The Elder Thing vs. Nyarlathotep

Elder thing vs nyarlathotep

The Elder thing snapped feebly at Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, with his crustacean-like claws. It was terrified at the immense power, knowing that nothing it did would have any impact. It was going to lose, and Nyarlathotep would obliterate it. It tried to run, but one cannot run from the Crawling Chaos. It was surrounded, the Chaos crawled up it’s body with black tentacles, obliterating everything the Elder thing was. The head was saved for last, until the darkness extinguished it’s consciousness forever…

*Something I wrote.  I like writing short stories.  I think I’ll be adding some horror short stories on here too.

The Poltergeist Diaries on You Tube

Have any of you seen this?  I just stumbled across this while researching something entirely different.  The video above is the first in a series of videos made by this guy Mason and his girlfriend Holly, which they’ve named the Poltergeist Diaries.  They moved into a haunted house, and the previous owners left in the middle of the night.  I actually saw part 19 first.  Obviously I can’t guarantee authenticity, but it looks real and if it’s not, then these people should be in show business.  This is better than a horror movie, most of the boring stuff is cut out.  I watched part 20 and it was insane.  I recommend watching, if you haven’t seen them yet.  Let me know what you think.  I will probably watch the rest of them.

After watching the second part of this series, I can say for certain that it is fake.  However, so are horror movies.  It’s like watching a series on TV.

The Horror of Sleep Deprivation (two creepy storys)

The Horror of Sleep

I know, you’re asking yourself “what does this have to do with horror?”  The answer is that sleep deprivation can have strange effects that are horror-like.  I know of one story that is absolutely true:


I don’t know if this story is true or not.  I saw one site that is about hoaxes that claims it is absolutely a hoax, but they didn’t list any evidence for their claim.  Real or fake, it’s a great story!  The true story above is just as interesting, so who knows.

Being Human Mid season finale


Okay, I have no idea what last night’s episode was called.  This is anther show that I could never remember when it came on.  I just didn’t get into it too much, though I’ve seen episodes of various seasons from the beginning.  You’d think the good looking vampire would be enough to hold my interest.  Somehow I got into this season a lot more.  Probably because it was right after Haven.

If you’ve never seen this show, it was originally about a vampire, an emo werewolf, and a ghost just trying to be normal people.  Yeah that’s going to happen.  They were roommates.  They didn’t know the ghost before she died, but the three became best friends.  So much so that the werewolf tried to help the ghost girl get her body back through a witch.  No he didn’t want to date her, he found another werewolf.

The werewolf and his girlfriend found a witch to do the job, what they didn’t realize was there was a catch.  The trade off for coming back was her soul.  The witch wanted to eat it.  So all the sudden…



She started becoming a zombie.  She was rotting, and kind of sort of wanted to eat people.  Being the wonderful friends they are, the vampire offered to let her eat him.  He would heal, he said.



We it helped, but she couldn’t continue eating him.  Last night’s episode the werewolves were getting married.  Zombie girl was supposed to be in the wedding.  It was too late, she was about to die.  She had been given and incantation to defeat the witch.  The boys decided they were going with her, it was  just some place that she was to meet the witch.  They tried to defeat her together…oh and there was a zombie werewolf too that the other werewolf had killed.  I believe it was the one that made him, so he killed him to become human again.  It worked but the vampire was kidnapped by another werewolf, he had killed his son.  This werewolf also thought he had killed his daughter, Nora.  However, she is the one getting married.  So when he went to rescue his vampire friend, he was scratched by his fiances father and turned back into a werewolf.  He might as well give up trying to be human, it’s overrated anyway.

So back to last night.  The werewolf guy killed the first dude who made him a werewolf…again.  Then zombie girl and the vampire were fighting the witch.  It turned out the incantation only showed her true face.  However, somehow when she ate the zombie’s soul, she started burning and the three ended up back in the zombie’s bedroom and she was back to being a ghost.

The wedding was supposed to be postponed, but then the werewolf guy’s lesbian sister showed up and said she came to see a wedding, they were having one.  He had supported her and when she found out about all of them, she flipped out.  It didn’t take her long to get over it.  So they got married.  They went to a cabin for a honeymoon and Nora went out to get firewood.  Then her father showed up, and that was the end.  It will be back in January.