of their own).

I’ve read some interesting theories online about Morgan and what exactly his mission is, though it’s all just speculation.  It does seem that he is following signs that were tattooed on that guy that Rick and Daryl let out at Terminus.  It seems weird that he was at the church leaving offerings of some kind, Ho Ho’s.  I think my favorite rumor was that he was leading us to the spin off.  That could be.  It would make sense to use a character we already know to introduce us to a new group.  I guess we’ll see in February.

Zombie plausability



I was watching “Z nation” this morning, and the idea of the plausability of a zombie came to mind (certainly not for the first time).  The first thing that I think of is my physiology lab.  Basically you scramble the frog’s brain with a metal stick.  Then you attach electrodes to the frog’s legs and make them hop with electricity.  The one kind of zombie apocalypse I can imagine as being possible is the result of technology and war.  What better way to infiltrate your enemy than by using their dead.  It would be a no risk strategy.  You’d be far away from your enemy, and all your troops are already dead.  You’d have to find a way to control them, some kind of remote control, as well as a wireless electricity system (something like a Tesla coil).

Tesla Coil (prop)

Any other kind of zombie apocalypse wouldn’t really hold up.  The dead decompose rather quickly, though I imagine those that have been treated with formaldehyde would last longer.  The newly dead would decompose within two – three weeks, which is why shows like” The Walking Dead” can never happen.  A dried up mummy wouldn’t be able to move with electricity, they’re too stiff and have no moisture.  Sorry, I just killed the theory of the old mummy movies too.  They move by magic I think, totally different rules.  Strictly science, the only way we could have a zombie apocalypse would either be what I stated in the first paragraph or something like the movie Quarantine.  The rabies virus is very similar, so someone could mess with the virus and it could potentially be very much like a zombie apocalypse.