Horror Music aka Metal


7 thoughts on “Horror Music aka Metal

  1. […] So my daughter keeps talking about the three little pigs and now I have this song stuck in my head.  I’ll add it to the music page. […]

  2. […] found this bit of awesomeness on youtube.com.  I’ll add it to the music page, it is from 1987.  I’m sure I’ve probably heard this band before, I was an avid […]

  3. […] just added a new song to the music page, some excellent metal based on Lovecraft.  Check it […]

  4. […] have added to the music page, and probably will be adding more to it in the next few days.  I’m focusing on […]

  5. […] added this to my music page, these guys are quickly becoming my favorite band.  I LOVE the […]

  6. […] I knew I loved these The Vision Bleak people!  Seth or Set is the ancient (my favorite) Egyptian god of Storms.  I’ve already added it to my music page. […]

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