TV Shows

The Walking Dead

My old theme was a zombie apocalypse theme, so that was why this show popped in my head first. If you’ve never seen it, the show centers around a small town sheriff, his son, and the small band of friends that they have collected. In the pilot episode the sheriff is shot and goes into a coma. While he is in a coma, the zombie apocalypse begins. Damn the bad luck. Meanwhile his deputy and best friend takes the opportunity to steal his wife and son and take off. When the sleeping beauty wakes up, it’s a different kind of fairy tale. First he tries to find his family, but finds they are gone. He walks around looking for survivors and is hit in the head with a shovel. The man just woke up from a coma, he is not fairing well so far. When he wakes up again he finds he is tied to a bed, can’t be too careful with zombies running around. Anyway he meets a man and his son, leaves them to find his family. He steals a horse and rides to town when his truck breaks down. Rides into the city and the horse gets eaten. He gets trapped in a tank, and wouldn’t you know the people who rescue him take him straight to his wife and son. His luck turned around, sort of. So that was the beginning. Eventually he had to kill the deputy,who had created a diversion to lure the sheriff away from the others and kill him. His wife got pissed about after she told him that the deputy would kill him. Luckily she died! Yay! I couldn’t stand her. I can’t really mention this show without talking about the Daryl craze. Everybody loves Daryl. Daryl is a crossbow wielding redneck that rides a motorcycle. Enough said, right? That’s a bit of The Walking Dead, it returns October of 2013.

The Haunting of…

This is an interesting show, I’ve seen it a few times. I just watched an episode last night that was “The Haunting of Roddy Piper.” As horror fans you would know Roddy Piper from movies like “They Live” (1988), he’s been in quite a few movies though he is best known as “Rowdy Roddy Piper” the wrestler. It was an interesting episode. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it follows a medium named Kim Russo who helps celebrities with their other worldly issues. In this episode Mr. Piper had a ton of people around him according to the medium. Not only family but dead wrestlers as well, such as Owen Hart and his best friend Adrian Adonis. He seemed to be greatly helped by what she had told him. He was blown away with what she said. The show comes on the Biography channel, apparently on Saturdays.


Haven airs on the Syfy channel and is based on “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King. I haven’t read the book yet. However, I have read reviews that say the show is much better than the book, which is hard to believe since it’s usually the other way around. Having said that, the show is awesome. It starts with a federal agent named Audrey Parker that went to the small town of Haven, Maine while working a case. She ends up staying in Haven and working with the local police department. Strange things start happening with her arrival, the residents get what they call “the troubles.” What are “the troubles?” Well Audrey’s local police partner Det. Nathan Wournos is physically unable to feel anything. His seems to be the most mild, some of the others are somewhat like X-Men. One guy could cure insanity by playing music, but then it turned all the sane people crazy.

Funny thing about “the troubles” is that they come and go throughout the history of the town. This time it first showed up at the same time Agent Audrey Parker showed up. Twenty years before, it showed up when a woman named Lucy showed up and disappeared when she did. Lucy looked identical to Agent Parker. Being an orphan, Audrey thought perhaps this was her mother. However, after a few seasons she learned that all her memories were fake, and she even met the real Agent Audrey Parker.

If all of this isn’t fascinating enough, the most fun character on the show is Duke. When Parker shows up, Duke is mostly a criminal. He hated cops, but when the troubles start (and with the influence of the cute blonde fake federal agent) Duke ends up helping police and the whole town deal with the troubles. He is the resident bad boy with a pure heart portrayed by Eric Balfour. I love this show, it is addictive. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend checking it out. I have seen marathons not only on Syfy, but also on Chiller. If you don’t get Chiller, do what I did and ask you’re cable or satellite provider to get it. A channel completely devoted to horror! It’s a must have for any horror freak!


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