Expedition Unknown Premiere

Amelia Earhart

Expedition Unknown premiered last night at 9pm on the Travel Channel, with former SyFy Destination Truth host Josh Gates.  Fans of Destination Truth would recognize his old crew member and cameraman Evan Goldberg as his new cameraman on Expedition Unknown.   In Destination Truth, he seemed to be a target for paranormal activity.  In this episode, as stated above, Gates was investigating the famous aviator Amelia Earhart with the humor his fans have come to love.

“Aviator Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. In 1923, Earhart, fondly known as “Lady Lindy,” became the 16th woman to be issued a pilot’s license. She had several notable flights, becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928, as well as the first person to fly over both the Atlantic and Pacific. In 1937, she mysteriously disappeared while trying to circumnavigate the globe from the equator. Since then, several theories have formed regarding Earhart’s last days, many of which have been connected to various artifacts that have been found on Pacific islands—including clothing, tools and, more recently, freckle cream. Earhart was legally declared dead in 1939″ (from http://www.biography.com/people/amelia-earhart-9283280).

It was these theories that Josh Gates went to investigate.  He spent a lot of time with the locals in Papua New Guinea, and did an interview during a sizable earthquake.  Throughout the show, in true Josh Gates style, he drank strange drinks, was at the wrong end of a spear, traveled to a village in a float (that was just barely afloat).  He also nearly passed out while trying some strange fruit-like drug.  In the end, he wound up spending time with the local police.  Josh chased down every lead he could find, in several places.  He found a few planes that definitely did not belong to Amelia Earhart, but did belong to someone.  One was definitely a WWII Japanese fighter plane.  There were remains in the plane, underwater.  He also spoke to a man that was convinced he had a piece of Earhart’s plane recovered from a remote Island.  After chasing down all of these leads, Josh found a man who had found a box of human bones under his house in 1968 at the age of thirteen.  The man turned the bones over to the Fiji museum, where they were lost.  However, the man arranged for Josh to dig under his old home where the bones were found; it turns out the police never bothered to do that after human remains were found in the 60’s.  I wouldn’t want to die in Fiji.  After crawling under the little house, with lots of spiders, Josh dug in the sand and found a bunch of bones.  He decided to stop and inform the authorities.  When they went under the house in hazmat suits, to which Josh said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  The police did confirm that at least one of the bones Josh dug up was indeed human. There his investigation came to an end, it was in the hands of the Fiji police.  Let’s hope they are more thorough than their predecessors.

It was a good show, similar to Destination Truth, but with more reliable rental vehicles and less crew members.  I’m sure the episodes to come will be worth watching.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

Glenn Lives!

So I’m sure everybody watch last night.  After reading a review on about the episode last night, I am a little confused.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  First off, Glenn survived the first episode!  There have been a ton of rumors that Glenn dies this season, while that remains to be seen, he survived last night.  I missed the first five minutes, but I started to watch about where that above picture is showing.  Let’s see, no Beth yet, but it’s only the first episode.

Last season, these memes were everywhere, and everybody survived.  How about Carol?  The one woman rescue team, she was awesome.  I’m still amazed at the turn her character took.  For the longest time, I couldn’t stand her character.  She started getting interesting during that virus, now she kicks ass!

Carol kicking butt.

If it wasn’t for Carol, they would not have been able to escape.  That was fantastic!  Then there was Tyreese, seriously get over it and move on.  There is no time for whining.  I think he finally realizes that when he had to kill to protect Judith.  It seems that was a turning point for him last night.  He is a tall strong guy, but the way he was going, he was not going to survive.  Now maybe he has a shot.  Rick was strong to begin with, but his character has become awesome, too.  He was not one of my favorites a few seasons ago, but by the end of last season he was.

Of course the best part was the huge reunion!

Naturally I couldn’t find a picture of it.  This was as close as I could find  So all we’re missing is Beth, and I’m sure she’ll turn up soon.

The part that confused me was the very end, at Terminus.  My take on what happened was that the people Rick and the gang let out of those cells  took over.  Mary was injured on and they said something about taking her, and she said “NO, NOT AGAIN!” Her son was holding her.  I read another review that thought that was a flashback.  What did you think?


Being Human Season 4 Premiere: Old Dogs, New Tricks


Being Human is back and better than ever.   Sally was still with Donna in a day spa that she created.  According to Donna, she took her there because Sally keeps tearing holes in the universe.  If she doesn’t stop the universe will implode.  Sally finds a way to get out of the place though, through  the spot where Donna was killed.  We find out she was hanged for being a witch back in the pilgrim days.


And the spot is now a super mart something like Walmart.  Sally flashed back to see what Donna saw.


Meanwhile, Aidan was running Josh because Josh is now a wolf every day of the month except when there is a full moon.  He and Nora barely see each other.  Since he has to eat, Aidan runs him through the woods and back to the barn where the cage is and a goat is waiting for him…


Poor Josh and Nora had only 30 minutes together before Nora turned into a wolf.


Aidan came to visit, because he only gets to see his bestie one night every month.  However, Aidan got a message from Kat because she wanted him to go to some faculty party.  He wasn’t going to go, but Josh made him.  He said he was too high maintenance of a vampire and he just couldn’t deal, hehehe.  What a good friend.  Meanwhile, at the party, Aidan sees Susanna.   Yes, dead wife Susanna.  Apparently Bishop must have turned her, why he didn’t tell Aidan is beyond me.  Plus, why did she wait so long to find him?  I guess we’ll find out.


Then Kenny turned up, looking completely undeformed and healed.  Oh, also he’s leading Boston.  Aidan doesn’t know yet.  This should be interesting.


While Aidan is sleeping, Sally shows up and asks for Josh.  They go to see him.  He didn’t lock himself up, hoping Aidan would kill him.  Of course that didn’t happen.  Sally surrounded him with fire and Nora shot him with a tranq gun.  Then Sally disappeared.  She ended up around some women who were sacrificing a child for…something.


It ended with Aidan opening the door and finding Susanna standing there saying it’s her.  I can’t wait for next week!

Haven’s Season 4 Premiere

Did you see it? Wow, so many questions. Who was the guy with the gun and what organization did he work for? There is always an organization, and it’s certainly not Vince’s Guard. Who was the other guy in the bar and what does he want? Where is James? And Arla? You know she lived, the barn had to have healed her. Season 4 is going to be good!

Poor Duke missing for 6 months and gets spit out into a seal tank and arrested. So every guy in Haven seems to be in love with Audrey/Lexi/Sara/Lucy, I’m guessing Dave is as well. Maybe she can fall for the bar guy and kill him instead of Nathan. I’m hoping we get more answers about what she is and where she came from and how it all started. I certainly wasn’t expecting Nathan to no longer be police chief, but hanging out with motorcycle guys charging $20 a punch was pretty surprising. His reaction to seeing Duke alive was priceless, awww! Who is this Wade person, did I miss an episode? It’s not so surprising if Nathan is no longer Police chief that Dwight took the job. I figured Jordon got sucked into the barn too, but it wasn’t surprising that she lived. So everyone who was killed is not dead, you’ve gotta love sci-fi! I love how it took Nathan like 2 minutes to figure out what nobody else could figure out in 6 months. And what was the Oprah Winfrey comment about? I can’t wait until next Friday! What did you think about the season premiere?