The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere


I’m sure if you’re reading this, you saw the show on Sunday.  I’d rather discuss the episode instead of regurgitate it.  Tyreese has always had a hard time surviving in the world of the Walking Dead.  He has been trying to hard to be the good guy, which is not the way to survive.

Rick wasn’t my favorite character, until this season.  He’s really changed, and now he knows what needs done.  Tyreese keeps getting in the way.  It was really cool that he saved Judith, but he didn’t have what it took to survive.  Hopefully Rick realizes that he needs to take charge more.

Michonne seems to have nesting syndrome, which makes sense.  You can’t just keep going, but you do have to find the right place.  Rick is thinking things through.  Glenn is realizing that it doesn’t really matter who you kill.  There are these lovely grey areas of morality.  I think it’s great that the show is getting people to think.

It will be interesting to see how this affects Sasha.  She just lost Bob, and now her brother.  Not to mention everybody just lost Beth.  She seemed to just be getting the hang of things and finding her groove. She survived long enough to make me think she just might make it, I had been expecting her to die right up until the last episode or two before she died.

So it should be interesting to see how everybody is affected and whether they find a place to hang out for awhile.


The Walking Dead Up to Mid Season Finale

The Walking Dead Up to Mid Season Finale

“Coda” and last couple of episodes

The Gang keeps growing (and shrinking)

It’s been a crazy mid season end.  Finally they are rescuing Beth, and now Carol. They lost Bob, got rid of last season’s threat, met a weird priest, and gained some kid named Noah (thanks to Beth).  The ones who left for D.C. came back, because Eugene lied.  He knows nothing.  Rick keeps getting talked into morality and it’s getting them in trouble.  His plan was perfect, and he listened to Tyreese. Tyreese is a good guy, but he’s not real good at this stuff.  I think if they had gone with Rick’s plan Beth would still be alive.  What do you think?

It’s weird that the writers waited to kill Beth now, her character had grown so much.  In the beginning, hell for a long time, I thought that Beth was going to die.  She didn’t seem to be strong enough to survive, but she became strong.  Now that she is this strong character, they kill her off.  It’s a little confusing.  I don’t get the tiny scissors in the shoulder, she should have gone for her throat.  So we’ve lost Bob and Beth this season, who else has a name starting with a “B”?  Look out, they could be next!

The ending was weird too.  That guy from the first season (Morgan) following strange engravings in trees.  Then he finds the map that Abraham left Rick.  I’m not sure if he’s looking for Rick or not, last time we saw him, he seemed rather suicidal.  That was when Michonne was new to the gang.  Speaking of Michonne, she seems to take care of Rick’s kids a lot.  Apparently Bob coming back from the woods with a leg missing didn’t convince the priest that the Terminites were actually eating his leg, he had to go see the burned leg.  Seriously?  The man is dying and missing a leg, and you think he dreamed up this crazy story about psychos eating his leg?  What, did he think he chewed it off himself?

Just as the doors of the church are about to fly open, Abraham drives a fire truck in front of the door to block the zombies from bursting out of the door.  After a whole season of Maggie not mentioning Beth, she hears that her sister is alive…and that’s when I knew for sure that they were going to kill Beth.  Daryl and Rick were ready to kill the rest of them.  It was quite a start difference between the two sides.  You had Rick’s side that was completely heart-broken that Beth was dead, and the other side who were thankful to Rick and Daryl for killing Dawn (one of their own).

I’ve read some interesting theories online about Morgan and what exactly his mission is, though it’s all just speculation.  It does seem that he is following signs that were tattooed on that guy that Rick and Daryl let out at Terminus.  It seems weird that he was at the church leaving offerings of some kind, Ho Ho’s.  I think my favorite rumor was that he was leading us to the spin off.  That could be.  It would make sense to use a character we already know to introduce us to a new group.  I guess we’ll see in February.

The Walking Dead “Four Walls and a Roof”

The Walking Dead “Four Walls and a Roof”

Bob's joke

Well that was interesting.  Poor Bob, talk about a bad day.  First he gets bit, then he has his leg eaten by psychos.  At least he got to die with his family.  In the end, Bob turned out to be a pretty cool guy.  Even as he was dying, thanking Rick for taking him in and everything.  I love when he started laughing at the Terminites.  I would have liked to have seen what would have happened to them after eating Bob.  They definitely needed to die though.  It left me a bit confused.   I thought Terminus had been taken over and they were imprisoned in the train car.  How did they escape?  Or was it really nothing more than a flashback?

Well we discovered the priests big secret.  Personally I was disappointed.  I thought, if he wasn’t in league with someone else, that his secret would have been bigger.  I suppose not bothering to open the door to those desperately seeking refuge is pretty bad, but still it’s more of a passive thing than directly doing something.  However, he’s completely worthless unless he can learn to fight and kill (at least the zombies).

I think splitting up was an insanely bad idea.  Meanwhile, they’re finally about to get Beth back (hopefully) and Maggie takes off with Abe.  I guess this is how Glenn dies.  No wonder, there really aren’t that many of them.  Abraham seems to be the only one in his group that can fight well.  I thought Rosita might be able to fight, but so far I see no evidence of this.  When the Terminites came into the church, there were as many of them left behind that they should have been able to take them.  Eugene can’t fight, the priest is useless, Rosita had a gun, Tyreese was there, but I think Carl was really the most capable.  Tyreese seems to be doing a lot better now, even if he feels his personality has died.  There is just no way you can survive without being willing to kill those who wan to kill you (and in this case, eat you).

So the big question is, what the hell happened to Carol that she was hiding in the bushes?  Did they find where Beth was being held?  That was a strange ending.  I can’t wait until Sunday to find out.  It looks like Beth is being held in a mental institution.  You have to wonder what those people are up to and why they are kidnapping people and putting them in some kind of institution.  This should be interesting.

The Walking Dead “Strangers”


Okay, I’m really late with The Walking Dead.  My daughter has had issues sleeping, it took me awhile to get caught up.  I am starting a new way of writing these things, no doubt if you’re reading this, you’re a fan of the show and have seen the episode.  I don’t think regurgitating what happened on the show is productive.  So I’ll just share my thoughts, and hopefully you will share your thoughts.  Now that the gang is all back together, and it’s all lovey forgiving each other for stupid shit last season, this really worthless priest shows up.  He is a huge liability and there is definitely something wrong with him.  Either he is in league with the people from Terminus, the people that kidnapped Beth, or something like that.  How has this guy survived without having to take down any zombies?  Unless he was with some other people who have kept him alive.  Then there was this…

The car that kidnapped Beth

You have to wonder what is going on with this priest, he just looks guilty of something.  I wouldn’t leave him with my kid either.  Then Daryl recognizes the car that kidnapped Beth driving down the road.  Ironic that Daryl and Carol are the ones going after her.  I heard someone (producer or writer on the show) saying Daryl wasn’t too worried about finding her, but how could he possibly find her?  He did follow the car as far as he could, but a guy can’t run after a car.  I think he had done all he could do.  Now that he gets a lead on where she might be, he was chasing after it to try and find her.

Rick and Judith

Rick has just become this kick ass character!  I love how he is now.  It seems like Laurie was holding him back (and thank the writers that she is dead), and then Hershel was holding him back.  Now that they are both gone, he has reached his awesomeness and become one of my favorite characters.  I love that he’s teaching Carl to be a critical thinker.  After he had that little talk with him, Carl goes and investigates the priest (or at least the church) a little bit.  “You will burn for this” it said on the outside wall.  What exactly did that priest do to that woman that scared the crap out of him?


What was up with Bob?  I have seen a lot of theories about Bob on different sites.  Some speculate that Bob’s previous group was at Terminus.  Based on the ending, that is a definite possibility with that “cosmic justice” statement.  Poor Bob, eaten by the Terminites.  Then again, what was Bob crying about before he was barbecued?   My guess is that he was bitten by that aquazombie.  He and Sasha really just got together, and he was telling Rick he knew he would end up agreeing to go to D.C.  He had been pretty happy before they went to that food bank.

Abe’s big speech

It wasn’t surprising that Rick agreed to go, what else have they got to do?  Didn’t they notice that Daryl and Carol were missing?  Apparently not.  It’s a bit strange that nobody noticed.  I just hope they wait for them to get back before they run off to D.C.  What I don’t understand is why don’t they just take over the base where Eugene and Abraham must have worked.  Eugene could start working on the cure, and then they could worry about going to D.C.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens next.

The Walking Dead “A” Season 4 Finale

The Walking Dead “A” Season 4 Finale

I almost fell asleep, because it took forever to get my daughter to sleep.  She does this every season.  This is the first Walking Dead season finale I think I’ve ever gotten to see, and only because they are playing it again at 11pm.  I missed the first showing.  So I’m very excited to see this!

We are having some sort of flashback, or somebody is dreaming.  Glenn, Maggie, and Rick drove back to the prison and everybody was alive and together.  Oh now Rick is covered in blood sitting beside a truck with at least one dead body.  Where is Carl and Michonne?   That was the future.  They are back in the woods now at a make shift camp.  They are trying to get to Terminus.  Carl is worried about the things they’ve done and having to tell the people at Terminus.  Then they find that rabbit from last episode where he’s showing Carl how to make a trap for the animals.  Then they hear the man scream and Carl takes off.  It’s one man surrounded by zombies, Carl was going to try to help, but he was already dead.  Some of the zombies started to follow them.  Oh and there’s more of them.

We’re back to Hershel at the prison.  They killed the small pack of zombies and kept going to lose the bigger horde of them.  They find a truck, which I think is the same truck that Rick was leaning against.  They use the truck to sleep in, I don’t know if it actually works.  Michonne and Rick are talking about Terminus and she says “I wonder if the whole thing is legit?”  AND a gun shows up beside his head.  It’s Daryl’s new crew, but where is Daryl?  We knew this was coming.

Daryl just showed up, this should be interesting.  He’s trying to stop them and figure out how to get everyone out alive.  He told Joe to let them go.  Aw, he says take it out on him instead.  He got jumped, and they ripped Carl out of the car.  EWWWW, that guy is trying to kiss Carl!  This is very bad!  Oh shit, that man is trying to rape Carl!  Rick is about to lose his shit, good for him!  He head butted Joe.  Carl is fighting, Joe knocked Rick down, Michonne got hit trying to go after the guy watching her.  Rick bit Joe’s throat, ffs go help Carl!  Michonne killed one, Daryl killed one.  Rick killed the guy who tried to rape is son, GO RICK!  Michonne is holding Carl, poor kid.

Flashback to the prison, Hershel is telling him he has to show Carl the way to live.  Hershel was the one who wanted to plant sees and have a farm.  He’s back in front of the truck and it’s morning, Michonne and Carl are in the car.  Carl is sleeping and Michonne is holding his head.  Daryl went to get some water so Rick could wash the blood off his face.  Daryl tells Rick he was with Beth and how he met those idiots.  He’s kind of apologizing for being with those assholes.  Rick says it’s not his fault and “You’re my brother.”  Daryl tries to tell him that he did what he had to do and that isn’t him, but Rick said it is him and that’s why they’re alive. He’s embraced it, good!  At least Daryl is back with Rick, Carl, and Michonne.  They’re smarter than the others, they went through the woods to look first.  Carl wouldn’t go with his dad.  Michonne tells Carl how Andre died.  Their refugee camp Michonne, her boyfriend, friend and son were in was overtaken while she was on a run.  Her boyfriend and his friend were high and didn’t stop it.  She said the zombies didn’t see her because she was a monster and Rick brought her back.  Carl thinks he’s a monster.  Rick is burying his bag “just in case.”  They are being smart, came in through the side with weapons out.  They find desks and people doing paperwork?  Maps, I guess. “Welcome to Terminus.”  And there it is, they want their weapons.  I don’t trust this.  They put them down and get frisked.   Hmm, they gave their weapons back.  I wasn’t expecting that.


They get taken to the main area.  There is that weird lady that Michonne saw a picture of.  Rick pulls a gun on some guy, he recognizes a watch…oh Glenn’s watch!  Hershel gave him that, that’s a bad sign!  Rick has never been my favorite, but I’m starting to like him now.  Michonne, Daryl, and Carl pull their weapons as well.

Back at the prison, he wanted Carl not to have to carry his gun.  They’re finding all the stuff that Glenn brought.  There is a shoot out with those people, and they are getting locked in some place.  They found a way out and people are on the roof tops shooting at them, as they pass skeletons.  The others must be dead.  They walk into some kind of shrine.  The are surrounded…shit!  The others must be dead already, maybe some are still alive.  Wonder where Carl, Tyreese, and Judith are?  These are definitely the cannibals.

There are too many of them, Carl is about to lose it.  Oh train car A,  that’s why it’s called that.  They are lining them up to go in the train car.  Rick opens the door and they all go in, Carl last.  They get locked in.  There’s Glenn and Maggie!  They aren’t dead yet, well that’s kinda good.  The others are starting to give up, all but Rick.  More flashbacks to the prison.  “They’re screwing with the wrong people,” Rick said.  Okay I love this guy now!  Apparently Tyreese, Carol, and Judith haven’t made it there yet.

Rick’s transformation in this episode kicked ass!  He’s pretty awesome now.  Together they should be able to make it out, at least most of them.  Well goodbye Walking Dead, until October.




The Walking Dead “Us”

The Walking Dead “Us”

Glenn and his strange crew he’s acquired start things off.  Tara was on watch, but Red would let her watch over Mullet.  He’s trying to figure out why Tara is helping Glenn, at first he thought she was in love with him, but she was staring too closely at his girlfriends ass.  Eugene doesn’t stop talking, but they come across Maggie’s message and Glenn is off running after her…literally.  Not a good idea when surrounded by zombies, but hey he’s excited.

Daryl’s new buddies get a wake-up call from a zombie.  Michonne and Carl are playing on their way to Terminus with Rick, she lost a bet with him.  Rick is loving their interaction, seeing his son happy again.  Daryl is shooting a rabbit, and one of his new friends tries to claim it. He starts talking about a girl, and gets Daryl thinking about Beth.  He nearly tries to kill him before the old guy, the leader stops him.  And he cut Daryl’s rabbit in half to get them both to shut up, he must be a dad, or was.

Glenn is wearing everybody out.  Red says their going to rest and then they get attacked, Tara gets hurt.  Rosilita tells Glenn he’s an ass for making Tara go when she’s hurt because she feels like she owes him.  Glenn says he’ll give Eugene (Mullet) his riot gear and they’ll part ways.  Red agrees.  Daryl gets a talking to from his new group dad.  Daryl says there’s no us, but he doesn’t leave either.  The guy basically tells him he belongs with their kind, even though he thinks he doesn’t.

Mullet (Eugene) looks silly in his gear.  Glenn finds another message from Maggie, but the message (still wet) is on a dark tunnel and there are snarling zombies inside.  The other three leave, an Glenn offers to go alone, but Tara won’t let him.  Red gives them some gear and Rosalita gives them both a hug.  Eugene is about as socially capable as I am, but he tells Tara she’s hot.  What a dipshit.  Tara limps into the tunnel with Glenn.  They got a nice flashlight.  Tara says that nothing was worse than seeing what the governor did to Maggie’s father.

Daryl’s new buddies find a garage with a bunch of cars.  They are all real assholes, and make sure they take all the cars so Daryl can’t have one.  I don’t expect him to be with them too long.  There is a collapse in the tunnel Glenn and Tara went in, Glenn is frantically looking for Maggie.  The tunnel collapsed on a bunch of zombies tat are all clawing for Glenn, he’s looking into all the faces of the women and killing them.  Beyond the collapse is full of zombies, no sign of Maggie, Sasha, or Bob…yet.  Tara has to try to convince Glenn to get out of there.

Meanwhile Red and the crew are looking for a ride.  He finds one that works and kills the zombie inside.  Glenn and Tara try to distract the zombies with a flashlight and go past them, but Tara gets her foot stuck in debris.  This chick is determined to die.  Glenn is trying to help her get out.

Eugene got Rosilita lost and he yells at her to stop.  He’s trying to find Glenn and Tara and says he’s not leaving them behind.  He backs up into a sleeping Red, who decides to yell at Rosilita for stopping.  Eugene then yells at them because he sees…something.  One of Daryl’s new buddies sets him up with the stupid half rabid.  Dad takes Daryl’s side, and says he saw the other guy plant the rabbit.  They beat the crap out of the other dude.

Tara tells Glenn to go and he refuses.  The zombies start coming and she yells at him to go, he says no and starts shooting.  He runs out of bullets and they are surrounded, but they get rescued by someone with a car and a bunch of people with guns, including Maggie!  Oh that’s who Eugene saw!  Aw they’re back together!  And Tara didn’t die…yet.  Tara says he’s a big fan of yours.  Glenn tells her he met her on the road and he wouldn’t have made it without her, Maggie gives her a big hug.  Red wants to go straight to Washington, Mullet says no way.  They couldn’t make it in an armored vehicle, they need to go to Terminus first.  Red agrees.  Maggie vows to never be separated from Glenn and she burns the picture he kept of her.  She made the roof collapse because they were surrounded by zombies.

Daryl wakes up to blood on the floor, they must have killed that guy…yep there he is.  An arrow in his face.  Daryl thinks about covering his body and then doesn’t.  Daryl’s new dad says the apocalypse feels more like things are falling together for them.  Daryl sees the sign for Terminus, but dad says they won’t welcome guys like them.  He tells him about Rick, calls him a piece of fecal matter.  Daryl is getting a feel for the rules, oh shit they past Carl’s candy wrapper.  Glenn, Maggie, and their crew make it to Terminus, guns in hand.  The gates aren’t locked, but there is a sign to lower their weapons.  They start to see people and plants.  Okay one woman, and she’s going to feed them.  Apparently Michonne, Carl, and Rick haven’t made it yet; clearly they are about to have a run in with Daryl’s crew.  That’s unfortunate because they’re really pissed at Rick.  No mention of Beth yet, maybe next week.  Either that or they’ll wait until October, wouldn’t surprise me.  Nothing about Carl, Tyreese, and Judith either.  Well at least some of them appear to be safe, I’m not sure a trust a town in the zombie apocalypse that doesn’t lock their gates.

Pictures are sparse right now, but I’ll try to get more.

The Walking Dead “The Grove”

The Walking Dead “The Grove”

I finally get to see the whole show.  Griselda, Lizzie named another zombie and is playing with her.  Lizzie tells Carol she can take Judith.  Yeah.  She tells her she saved Tyreese by killing those people.  Then she asks Carol if she had kids, and Carol tells her about Sophia.  Lizzie asks if Carol would miss her, foreshadowing.  Tyreese is injured.  She says Mica doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, exactly what she said about Sophia…more foreshadowing.

They smell a fire, probably that house Daryl and Beth torched.  While they stop, zombies come down the train tracks and Tyreese hands Judith to Lizzie.  Oh it’s just one, and the damn thing collapsed before he got there.  Lizzie asked him not to kill him.  Meanwhile Carol is trying to help Micah become tougher.  It doesn’t work.  She says killing people is wrong, no matter what.  Then they find a cabin.   In a way, Mica is what Carol used to be.  Does that mean Lizzie is her future?

While Tyreese and Carol are checking the house, a zombie comes out and Mica kills it.  Lizzie was very upset, and Mica said, “Just look at the flowers and count to three like you’re supposed to.”  Sounds like Lizzie may have been unstable before the apocalypse.  Mica finds a doll and names her Griselda.  Oh Lizzie playing with the zombie int he yard was a future thing, now she is playing with the zombie, and almost got bit.  The one she named Griselda, obviously after Mica’s doll.  Lizzie freaks out when Carol kills the zombie saying “What if I killed you?”  Carol is started to get that something is very wrong with Lizzie.  She cares more about the dead zombies than she does about the living people.  She said the zombie wanted to be her friend.

Mica has the gun and Carol is trying to get her to shoot a deer.  She can’t do it and the deer gets away.  They are thinking of staying in the house.  Tyreese wants to stay, and so does Mica.  Lizzie is feeding a mouse to the zombie that collapsed.  Lizzie says she can hear them and they just want to change her and make her like them.  Oh then a bunch of burned zombies come out of the woods where the girls are, and they have to run.  Mica gets caught in a fence and Lizzie tries to help her.  Carol and Tyreese come running and shoot them, Lizzie and Mica help shoot them.  However, Lizzie is very upset.

Carol talks to her and Lizzie says she knows what she has to do now.  Tyreese and Carol take a walk and leave Judith and Mica with Lizzie.  Carol tells him they could stay at the house and not go to Terminus.  Tyreese says he’s not ready to be around other people yet.  Then he tells her he dreams of Karen every night.  Carol feels all guilty.  She almost confesses, but chickens out.  Tyreese tells her she’s done right by everyone and comforts her, aw poor guy.  They come back to find Lizzie standing with a bloody knife and blood all over her hands, Mica is dead and Lizzie is smiling saying “Don’t worry, she’ll come back.”  Judith is playing on the ground.  Lizzie pulled a gun on Carol telling her she has to wait to kill Mica.  She wants her to come back as a zombie.  Carol says they need to take Judith inside, and she says “but Judith can change too.”  She finally agreed and made Carol promise not to kill her.  Tyreese took the two girls inside.  Carol broke down when they were out of sight.  This kid that played Lizzie is an absolutely amazing actress, and she’s only 11, the one that played Mica did pretty good too.

Tyreese and Carol talk about what they should do with Lizzie, Tyreese said he searched her room and took all the knives and weapons.  He said she was the one feeding the rats to the zombies and she nailed a rabbit to a board and tore it apart.  He says maybe she killed Karen and David.  Carol just said it wasn’t her.  They talk about possibilities, but there is only one thing they can do.  The girl is mental, she’s a psychopath.  Carol knows what she has to do, and they agonize over it.  She’s just a little girl, but she’s completely insane.  Carol takes her for a walk, and Lizzie wonders why she is upset.  She says “are you mad at me?”  She thinks it’s for pointing the gun at her.  “Just look at the flowers Lizzie.”  She shoots her.  Damn, she waited too long, the poor kid knew it was coming.  She should have just shot her while her back was turned really fast.  Then the deer shows up again.  Carol can barely walk back, but they bury the girls in the yard.  After burying the girls, Carol confesses that she killed Karen to stop the virus.  She tells him to do what he has to do, knowing the gun was sitting in front of him.  He grips the gun, but then he lets go and says he forgives her but he’ll never forget.  She says, “thank you.”  He doesn’t want to stay now, obviously.

The three walk on toward Terminus the next day, passing Lizzie’s pet zombie that they left on the track.

That was disturbing, but certainly there would be people that would lose their minds like this in the zombie apocalypse.  I don’t think Lizzie was ever really stable, and this just pushed her over the edge.  She could have been schizophrenic, considering she could hear the zombies talking to her and that’s why she “knew they weren’t bad, they were just different.”  It was definitely a rough episode, but a good one.  Judith is still safe.  It would be really hard to raise kids in this situation, and keep them sane.